“I’m sure you ladies will like this one,” the saleswoman said, leading the mother and daughter across the showroom floor. “We do have the best penises that money can buy.”

“Oh wow, look at that, Mom,” said the young girl.

The girl’s mother shook her head. “That’s a Malcolm 450, isn’t it? This is your first pen-Bot, dear. That one will never do.”

The saleswoman smiled. “You have a good eye, ma’am, and I agree with you. I would never give my daughter a Malcolm 450, but this is a new and improved model. This is the Malcolm 550 and it’s quite a step up from the old 450 and even from the 450-LX.”

The woman scrutinized the model in front of her with a juandiced eye. “I’ve heard about the 550s, but what makes this model so good.”

“This is the newest model in pen-Bots. This one’s penis now extends to a full twelve inches and the thing is rock hard. Like any good pen-Bot, it stays that way until you’re done with it, but this one vibrates and moves, and if you don’t mind the pun, you should see what Malcolm can do with it when he’s turned on, but the neatest thing is the touch response. Go ahead,” the saleswoman told the young woman, “go ahead and touch it.”

The girl looked at her mother. “Can I, mom,” she asked.

“Go ahead,” her mother told her.

Gingerly, the girl reached out and she wrapped a hand around the pen-Bot’s penis. Almost immediately, the robot’s penis began to stiffen. “Oh, mother,” the girl squealed, “would you look at that?”

The mother gasped as the pen-Bot’s penis continued to harden and the saleswoman smiled. “I told you. Touch response. No need to turn it on any more. The penis responds to your very touch.”

“It’s getting really hard now, Mom.”

“Go ahead and suck it,” the saleswoman told her.

“Can I, Mom,” the girl asked eagerly.

“Go ahead,” her mother told her.

Gingerly, the young girl squeezed that big cock and then she giggled shyly. “Here goes,” the girl said, and then she slowly opened her mouth and slipped it down over that rock-hard shaft.

“This model comes with syntho-cum,” the saleswoman told the other woman as the girl welcomed that cock into her mouth.

The mother watched her daughter attack the pen-Bot’s cock with gusto. “Look at her go,” she said proudly.

“She’s a natural,” the saleswoman agreed. “What do you say we liven things up a bit.”

“What’d you have in mind,” the mother asked but even as she asked it, she saw the saleswoman pulling out a remote. “Look out, honey,” she warned her daughter. “He’s going to cum.”

The girl pulled her mouth off that cock even as her hand stroked the long, hard shaft. “I want him to, mom. I want him to cum all over my face.”

Even as she said it, the saleswoman pressed the button on the remote. The pen-Bot let out a low groan and then the cock gushered and even though the girl had been expecting it, she squealed with delight as the cock sent a burst of cum over her face.

The girl kept stroking that cock and the pen-Bot kept cumming and cumming.

“Oh my,” said her astonished mother as she watched her daughter take all that the pen-Bot had to give.

The saleswoman grinned. “I know what you mean. The 450s had an absolutely miniscule reservoir, barely more than a couple of thimble fulls, but that’s where they really upgraded the 550. They can hold nearly a liter full of syntho-cum now, and … they now have the abilty to generate more cum to refill the reservoir.”


The saleswoman nodded. “It’s a major upgrade. They really did a good job on this one.”

The girl was licking the cum off of her lips. “That was so cool,” she told her mom. “Can I .. you know … can I … can I … fuck him?”

“Oh, honey, I don’t know. We’ve got so many more places to look.”


“Go ahead,” the saleswoman said, “but I have to tell you, once you try a 550, anything else is just a penis.”

“Can I, mom? Can I, please!”

The mother was wavering. “Well, I guess it would be okay,” she finally relented.

“Oh goody,” the girl grinned and then she was leaning back and she pulled off her now cum-stained top. Next, came her bra, revealing a pair of cute, little tits. The girl was looking at the pen-Bot with eager eyes as her hands went to her skirt.

“Look, mom,” the girl said. “He’s getting hard again, and I didn’t even do anything.”

“I’m looking,” the woman said. “I’m looking.” She looked at the saleswoman inquisitively.

