Surprize 2

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It was a long day at work, I’ll I could think about was spending time with you. Finally my day was over. I went home, but you weren’t off work yet. I poured a glass of wine, and went to go take a shower, and get all cleaned up for you. The water was so hot, perfect! I removed all my clothes, tossed them off to the side. The hot water felt so good pouring over my entire body, caressing every space thinkable. I could feel a tingly sensation and it felt good. I started to touch my self all over. I reached down and touched the outter lips, tremors up my body. I turn around to the door and see you sitting on the corner of the bed jerking off, watching me. I was a little startled at first because I thought I was alone, but it was also a great turn on that you were watching me. You were just as surprized to see me notice you, maybe even embarrased. I stuck my head out of the door and asked if you could help me finish my shower? You came over in an instant and climed into the shower. Your arms wrapped around me holding me hard against your rock hard beautiful body. Your cock is so hard, I love it! You pick me up against the wall and slide me onto you, you feel so hot and hard inside me. Slamming up into me pushing me hard against the wall. Fuck me as hard as you can, while switching between tits, nipples in your mouth. Teasing each errected mound with you teeth, and hot tongue.
The water feels so good splashing between our bodies, making every movement more intense. Your kisses become more passionate if not forceful, invading al the spaces in my mouth. I return the force and passion. Slowly pulling me off of you, you turn me around and bend me over. I hold onto the shower knobs for support. you enter inside me thrusting hard and fast, feeling every inch of your rock hard cock pouding away in my hot sweet lust. My body starts to shake and you thrust harder, no mercy! I cum over and over again, your hips start to shake and thrust, cumming hared inside me. I’m stuck if feels so good. That is just what I needed, we continue showering and clean up, helping each other dry off. I love it when you touch me, we go into the bedroom and get dressed. I think for that treat I’ll make you dinner. And you can provide desert, sound good?

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