Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter: Sixteen

Burt got home around 4:00 AM. He was completely exhausted. Allison Chambers had left him limp as a wet rag. That was one woman who would never get enough, no matter how good it was. But Burt had to admit, he’d really enjoyed himself. Her ass was almost as spankable as Samantha’s and he had given it a good going over. Seeing those long sexy stocking-encased legs kicking in the air when he had her sexy ass really burning, was a major turn on for Burt and he was sure the spanking had got Allison turned on too. Then later in the bed…those long legs wrapped around his waist, as he drove his cock into that hot pussy! Yes, it was a night to remember, but Burt knew he was going to pay for it in a very short while. It was only a couple of hours, before he had to be ready to face another day. Burt thought, if he was still in his twenties it would be no big deal. But he wasn’t in his twenties and hadn’t been for a long time.

After he was in bed, Burt began to think about Anna and Samantha. What was he going to do about that situation? He wondered how long Samantha had waited up for him and he began to feel guilty. Then there was Anna. How was he going to smooth things over with her? And now, Allison Chambers was involved as well. Burt supposed that there were lots of men who wished they had his problem. But having three very hot females to satisfy wouldn’t be an easy situation to deal with; especially when at least one of them was extremely jealous. Burt also knew that Allison hadn’t looked upon this evening as just a one night stand. He expected she’d be considering him her personal property now. Well, if that was the case, he’d have to let her know differently and in very short order. Just before he fell asleep, Burt thought again that his life was getting way too complicated.

Samantha awoke to the sound of rain beating against her bedroom window. She got out of bed and went over to look outside. It was a gloomy fall day. Gusts of wind were driving the rain in first one direction and then another. Samantha could see the driveway and noted that Burt’s car wasn’t there. Either he didn’t come home at all last night or he was already gone again. The weather had turned considerably cooler over night and now Samantha began to shiver. She was still dressed in the short pink nightgown. She pulled it off and got into her sweatshirt and jeans. Samantha sighed, as she folded the little nightgown and placed it in the drawer. Well so much for that. Samantha went to look out the window again and thought Burt could have at least let her know what happened last night.

Then the little voice started, “You really think Burt has to explain anything to you Samantha! You’re getting a little above yourself aren’t you? Burt already knows what a slut you are. He knows you’re available any time. He’s not worried about your feelings. Hell, he knows in a couple of days you’ll be begging for it again, just like a dog trying to get scraps from the table! He has better things to do than spend all his time trying to keep you satisfied. It wouldn’t be possible anyway, would it? You’d better stick with the old standby Samantha. You started last night in the bathroom. Why don’t you finish it now? It might hold you for a little while, until Burt decides to throw you another scrap.” Samantha brushed the tears from her eyes and slowly went downstairs to start another day.

When Anna awoke and heard the sound of rain pelting down on the roof, she groaned and rolled over in bed. Last night was pure hell and this morning she felt like hell. At least the cramps weren’t too bad now. Anna didn’t know what time Uncle Burt got in, but she heard him leaving the house at 6:30 this morning as usual. It would be wonderful to just go back to sleep now and forget her worries, but Anna knew she couldn’t do that. This was a very important day. No matter the risk involved, she had to see it through for Uncle Burt’s sake and her own.

Anna got dressed, carefully folded the news article about Samantha’s mom she printed out last night and put it into her purse. Then she went down to the kitchen. Samantha was pouring water into the coffee maker and when Anna entered, she turned quickly and said, “Good morning.” And then went back to fiddling with the coffee maker.

Anna sat down at the table and said, “Good morning Samantha.”

Anna noted that Samantha was looking very depressed this morning. She was certain that Samantha had been crying and was trying to keep her from noticing. She wondered what could be wrong. Then Anna figured it out. God how stupid I was! Some detective I am! Samantha was waiting up for Uncle Burt last night. That’s why she was up wandering around the house. That’s why she was listening at my door. She wanted to make sure I was asleep before he got home! Christ almighty, what a little whore! Uncle Burt just fucked her in the afternoon and that wasn’t enough for her! No wonder she’s down in the dumps this morning. Of course Anna conveniently forgot all the times she had wanted sex more than once in a day.

As she started the coffee maker Samantha said, “You’re going to be late for school if you don’t get a move on. Do you want me to fix you something to eat?”

“I’m not going. I have cramps.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Anna. I hope you’ll feel better soon. I could fix you some hot tea. That might help.”

“I’ll be OK. I have something important to talk to you about.”

