The Devils Morning

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Henry awoke at 7.28 on quiet Sunday morning. He had his usual morning glory. He lugged out of bed and pulled off his Nike running shorts. He was stark naked. He stared into nothing as he rubbed at his penis in a slow but agressive manner. He stumbled into the bathroom of his single apartment, still rubbing his penis. He stood over the toilet, whilst standing on the tips of his toes, leaning against the bathroom tiles whiled he urinated, careful not to miss; with his current hardness. He flushed, washed his hands, stuck his head under the tap for a drink of water; stood up and glared at himself in front of the mirror, still naked and hard.

Henry felt very strange this morning, almost detached, unclean. He looked at the hair covered on his pubic region, his arms, legs and torso. Without second thoughts, he reached into his bathroom cabinet for his shaving cream. He covered these hair filled areas of his body in cream, putting an excessive amount around his pubic region, entered his shower and proceeded to shave. It took the good part of 20 minutes, having to re-apply cream to areas he missed, or places he felt weren’t clean enough. He rinsed and moisturised numerous times, avoiding any rash on his now hairless skin.

Henry went back into his room, still erect, still teasing himself sporadically. He put back on his Nike running shorts, A plain white T-shirt from his cupboard a pair of sandals and went to his car. Henry has felt like this before, on ocassion. Sexually agressive, perverted thoughts and fantasies. It is always his erection doing the thinking, and will masturbate to return to a normal state of mind. Finding himself repulsing at his thoughts prior to ejaculation. Henry stood outside his car, contemplated for all but two seconds, turned around and walked back to his appartment. He rushed in the front door, and procedeed to get his sunglasses, some gaffer tape, some thin rope, a kitchen knife and a full bottle of red wine. Henry put on his shades and stuffed the rest of his inventory into a small ruck sack. Today it wasn’t just his sexual mind doing the thinking. Henry did not care, he was on the prowl.

It was 8.05 when he started driving, Henry didn’t know exactly where he was going, but decided to go somewhere familiar, somewhere quiet. Henry drove around his local suburbs for fifteen minutes before he decided where he was going. He proceeded to drive to a nature trail, twenty minutes from his own appartment. He arrived at 8.35. Henry parked his car at the main entrance carpark, there were only 6 other cars parked, each was empty. He reached into his ruck sack for his bottle of red wine. He consumed the entire bottle in less than two minutes.
The nature trail was mountainous, open with fields of green grass. A picturess gorge overlooked the carpark, with a steel bridge connecting both sides of the mountain. There were numerous tracks and routes cut throughout the landscape.

Henry got out of his car with his rucksack slung over his shoulder. He was still nursing his morning glory. Henry lifted up his shirt and lowered his shorts a little, pulled his erect penis out from his shorts. He pushed it just underneath his belly button; so it was hugging his lower torso and pulled his shorts back up, so the head was just visible at the top; locking it there until his erection was out of his mind. He pulled his white t-shirt back down over his shorts and proceeded to cross the bridge.

Henry soon came across a woman jogging. She was sweating, athletic, strong. Henrys stomach was extremley bloated from the bottle of red wine so decided against confronting this woman. Henry walked another ten minutes up hill before he crossed paths with a family of four, there was no acknowledgment and he kept walking. The incline of the path began to decrease sharply and soon the landform changed to a clearing. The path was wide, forrest trees either side and you could see ahead for the next couple of miles.
Five more minutes of walking and Henry could make out a woman, she was roughly one and a half miles away from him, walking on the opposite side of the track. She was wearing a green training singlet and black polyester shorts, not dis-similar to his own. He could see she was listening to her music player. As he got closer he could distinguish her apperance. She was late 20s, medium height, roughly 5’4″, a slender build, maybe 125 pounds, toned. Her hair was shoulder length, dark brown, tinged with light brown. She had an olive complexion, with gleaming green eyes. She was beautiful. Henry moved slightly closer towards her side of the path.

As they crossed paths he continued looking forward, pretending to ignore her; while his eyes were staring right at her behind his dark shades. He stared right at her breasts, which looked tight, perky and supple against her tight green singlet. He could faintly make out the outline of her nipples. The singlet was low cut at the waist revealing her tanned belly button and suggestive hips. As they crossed he turned his head and looked her up and down. Her legs were slender, tanned, and toned, just like her arms. Her arse was beautiful,rounded, tight, with an amazing width to height ratio. The low cut singlet, and low risen polyester shorts, revealed her beautiful hairless lower back, and the top of her butt crack. He could instantly feel his erection coming on, so reached in his shorts, gave his newly shaven penis some agressive rubs, before tucking it back under his shorts and continued to walk ahead.

