My Shower And I

My hubby does well at satisfying my sexual needs, but sometimes I just want to be fucked without any hoop-la! That is when I enjoy my shower. I have a little plastic bench in my shower that I can sit on and enjoy a nice comfy hot shower. I also have a very pretty purple 7 inch dildo with a suction cup on the bottom of it.
Some mornings, I enjoy getting up while the hubby is watching his movies and drinking his coffee, and slipping into the shower without being noticed by him.
I get the water just right, where it is not too hot and not too cold, then I let it run over my body from my long blonde hair, down my back, where it trickles down to the crack of my ass and tickles my tight virgin asshole. Then I move the shower nozzle to spray down my 38D tits, and I make sure plenty of it runs across my clean shaven cunt. I keep it shaven so my hubby can enjoy licking every bit of it better, and he does, often. The water runs all the way to my tiny little toes, which he also enjoys sucking on.

I then let my fingers massage my clit until I get a tingle inside my cunt, and I can start feeling a wetness begin. Then I ease my fingers inside my wet cunt. I feel my cunt become wet with my juices as my cunt starts opening up, desiring a nice big cock. I then sit down on my little bench where my pretty purple dildo is waiting for my hungry cunt. I take the shaft of the dildo and I guide it into my cunt as I sit down on this nice hard toy cock. I can feel it spread my cunt lips apart and feel it go inside of my juicy cunt as I sit further down on this marvelous toy. Then I sit all the way down as I start wiggling my ass and fucking this dildo that feels so good fucking my cunt. I wiggle from side to side. I can feel it touch each side of my feverish cunt as it fills me up.

I feel the water running over my body and the wonderful sensations as my entire body starts shaking and I cum from this fuck in the shower. I just sit there as I relax from this early morning cum in the shower. As the water runs over my relaxed body, I let the toy cock just stay inside my cunt like it was a man that had just fucked me. Then I decide it is time for me to get around and get going. So as I stand up I feel the dildo slide out of my now fucked cunt and my cunt lips ease back together from being parted first thing in the morning. Just a good fuck without being forced to have conversation, and I enjoy a good fuck more then a cup of coffee. How about you?

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