Instantly, Samantha experienced a strong feeling of dread. She was almost certain that, some way… somehow, Anna knew what had happened between her and Burt yesterday. Samantha went to the table and sat down. She noticed that Anna was very nervous. She was wringing her hands and obviously trying to avoid looking directly at Samantha. Finally Anna said, “Samantha I want you to promise me that you won’t loose your temper. Remember violence never solves anything.”

Samantha was flabbergasted. What could Anna possibly be thinking of? Samantha had never lost her temper in front of Anna. In fact, if anything, Samantha was very slow to anger; probably because she felt that most of the bad things that happened to her were deserved. And how could Anna get the idea that she was a violent person? Samantha knew that she was a wimp; even minor conflict, made her nervous. Samantha said, “I won’t get mad. What do you want to talk about?”

“Samantha I know some things about you. Please don’t get me wrong. You have to believe me. I don’t know much, just a little.”

“OK Anna, what do you know?”

“I know that your name is Samantha Parker and that you ran away from Bentlyville. I think the police may be looking for you.” Now Anna got a little panicky and rushed on, “I didn’t call the police! I would never do that! You can trust me Samantha. I swear!”

Samantha said, “Calm down Anna. I believe you. But how did you find out?”

“I’d rather not say. But if I could find out, someone else could too. You have to know that’s a big problem Samantha. I mean, you can’t just stay out here forever and never see anyone. If it got out that Uncle Burt was harboring a runaway girl. Well, you know what the talk would be like. Uncle Burt’s reputation would probably be ruined. I just don’t want him to be drawn into a scandal and then there’s your dad’s reputation. All that might come up again too. My uncle has been very good to you Samantha. I know you wouldn’t want to see him get hurt on your account.”

Samantha already knew what Anna was leading up to. Her shoulders slumped and she let out a long sigh as she thought it was one hell of a day to hit the road again. Then she asked, “What do you think I should do Anna?”

“Well, you have money now. I know Uncle Burt paid you for three weeks; that’s $600 and look!” Anna reached into the pocket of her jeans, came out with some crumpled bills and placed them on the table. “Here’s almost $200 I’ve saved. You can have that too. There’s a bus station in Rawlings, it’s abou
t fifty miles from here. I’ll drive you over. Maybe you should think about going back
home. Anyway, you should have enough money to take a bus anywhere you decide to go.”

Samantha thought that Anna was really anxious to see her go and she couldn’t blame her. She was an intruder here, she didn’t fit in and she knew it. Samantha said, “I guess you’re right Anna. I don’t want you or your Uncle Burt to get involved in my problems. You’ve been good to me and it wouldn’t be fair.” Samantha pushed the money back toward Anna and said, “You keep that. I have enough. I’ll go up and pack now.”

Anna and Samantha made the ride to Rawlings in near silence. Samantha thought one thing Anna said made good sense. She should go back home. She still loved her mom very much and she missed her a lot. She needed to go home and try to patch things up. Perhaps, by now, her mom didn’t hate her so much. Samantha hoped that was true. Anyway, she would try her best to get her mom to forgive her and just maybe to love her a little again. That’s all Samantha really wanted; someone to love her.

When Anna pulled into the bus station, the rain was coming down in torrents. Samantha said, “Thanks for driving me over here Anna and please tell your uncle thanks for everything. Be careful driving back.”

Samantha got out of the car and pulled her suitcase from the back seat. As she started to walk away, Anna did a quick check to make sure all the car doors were locked. Then she rolled the driver’s side window down and called out, “Wait Samantha! Come back!”

Samantha turned back and came up to the side of the car. Anna reached into her purse and took out the folded news article. She handed it to Samantha and said, “You might be interested in this.” Then she quickly drove away.

Samantha stood in the pouring rain, looking at the folded piece of paper in her hand. She turned and ran toward the covered concrete platform at the front of the bus station. Once under some shelter, Samantha sat her suitcase down and unfolded the scrap of paper. “Local Woman Found Dead Daughter Missing” As Samantha scanned the first few lines of the news story, she began to get dizzy. Her hand opened and the scrap of paper blew away across the parking lot. It seemed as if the world was spinning at a dizzying pace and Samantha was falling into a swirling vortex. Samantha let out a heart wrenching wail and fell to the concrete; hitting the back of her head on the curb, as her body came crashing down.
A porter, who was standing near the front entrance, heard Samantha’s scream and saw her fall down onto the concrete. He rushed out, bent down and saw that Samantha was unconscious. Then he saw the pool of blood slowly forming around the back of her head. He rushed back inside shouting, “Someone call 911!!”

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