Emma was hungry for cock. She had been deprived for so long that, after she finally left her cheating no-good bastard of a husband, she wanted to have sex with just about every guy she saw. But she wasn’t a tramp, and she was still shy.

As for Don, the first fellow she fucked when her marriage fell apart, she couldn’t continue with him because he lived in the old building, right next door to her husband and near other people she knew. She had to make a clean break. Anyway, Emma didn’t want to jump from one commitment right into another. Don was needy. She sensed that right way. She was needy, too, but what she needed most was to be free, and she wanted to enjoy her new-found freedom.

There was something else that Emma needed, and that was money. Her stinking job at McDonald’s had sufficed as long as her husband was bringing in the main check, but it wouldn’t pay for her upkeep now that she was on her own. She had scraped together enough funds to rent a modest apartment, but she had to improve her situation fast if she was going to survive independently. Damn men, she thought. They run the world, and they almost make it necessary for us to depend on them whether we want to or not. However, Emma hadn’t been totally soured on marriage, when she found the right guy and was ready. She was still young.

The newspaper listed a lot of employment opportunities, and Emma had qualifications. She had two years of community college plus office experience. She got along well with people and she wasn’t bad to look at, though no raving beauty. She tried to foxy up her wardrobe and her makeup a little. If there was any area where she was weak, it was that.

Her first two job interviews weren’t promising. But the third, for a receptionist position with a mortgage loan outfit, appealed to her. More important, the guy in human resources who interviewed her seemed to like her a lot. He spent time with her, and brought her coffee, and got her to talking about herself. He wasn’t very good-looking–bald with glasses, and he had a little paunch–but he really seemed to like her, and Emma appreciated that. After two years of being taken for granted by husband Hal, she longed to be wanted.

Sam, the employment interviewer, wanted her, all right. If Emma had known a little more about men, she would have realized how horny he was behind that nice-guy veneer. The thing was, Emma was not the least bit interested in him in a sexual way. He was one of the few guys she had met, since walking out on Hal, who didn’t cause even a single twinge of desire to agitate her pussy. He was likeable enough, but that was as far as it went. However, she hoped very much that he would hire her.

Just when Emma thought that the interview was going very well, and that the job was about to fall into her lap, Sam surprised her by giving her a troubled look and saying, “Your qualifications are really quite good, but you must understand, Emma, that there are other applicants. What I always look for in cases like this,” he went on as he watched her reactions closely from across the desk, “is something that will make one particular applicant stand out–some quality of personality, some initiative, a willingness to do something a little extra.” He got up, circled his desk, and sat down on the edge of it right in front of her chair. As he smiled down at her, he asked, “Do you know what I mean?”

Emma was not the most sophisticated girl in the world, but she hadn’t just stepped off the Greyhound bus from Podunk, either. The way the employment manager was seated, with his legs apart and his crotch only a yard in front of her face, conveyed a very definite suggestion. At first offended, Emma suddenly was stimulated…and she did need the job.

“Uh, are you telling me that if I, uh, do something for you, the job is mine?” she asked hesitantly. She blinked her almost innocent brown eyes at him.

He smiled down confidently. “I can’t ask you to do anything of a personal nature, Emma, and I can’t suggest that your employment depends upon that. There are laws, you know, and there is a recorder running during this interview.”


“Oh, yes.” Sam pointed to a small electronic device on his desk that had a blinking red light on it. “I have just about decided to employ you anyway, but whatever you might choose to do, entirely on your own, to demonstrate your initiative and your desire for employment with this company will not go un-noticed.” His expression suddenly changed and he exclaimed, “Ooh, myyyyy!”

Emma had scooted forward in her chair until her face was between Sam’s thighs, and now she was lowering his zipper. She blushed, because this was an extremely daring thing for her to do, but damn it she did want that job and, anyway, she hadn’t had an opportunity to suck a cock for awhile.

Sam’s penis was soft and flaccid when Emma brought it out, but it quickly stiffened in her encircling hand, and though it wasn’t nearly as big as Don’s or even quite the size of her husband’s, it looked good to her. She told herself what a bad girl she was as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of the employment manager’s bald knob.

After circling the helmet-shaped head with her tongue, then swiping her tongue across the slitted tip of it, Emma opened her mouth and glided her soft, warm lips down over and totally around Sam’s velvety smooth and swollen cock-head. Her tongue lapped at the underside of his organ as she sucked.

Emma cast her pretty brown eyes upward and watched Sam’s face. He was flushed, his lips were parted, and his eyes were hot. Men! she thought. They were so easy to manipulate. Sam was now entirely under her power, and that gave her such a surge.

The young woman began pumping her mouth down and up, down and up on Sam’s rod. He squirmed, said “aah!’ and “uuh!” and made other little sounds that Emma could not distinguish. She sucked him more intensively now, bobbing her brown head briskly up and down, her slick lips skidding on the smooth cover of his hard-as-iron cock as his knob entered her willing throat.

She no longer had to hold his dick with her hand because it had a very rigid upward thrust of its own, so she slipped both hands down between her legs and underneath her skirt, using one to pull the crotch of her panties aside while the other began to stimulate her already hot and dribbling pussy. The harder and faster that she sucked Sam, the more her pussy dribbled…and now, with one hand diddling her clit while two fingers on her other hand stroked in and out of her very receptive joy-hole, Emma was about as close to cumming as was Sam.

He groaned pleasurably as the pretty job applicant sucked his cock, and he was impressed by how well she did it, how quickly she was bringing him along. He wouldn’t have guessed it to look at her, but this sweet young thing was an accomplished cocksucker who really knew what she was about. He writhed on the edge of the desk, his cock throbbing harder as Emma’s clasping lips skidded down and up, down and up, going nearly to the base of his dong with each dive. Her lips did contact the zipper on the edge of his fly, and its rough teeth tickled her.

Emma finger-fucked herself nearly to the point of orgasm, along with the pinching of her clit by her other hand, and she held herself right there, wanting to come when Sam erupted. Finally he jerked, let out a little cry, and his hands at the back of her head held her in place while he sent spurt after spurt of thick, rich man-juice gliding over her tongue and flooding into her throat. She glugged, swallowing hard, and she pinched and poked her pussy at the same time, which was more than enough to bring her off. She moaned against her mouthful of squirting cock and jerked against the chair-seat, juice all over her fingers. It wasn’t a bad cum.

Five minutes later, with the job belonging to her, Emma left
Sam’s office on her way to see the woman who was going to show her the ropes, a ce
rtain Ms. Cooperman. Well, perhaps it hadn’t been the most approved way to land a job, but it had worked, and Emma didn’t feel ashamed of herself in the least. She had no time for that in this brave new world she called home.

(More cumming. Comments and suggestions from readers are invited.)

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