Henry could now see for miles, there was no one ahead in sight. Within two minutes of passing this woman, Henry stopped and turned around. The alcohol was now well and truly in his bloodstream; he felt that sudden rush of confidence, the care-free, I can do anything attitude.
He began to walk briskly towards the woman, who was now about half a mile in front of him. Within five minutes Henry had caught up and was now close enough to see her figure again in detail. As she walked, the sunshine glimmered onto her figure. With each other step, as her shorts were pulled tight against her arse Henry could clearly see the outline of her butt cheeks, covered by her white, frilled panties through the light polyester shorts. Her butt crack was still visible, with his erection growing huge under his shorts. He eased out his shaved penis and began to masturbate whilst continuing to walk.
He began to get much closer, without the woman noticing. She was still listening to her music player and walking at a brisk, steady pace. He reached for his ruck sack and pulled out his gaffer tape and kitchen knife. His sexual mind was doing all the thinking, there is no turning back now.
Henry creeped forward, walking in sync with her footsteps, until he was as close as he could get without his shadow encroaching her walking view. His penis was still out of his shorts. Henry took two wheezy, alchohol-fueled breaths, eased the gaffer tape off its roll, ready to use. He took in another two deep breaths, then just lunged at the woman wrapping the tape around her mouth and hair at least six times before cutting at the tape with the knife. Henry drops the tape and knife and grabbed at her arms, forcing them backwards into a lock. The womans muffled screams of terror and pain were barely audible as she kicks out furiously, stamping at the ground. Henry picks up the tape and knife and dragged her back, away from the path, forcing her to walk into the darkness of the trees for thirty seconds, before flinging her down, hard onto the forest floor. She looks up at him in terror as he holds the knife at her in an agressive manor.
“Don’t you dare move or I’ll kill you”.

Henry reaches for the gaffer tape, and pins her hands together behind her back, before taping them up, again atleast 6 wraps. He proceeds to do the same with her ankles. He gets his thin rope out from his ruck sack and does the same thing; tieing the rope around her ankles and wrists. The woman sits motionless, her eyes are tearing up.

Henry stands up, takes off sunglasses, and just stares at her. He pauses for a second before taking off his t-shirt, then pulling down his shorts. He leaves them at his ankles as he takes off his shoes, then kicks his shorts away. He is completley naked. He begins to masturbate his penis with his left hand, just staring her right in the eye. His right hand is holding the bottom of his penis, as if he would when he urinates. The woman closes her eyes and turns away, as tears roll down her face.

“Watch me or I kill you, do what I say you don’t get hurt”.
Henry bends townards the woman and sits down on her, at the waist. He lifts her singlet up to her ribcage, and sits down on her bare skin, rubbing his arse against her tanned, smooth torso. He leans forward on to his front and begins to rub his penis all over her torso, working his way up to her face and cheeks, making sure she acknowledges his clean shaved look. He rips off her singlet, to reveal a white sports bra. He then eases off her shorts, to reveal the white, frilled panties. He turns the woman around and wedges his penis inbetween her hands and grinds up and down. He rips off her panties to reveal her tight, round and tanned arse. He gropes it hard, and begins rubs his penis horizontally across it. He flips her back around. Her vagina exhibits an upside down triangle strip, he starts to rub it, hard, agressivley, proceeding to sticking his index and middle finger in her spot. He sits up and spreads her legs at the knees and slides his penis into her amazingly crafted vagina. He begins to thrust hard and agressivley. He uses the kitcen knife to cut off her sports bra, slightly cutting her left shoulder. The woman twitches, but still frozen in terror. Her breasts are soft, supple and perky, just as he had thought. They are symettrical and there are no tan lines. He squeezes them with his hands before diving into them with his mouth, whilst continuing to rape the woman. He licks her nipples and sucks hard at her breasts, before biting hard, still being agressive, until they start to bleed. The girl is trying to scream through the gaffer tape, but the sound is still muffled. He sits up and starts groping her whole body, her breasts, her arse, whilst still raping the woman. He starts punching her, in the body, slapping he face, biting all over her body. He can feel himself coming to orgasim, the pleasure is immense. He takes his penis out of her vagina, and slides along her body, siting just beneath her breats. He takes a few strokes with his left hand, before ijaculating all over her breasts, her face, her nose, eyes and hair. She is defaced, the tears are streaming down her face.

Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of remorse, regret, sorrow and repulsion comes over Henry. The woman has blood all over her arm, and down her chest from the bite marks, she has a bleeding nose from being repetitavley slapped hard on the face. Henry gets out his kitchen knife, the woman starts twitching in horror.
“Im cutting the tape off your mouth!” he screams. He flips her round face down into the ground. She is still twitching, too much. In his drunken state, combined with her movements Henry slips and cuts through her skin on the back of her head. It is 10.15. The woman bleeds to death. Henry is a murderer.

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