Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter: Thirteen

Anna decided that it was time to do some detective work. A couple of days after Samantha showed up, Anna did a search on the National Missing Persons data base. She didn’t spend a lot of time, because she wasn’t even sure if Samantha was a runaway. Besides, with just a name that might be made up, she didn’t have much to go on. As she expected, she didn’t have any luck. But now she had a location. There couldn’t be too many towns called Bentlyville, within a day’s travel of here. Anna was right. Using a map search, she found that there was only one Bentlyville within three-hundred miles. This had to be Samantha’s home town. Anna entered Samantha’s home town into the “Location Search” and hit pay dirt. There was a picture of Samantha. She was listed as a potential runaway. Her name was Parker, not Davis.

Now Anna tried some more searching. She began to scan for news articles from Bentlyville, dated around the time Samantha ran away. Anna was in luck on the first try. She brought up the on-line version of the Bentlyville Blade. The headline read: “Local Woman Found Dead Daughter Missing” Anna quickly read the article and then went back and read it again. She thought, Holy Christ! Samantha’s mom croaked herself! Then another thought came to Anna. Could the cops have been mistaken? Hell, maybe Samantha killed her mom and made it look like suicide. That made a lot of sense! It’s probably why she ran off! From the very first, Uncle Burt said he was sure Samantha didn’t want anything to do with the police.

A chill went down Anna’s spine and she glanced over to her bedroom door. Jesus Christ! If Samantha found out what Anna knew about her, she might decide to keep her from talking and maybe forever. Anna jumped up from her computer desk and locked her door. Then she printed out the article. As Anna read the news story for the third time, she found something she’d missed before. There was a reference to Samantha’s dad. It seemed that he’d been involved in some shady dealings at the local McDonalds he managed. With a little more searching in the archives, Anna brought up another front page article from over three years ago. “Pervert Takes Money and Teen to Go” As Anna read the article, her jaw dropped. Damn! What kind of screwed up family did Samantha come from?

Now Anna clearly recalled, how from the very beginning, she had suspected Samantha was insane. She must take after her dad, no wonder she was practically attacking Uncle Burt in the bed today. There was no doubt in Anna’s mind that Samantha was a nymphomaniac and a murderess too! But what could she do about it? She supposed she could call the police, but if she did, Samantha might pull Uncle Burt into the scandal. He did have sex with her. Maybe Samantha saved some of his cum as a contingency plan; just like that Monica chick did with Bill Fucking Clinton. Anna thought she had to figure a way to get rid of Samantha on her own. Just maybe Samantha wasn’t as smart as she seemed to be. It would be very risky, but maybe Samantha could be bluffed.

There were lots of news articles about Samantha’s dad, Scott Parker. Anna carefully read each one. It looked like Samantha’s dad had raped half the girls in Bentlyville, before he took off for parts unknown. Although the articles didn’t say so, maybe Samantha helped him. She could have lured girls to her house for her dad. She might be on her way to meet up with him, so they could start their life of crime all over again.

Anna determined that she might let Samantha think she knew just a little bit about her. Not a lot. Definitely not that she knew Samantha had murdered her mom. It might be enough to spook Samantha into taking off before Anna could find out more. Anna figured that even though Samantha was criminally insane, she probably wouldn’t take a chance on killing her too. At least, Anna hoped she wouldn’t.

That evening at dinner, Samantha found herself becoming very uncomfortable. Every time she looked up, she caught Anna staring at her. Then Anna would quickly look away. Samantha began to feel guilty. Could Anna know what she had done with Burt? Samantha was sure that couldn’t be it. Anna was at school then. But still, Samantha could swear something was really bothering Anna and what ever it was; it had something to do with her.

After dinner, Burt pulled Samantha aside and said, “There’s a meeting of the Hadleyville Planning Commission this evening. I’m the chairman and I can’t get out of it. Wait up for me. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Sometime later, Samantha was loading the dishwasher. Anna stepped into the kitchen and Samantha turned toward her. Samantha was holding a bread knife that she had been about to place into the machine. Anna’s eyes widened and Samantha was sure she saw a look of pure terror cross Anna’s face. Anna spun around and nearly tripped over her own feet, as she raced from the room.

Samantha called out, “Anna! Anna! Come back! What’s wrong?’

She heard Anna’s voice coming from the top of the stairs, “Nothing. I forgot I wanted to take a shower.”

Anna was standing at the top of the stairs. Her legs were trembling and her heart was racing. She thought of Samantha standing in the kitchen, with the knife in her hand. Then she remembered the shower scene from “Psycho” and instantly decided that she didn’t need a shower after all. She went into her bedroom and locked the door.

Around 11:00 PM, Samantha went upstairs. She walked quietly down the hall and paused outside Anna’s door. She listened for a long while. No sound was coming from within. It seemed as if Anna was asleep. Samantha went into her room. She got out her silky short pink nightgown and took a bottle of perfume from the dresser. She rummaged around in a dresser drawer, until she found a pair of pink panties. Then that little voice inside her head started, “God damn it Samantha! You’ve already been fucked once today. Wasn’t that enough for you? Jesus Christ! What a little slut you are! Getting ready to seduce Burt again, are you? Hell, why bother with the nightgown and panties. Just go get into his bed and spread your legs. He’ll be back soon. If you’re lucky, he might just shave your pussy, before he fucks you again. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Hell, he might really make your night and fuck you in the ass. That’s what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time! You’d really like that, wouldn’t you?”

Samantha looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t see anything abnormal. So what was wrong with her? And yet, the little voice was right and she knew it. As she was getting the nightgown and panties out, her pussy had been getting wet just from the thought of what might happen when Burt got home. Then Samantha remembered what Dave Weston said, “You have to face the facts.” Samantha thought how right he had been and how right her mom had been too. The facts were simple. She was over-sexed and couldn’t get enough. That’s just the way she was. Samantha thought, to hell with the little voice! To hell with everything! She picked up the nightgown, panties and perfume and headed for the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, Samantha got undressed and started the shower. She got in and lathered her body. As she moved her hand down her back to the ample swell of her hips, Samantha paused. She looked around, as if to convince herself that no one was spying on her. Then, almost surreptitiously, she slipped a finger into her butt crack. She moved the finger up to her little puckered rosette and began to apply some pressure. As the finger slipped inside, she closed her eyes and amazingly, the thought that came to her mind was how she had taken Bill Boyer’s cock up her ass, while steering the big rig down route 30A. Almost without thinking, Samantha moved another finger around and started pushing it up her ass too. As the warm torrent of water cascaded over her, Samantha brought her other hand down to her pussy. Instantly a finger was seeking out her clit. Now the
scene playing out in Samantha’s mind shifted to Dave Weston e
ating her pussy. Samantha began to move her lower body back and forth, as she rammed the two fingers up her ass. In just a few moments, she cried out as she climaxed. Then she slid down to the floor of the shower, placed her hands over her eyes and began to sob.

Finally Samantha pulled herself together, got up and began to wash herself. Now the little voice was there again. It said, “That’s right Samantha! Scrub real hard! Maybe you can wash the smut off yourself. It’s worth a try.”

Samantha screamed, “God damn it! Leave me alone!” She hurled the wash cloth and soap to the floor of the shower, cranked up the water and began to rinse off.

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