The saleswoman laughed. “The 550s have a rudimentary new sensory recognition system. When a girl undresses or when she does certain other things to provoke them, they respond to it.” The girl already had her skirt off and she was pushing down her panties. “Lie back and finger your pussy,” she told the girl.

The girl did as she was told, discarding her panties, lying back and spreading her legs, and letting her fingers slip between her legs. The girl moaned as her fingers stroked her already wet pussy.

Everyone was watching the pen-Bot as the girl rubbed her pussy. Its cock was already hard but it almost seemed as if it got even bigger as it watched the girl play with herself.

“Do you want him to fuck you,” the saleswoman asked.

The girl looked up at the pen-Bot even as her fingers continued to stroke her little pussy. “Oh yeah,” she moaned finally, “I want it so bad.”

“Well then, all you have to do is give him an order. Tell him to fuck you.”

The girl looked up at the pen-Bot with bright and eager eyes and then she moaned again. “Come on,” she moaned, “I want you to fuck me. Do it. Fuck me.”

The pen-Bot moved forward and then it was stepping between the girl’s legs. The girl moaned as the pen-Bot pressed his cock against her little, hairless slit. “Oh, mom,” the girl purred, “I really like it. It feels so good.”

The girl’s mother was too busy watching the pen-Bot’s cock press against her daughter’s slit to give the girl an answer. She could see the massive cock as it pushed its way past the girl’s lips and she could hear the girl moan and then the girl moaned again as that cock pushed even deeper inside her.

“Oh, mom,” the girl cried, “it’s so big. It’s so big.”

“I know it is, honey,” the girl’s mother said. “Just let it happen.”

The girl’s hands were stroking her tiny tits as that cock pushed its way even deeper inside her cunt. She moaned again. “Oh, mom,” she moaned. “Oh, mom.”

The pen-Bot pulled his cock back only to plunge it inside that tight, little cunt again and again and again, and all the while, the girl moaned. Her hands played with her nipples and she moaned again. The pen-Bot fucked her again and again, the girl moaned.

The girl’s fingers squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples as she moaned yet again. “Oh jeez, I’m going to cum, mom. I’m going to cum. Oh jeez, I’m going to cum.”

The saleswoman grinned. “Watch this,” she told the girl’s mother.

The girl screamed as her pussy succumbed to that massive cock and then she screamed again. “Oh my God,” she moaned, “he’s cumming. He’s cumming. Oh sheesh, he’s cumming inside me.”

The woman looked at the saleswoman even as her daughter continued to writhe there on the bed. “You knew.”

The saleswoman grinned again. The 550s have pressure sensors in their cocks. They can sense it whenever a cunt cums and when it squeezes their cock and they respond in kind.

“Ingenious,” the other woman commented even as her daughter thrash around on the bed.

“Yeah, it’s really great when you feel one of those things gusher inside your cunt.”

“I’ll bet,” the girl’s mother agreed.

“I want to suck it,” the girl said and then even as she said it, the pen-Bot was pulling his cock from between her legs. He was moving forward and t
hen he was offering his cock up to the grateful girl. She took one look at that cock and then she wrapped a hand around that cock and she sucked it into her mouth.

Moments later, the girl was pulling it back out of her
mouth. “He’s getting hard again,” she said excitedly.

“Of course, he is, dear,” the salewoman told her. “He’s doing what any good cock does when a pretty girl sucks on him. Why don’t you go ahead and suck him off.”

The girl grinned and then she again returned that cock to her mouth. The cock got harder and harder as the girl sucked away on it. The pen-Bot groaned once, twice, and theh a third time before he shot his cum deep in the girl’s mouth.

The girl almost gagged as she sucked that cum down but then that cock spurted again and again, shooting more and more of his cum into the girl’s mouth.

Finally, the girl’s mouth released its hold the pen-Bot’s cock and she looked up at her mom with the cum still oozing from her mouth. “That was great,” she gushed. “Can we get him.”

Her mom sighed. She’d planned to look at a few more shops and maybe try one or two of the models out on herself before they were done shopping, but what could you do. “I guess we’ll take him,” she told the saleswoman.

“Excellent,” the saleswoman told her. “I told you, we have the best penises a woman can buy and with cocks like these, who needs a man anyway,” and all three women laughed at that.

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