Risky Wanking Stories

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Wanking with the danger or being caught is amazing. Some of the biggest loads and longest orgasms I have ever had have come about this way. A few that really stick to mind – Once I was wanking in what was an old mobile restuarant seating area. It was actually stored on our old farm so it wasnt at risk of being caught as such but more that I knew thousands of poeple had sat where I was and I imagined that they might walk in. When I came the first shoot of jiz landed a good two meters in front of me (I was standing). I was instantly turned on even more and the orgasm lasted ages as I spewed more and more cum.

Later I found a urinal and one day noticed that guys were wanking there. More so there was a glory hole at one end into the cubicle. The same guys would be there for ages as I would visit the stands trying to get the spot next to the hole. When I did I was already turned on and knowing the guy in the cubicle was watching I milked some precum and a bit stroking but not to orgasm. The guy in the cubicle never hid what he was doing though…loud is an understatement.

Recently I was helping set up a hall for a party. There were about a dozen ladies and me doing this. I needed to visit the mens and it was then I realised I was alone. There had been talk of checking the toilets were in order for the party so I knew there was a big risk of being caught. I got totally naked and jerked at the unrinal. All it would have taken was the door to the main hall to open and there I was naked and wanking. Took about 5 mins and as time went on the risk grew. I came so hard and three huge pumps of semen hit the back of the urinal then more dropped into the bottom and the semen just kept coming. I didnt think I had it in me to spew so much semen as I did that day.

I always use care when doing this type of thing and the days of the glory hole thing are a bit over the top really. Always make sure you WILL NOT offend anyone and if in any doubt walk away. If there are minors even within any distance dont do it.

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