Tennis, Anyone?

Marlon and Denise had gone out to dinner a couple of times. Nothing really very special. She found him attractive and funny and always had a good time with him. The thing was, he never really put any moves on her. I’m not saying that she’s a sex-hound or that she’s a slut (well, maybe, a wanna-be-slut sometimes, ok she’s a sex-hound), but it was getting really weird to her.

Well, last Friday, Denise went to Marlon’s house. They had made a date to play tennis and since he lived on the way to the courts, she was going to pick him up. She pulled up to his house and parked in the driveway. She knocked and rang the bell but no one answered. She could see Marlon’s car in the garage so she knew he was home. Peeking around the corner of the house, Denise found the gate to the backyard. She knocked on the gate, but still no answer. She decided what the hell and opened the gate.

Marlon had a beautiful house with a gorgeous backyard. She walked around by the pool and stopped short. Down, across the lawn, Marlon was laying naked on his back on a lounge chair . His eyes were closed and his hand was rocking his hard dick up and down. She stood there, watching, as Marlon’s hand went smoothly up and down his shaft. She’d never seen Marlon naked and she was surprised at the size of his dick. As his hand went up and down in his lap, she could see the head of his dick poke through. The head was big and smooth.

Denise didn’t say a word, just stood there and watched Marlon get himself off. Her eyes watched as his hands twisted and pumped his swollen dick. Marlon’s moans were quiet and sensuous. She felt herself getting wet between her legs. Denise ached to cup her hands over his dick and rub it, stroke it long and hard. Marlon’s breathing increased and she knew he was close to cumming. She stood there, holding her breath as Marlon moaned and a stream of cum shot up from between his hands. Her own breathing was quick. Hurriedly, she turned quietly around and headed out the gate.

Stopping just outside the gate, Denise leaned against the house. Closing her eyes, she reached down under her short tennis skirt and felt the wet spot on her panties. She was soaking. She slipped a finger just inside the elastic and felt the gush of liquid from her pussy. She stroked herself quickly, envisioning Marlon and his dick while she slipped her finger in and out of her tight pussy. Her orgasm was small but it worked to subdue her… for now.

Returning to the front of the house, Denise gathered herself and knocked on the door, calling out for Marlon. After a few minutes, he answered the door wearing a pair of tennis shorts and a shirt. His face was flushed and his eyes were bright. He grabbed his gear and they headed out to her car.

As she drove to the courts, she kept thinking about what she had seen. Marlon was talking about something but all she could concentrate on was his hands on his dick and how much she wanted to feel it. By the time they got to the courts, she was worked up again. She could feel the stream between her legs.

The courts weren’t that full, only a few other people around. They grabbed a court and started their game. The sexual frustration Denise was feeling made her a terror on the court. She played the best game ever. Marlon was impressed and had no idea how much he played a part in it. After a couple hours of play, they decided to break. Marlon went around to get a drink of water. She watched him and knew she had to do something.

Marlon was standing by the water fountain. She looked at the front of his shorts and couldn’t help but feel excited. She walked to the fountain and leaned down to get a drink of water. She let a little splash on her chest, wetting her white shirt. Marlon’s eyes looked at it briefly then came back up to her face. They were standing near a shed used to house the tennis equipment, nets and stuff like that. She turned the handle and was glad it was unlocked.

Pushing Marlon in, she closed the door behind them. Marlon was surprised and asked her what she was doing. Without saying a word, Denise pulled the waist of his shorts out with her hand. Quickly, she pushed her other hand down the front of his shorts and wrapped her hand around his huge dick. Marlon stood still, surprised.

“Marlon, I have a confession. I saw you out by your pool. I watched you stroke your dick and cum. Now, I’m going to make you cum.”

Denise leaned over and pushed his shorts down around his ankles. Before he could say a word, she had her hands around his dick and the tip pushing through her lips. He tasted salty and sweaty. He tasted delicious. She closed her mouth tight around his skin and sucked, pushing her mouth down around his shaft. Up and down, she pulled her mouth on his dick. Marlon moaned and she felt his dick get even harder in her mouth.

Denise looked up from between his legs and smiled as she pushed her mouth down his member again. His dick was huge and filled her mouth completely. She hadn’t realized how thick he was. She slipped her mouth from around him and rolled her tongue around the tip. Licking him gently like a lollipop, Denise moved her tongue up and down the underside of his dick. He moaned and pushed his dick to her.

Holding his dick up, she licked the underside and then rolled her tongue over his balls. Cupping his balls in her hand, she licked the base of his dick and then sucked his balls into her mouth. He moaned louder. Denise took his dick full in her mouth again and sucked faster and harder. She could feel his dick beginning to throb in her mouth. She rolled her lips around his head and then savagely pushed down again. Marlon moaned and pushed her head down on his dick further. She felt his dick pulse and then her mouth filled with his cum. She kept sucking, not wanting to let it go. Marlon moaned and swore and moaned again.

Lifting her mouth from his dick, she stood. He pulled her to him and kissed her mouth hard, moaning into it. Denise felt his hands on her skirt, pushing it up. His hands tore at her panties and ripped them off. She moaned as she felt his fingers push roughly up inside her soaking wet pussy. Marlon pushed one then two fingers deep inside her pussy. She moaned and held onto his shoulders.

Marlon’s fingers were diving in and out of her. Marlon released her and dropped to his knees in front of her. Lifting one leg up onto his shoulder, she moaned as she felt Marlon’s mouth on her pussy. His lips closed around her lips and he sucked, pulling her into his mouth. His fingers dove faster and harder in and out of her pussy as his tongue assaulted her, drilling her in and out with quick thrusts. She felt her body quiver and shake, an orgasm ripping through her.

Marlon didn’t stop. His mouth closed around her hard, swollen clit and he sucked. Denise moaned, nearly screaming, as his lips pulled on her clit, his fingers still fucking her hard and fast. Marlon’s mouth covered her pussy and he sucked, licking and pushing his tongue into her. Her pussy was a giant nerve, pulsing and tingling. She moaned as another orgasm ripped through her body. She’d never felt an orgasm so strong.

Lifting his head, Marlon smiled. His fingers stroked her slowly, bringing her down. He rose and pulled her against him again, kissing her lips and her neck. He pulled his shorts up, covering his semi-hard dick. Her panties were ruined. She left them on the shed floor and they returned to the court. Her skirt was short and every time she moved for the ball, her bare pussy was revealed. It was a good thing no one else was around. After about 30 minutes, Marlon and Denise
headed back to his house. She gets his dick whenever she wants it now, and sometimes Marlon jacks off for her so she can watch. She loves that.

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  1. wordlover531

    After reading your most recent story, I had to read this one, too. You are TERRIFIC, girl! I love your writing. More, more!!!

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  2. creameater

    love this one too, we all love the thought of a woman watching us as we bring ourself to a messy orgasm

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