The Cabin in the Woods, Pt. II

The Cabin in the Woods, Pt II

Gary wrapped his arms around Rachel and cupped her tits. He gently squeezed her nipples and whispered in her ear “you fuckin’ drive me crazy. I just came 10 minutes ago and I’m ready to fuck you again.” Rachel smiled and replied, “let’s take a break and have something to eat, I’m exhausted.” Gary immediately walked away to the pantry. Rachel thought she had offended him and this made her sad. She didn’t want to upset this wonderful man who had saved her life. Minutes later Gary walked back with a glass of wine and a little pink pill. “Here baby, take this and you can fuck all night and into tomorrow morning.” He said handing her the small pink pill. Rachel was alarmed but then thought if he wanted to drug her then he wouldn’t be telling her. “Is this what you took?” Rachel asked wondering at his stamina. “No, I just have an insatiable sexual appetite when my work is going well. You inspire me so much, therefore, my dick is always hard. You don’t have to take the pill, I just wanted to share this euphoria with you.” Rachel smiled and took the pill with the entire glass of wine then said “most women would love to have a man who could go and go and go, I want to be your inspiration, I want to please you in every way.” She said as she kissed him full on the lips while his cock poked her in the stomach. They ate their sandwiches at the diningroom table and by the end of the meal Rachel began to feel the effects of the pill. The room was more vibrant and the firelight danced the most erotic moves over Gary’s body. Suddenly her pussy was wet again, almost dripping and she had this incredible urge to stick her fingers inside. She didn’t realize that she was moaning out loud while she squeezed her thighs together. Gary smiled and began to walk into the livingroom. She grabbed at his dick as he passed her and quickly sucked the full length into her mouth. She sucked hard and long while cupping and pulling at his balls. Soon she had applied saliva to her finger and inserted it into his ass. She pushed the entire length of her index finger into his asshole each time she took the length of his cock into her mouth. He was moaning louder than ever and soon she had inserted two fingers into his asshole while tugging on his cock and balls. He was now rocking his body back and forth on her fingers and into her mouth gaining momentum until he filled the back of her throat with warm cum. Rachel kept up for him by forcing her fingers into his ass with each squirt.

Rachel removed her fingers when his dick had finally stopped shooting and Gary collapsed onto the sofa and lay there in silence. Rachel watched him catch his breath as she walked over, still in her garter and heels, stood in front of him and began to touch herself. Her entire body tingled. She slid her fingers into her pussy and fucked herself while watching him. It didn’t take him long to recover before he pulled her onto his lap and onto his dick. This time she did all the work, riding him like a well-hung stallion. She pumped and bucked on his cock while he played with her hard nipples. She came over and over until Gary lost count. He turned her around and had her sit on his cock facing the other way. He licked his finger and placed it into her ass while she rode his cock. She kept begging for more. He pushed her onto the floor onto all fours and after dipping his dick into her pussy a couple of times he pushed it into her asshole which received him effortlessly. She pushed back to meet his cock with each thrust and he began to play rougher by pulling hard on her nipples that swung below her. This drove her crazy and he got off on the pain too. Soon he was holding on completely to her nipples, pulling them around onto each side of her body while he fucked her ass like a madman. The harder he twisted and pulled her nipples, the harder she begged to be fucked. This drove him absolutely crazy, as it was he was fucking her so hard she would nearly collapse with every blow. After, what seemed like hours, of fucking he pulled out and told her to go and sit in the chair. He went into the back room and came out with a small black velvet bag. He knelt in front of her while she played with her nipples and her clit. Rachel had never been so horny in her life and she thought that she would have fucked a horse if one had been available. Gary removed silver nipple clamps that were connected by a silver chain. He placed the clamps onto Rachel’s distended nipples and tightened. She moaned. After he had clamped both nipples he gave a little tug on the chain and she began to scream and work her clit harder and faster as she came again. He released the chain and went to work on her pussy. He brought out a clit clamp and fought her hands to get at her clit. He finally gained full access and was able to pull back her clit hood before attaching the clamp. Her clit was so swollen it practically vibrated. Now he could simply blow on her clit and she erupted into orgasm. He turned her over into the chair on all fours with her knees on the seat and her arms holding onto the back. He then brought out a huge jelly vibrator and inserted it into her ass. After turning it on low he mounted her, placing his cock into her pussy. He fucked her slow at first to allow her to get used to the pressure of two cocks inside of her. Then as he increased the speed of the vibrator he increased the speed of his cock. His long strides, not only forced his cock into her pussy but also pushed the vibrator, which would creep out, back into her ass with each stroke so it really felt like she was being fucked by two cocks. The increased speed caused his balls to smack against her exposed clit, and combined with the stimulation of the swinging chain attached to her nipples, kept her in the middle of an intense and constant orgasm. Gary loved the power he had over her. After a while he pulled out and went to sit on the sofa again. Within minutes the vibrator had fallen out of her ass and was vibrating on the floor. Rachel, too stoned to get it back in, walked over to Gary and climbed onto his cock again. This time her pussy missed and his dick went into her ass. She didn’t care as long as she was being fucked. Her clit still clamped and exposed, Gary began to gently slap her pussy. Just a gently little spanking for a naughty little girl. “You are such a bad girl. Only really naughty girls get their pussy spanked.” With this she came yet again and said, “oh yes, I am so fucking bad, spank me, spank my little pussy.” He pulled on the chain that hung suspended between her swollen, red nipples. He licked and sucked on the plump little cherries. She bucked up and down and back and forth on his huge erect cock. He hadn’t come in hours and his member was pulsing with another load. He pumped his load into her one more time and then forced her off him. He sat for a moment and she came back up ready to crawl onto his still erect cock again. “No, no more bitch. I’ve fucked you all night and now it is daylight again. My cock needs to focus on my work.” He got up and went into the back room. Rachel followed begging him to fuck her again. “Please, oh please, I’ll do anything, I just need to be fucked so badly.” He slapped her, knocking her to the floor. “Don’t fucking beg, you are suppose to be my inspiration.” She got up as if on cue and stood before him. She was still stoned, although not as bad as last night, and she wanted to please him. “Tell me what inspires you.” She said. He sat upon the bed and began to write frantically. She still in her garter and heels stood with one finger in her pussy and one to her tits waiting for an answer. “You may quietly play with yourself as long as you’re sexy about it. Keep the clamps on, they are very sexy.” Rachel sat in the armchair across from the bed and looked at him. She placed the chain in her mouth so that she could free her hands and still tug on her tits. She placed her right leg over the arm of the chair to open up her pussy
. She inser
ted, from behind, her right fingers into her asshole and began to slowly slap her exposed clit with her left hand. Without taking her eyes off Gary, who alternated between watching her and frantically writing, she moaned and quietly gyrated her lovely body through multiple orgasms. Being so overcome by her sexiness he put his pad down and walked over to her. He knelt between her legs and began to lap at her exposed clit. Rachel struggled to maintain some level of control, not knowing if this was one of his tests, but eventually gave in to her desires and the pleasure he was giving her and allowed her body to buck into orgasm. She tugged at the chain attached to her tits and watched her nipples strain against the silver clamps. He led her over to the bed and had her sit on his cock while he wrote. He wrote and occasionally sucked at her incredibly swollen nipples and she slowly rode his engorged dick while gently spanking her exposed clit. This went on for the entire morning and into the afternoon before the drug had mostly worn off and after one final orgasm Rachel collapsed onto the bed next to Gary who was still feverously writing.

When Rachel awoke it was dark and Gary lay sleeping next to her. She still had the clamps on her nipples and clit but could barely move because of the soreness. She felt as though she had been raped over and over again the night before and had only vague memories of strange sex acts. She struggled to hold back screams as she removed the clamps from her now purple nipples. Tears ran down her face as her nipples throbbed. Her clit felt raw and she was sure was ready to bleed when she removed that clamp. She slowly got up from the bed and saw Gary’s notepad. She took it into the livingroom and began to read by firelight. The story was about her, how she had come to the cabin and all the things he had done to her and she had done to him. She couldn’t believe all the things she was reading. She searched for her dress but couldn’t find it. She found one of Gary’s old button-down shirts and put it on. She still had her heels on. She looked outside and although it was getting dark she could tell that it had finally stopped snowing. She went into the kitchen and saw a set of car keys. She quietly took them and went into the garage. The car was clear of snow and she opened the garage door and quietly as she could. She started the car and began to reverse. Gary heard the car start and quickly looked around for her. He ran through the kitchen and into the garage. Rachel had managed to get the car out of the garage before getting it stuck in a two-foot drift. She franticly placed the car in reverse, then drive, then reverse again. Gary walked to the car, still naked and sporting a huge erection and got in. “Now baby where do you think you are going?” he asked. “I have to leave here.” She said, almost crying. “Why baby?” he asked softly in her ear as he kissed her neck and started to unbutton the shirt. “Stop, I don’t know what you did to me last night but my nipples and pussy are so sore that I can hardly stand it.” He gently stroked her now exposed nipples and they betrayed her by instantly becoming erect for him. “You loved it baby. You couldn’t get enough of my cock. You practically begged me to keep fucking you. Your little pussy and ass were on fire. You were so horny I almost couldn’t keep up with you. I don’t think it’s fair that you are angry with me when it was you who wanted it so much.” He said as he suckled at her nipple and now stroked her outer pussy lips. Within seconds her red, raw pussy was wet and her legs were parting. He gently fingered her pussy while playing with her clit and sucking her nipples. And against her will, she came. “There now baby, you see, I’m not doing anything that your body doesn’t want. Come inside and I’ll give you a pain reliever for your nipples and I’ll rub some cream on your sore pussy. You’ll be good as new in no time.” Rachel got out of the car and followed Gary back into the house. After a few minutes Gary came into the livingroom where Rachel was sitting on the sofa and handed her a glass of water and a little pink pill. Rachel looked at it for a moment, as if to question it. Don’t worry, I got those when I hurt my back a few months ago, they are great for pain.” He said with a smile and knelt down beside her. She took the pill and noticed that he had a tube of something in his hand. “I am going to rub this on now. It will speed the healing process right up. I can’t have my muse in pain.” He smiled and began to rub the cream into her pussy lips. Rachel lay her head back on the sofa and noticed that the pain had indeed subsided and that her pussy was beginning to feel warm. After a while she opened her eyes and noticed the firelight was dancing all over her tits and licking at her nipples. Her pussy was so warm and wet and Gary’s tongue never felt so good. She loved being his muse. She would do anything to inspire him as long as it included his big cock.

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