The Hitch Hiker

The rain was really hammering down Scott drove home from his friends house that night. As he drove along he thought about the woman that had knocked on his friends door, he’d answered it expecting the pizza delivery guy and was stunned to find a pretty brunette stood there. Scott stood there gazing at her slender body, large full breasts and full pouting lips. It took him a few seconds to realise she was speaking to him.

“Uhm Im sorry, I didnt catch that”, he mumbled embarassed. She had giggled and repeated, “My cars broken down, I think it might be my battery. Is there anyway I could use your phone or maybe someone could give me a jump start?” She cocked her head to the side, letting her long brown hair fall across her face, Scott wanted to see if her ass was as cute as those eyes.

“I can give you a jump start no problems”, he’d replied leading the way down to his car. He didnt want his friends to see the beauty stood at the door, wanted her to himself. She’d introuduced herself as Lucy as he gave her car battery a boost from his own, he told her his name while checking her out again. As she bent to look into her engine bay Scott could see her breasts jutting against the thin fabric of her shirt, the curve of her ass against her tights jeans. She started her car and he closed her bonnet. He’d already asked Lucy if she had a boyfriend but she had just smiled her seductive smile and gazed at him with her beautiful big brown eyes.He’d felt his cock growing hard and blushed as her eyes roamed his body and lingered on his member, straining against his jeans.

Lucy had leant out the window, showing more cleavage as she did, he was pretty sure she had done it on purpose to excite him more – it had worked. She’d thanked him for helping her and asked how much he wanted, Scott had told her no money. “How about a kiss on the cheek though?” Lucy had agreed and turned his head round, catching his lips with hers and running her tongue into his mouth. Scott had been shocked but enjoyed the sensation and had kissed her back deeply. As she drove away he regretted not askng her for her number.

He drove on for home.

A little while later he spotted a figure on the side of the road, he slowed down and stopped, opening his window he was delighted to see it was Lucy, dripping wet. “Well, hello there handsome”, she smiled tilting her head to the side.

“Hey cutie, have you broke down again?” he asked smiling back. “Seems that way sugar, dont think you gave me enough to keep me going”, Lucy was teasing him he knew. She accepted a ride to her home with the plan of her grabbing her tow rope and coming back to her car. Lucy climbed into the car and he couldnt help checking her out again, her blouse was now soaking wet, clinging to her breasts and showing her dark nipples through the fabric. He could see she wore no bra. Her jeans showed her ass, tight and round and her toned legs off. Scott wanted to fuck her and he didnt know how much longer he could hide it.

She adjusted her seat and laid back, placing her arms behind her head. He saw her breasts rise up and push against her shirt and felt his cock growing hard. “Oh Im all wet”, Lucy sighed. Scott looked at her from the corner of his eye. “You look it hon”, he remarked watching her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. “Oh I am but not where you can see”, she sighed. Scott was shocked, she’d seemed pretty shy, save for the glances and smiles she was giving him but he hadnt expected her to say something like that.

She directed him to her house and he sat with the engine idling, disappointed the ride was over but determined to ask for her number. As he opened to his mouth she turned in her seat, fixed him with her deep brown eyes and said “Would you like to come in for a coffee or maybe,” she paused and ran her hands over her breasts past her flat stomach and onto her thighs, “something to eat?” Scott knew a come on when he heard one and ten seconds later was watching her ass as he followed her into her house. Lucy sat him down in the living room and fixed him a whiskey and told him she was just going for a shower and to change, that she wouldnt be long.

Scott sipped his drink and closed his eyes and leant his head back. A short while later he opened his eyes and moaned loudly, looking down to fnd Lucy with her mouth on his cock. She looked up and met his gaze, smiled and went back to licking and sucking on his shaft, running her tongue around his balls and suck his swollen head. He wound his fingers into her hair and forced her to take as much of his member in her mouth as she could. Feeling her tongue flicking across the tip of his cock and then taking it all in her mouth, he could feel her saliva dripping down his shaft. While Lucy was occupied sucking deeply on his cock, Scott grabbed his mobile phone and filmed her head bobbing away. She noticed the light from the phone, looked up and put on a show for his film, looking into the camera pretending to be innocent swirling her tongue around and around the tip then plunging down to his balls. Scott moaned and groaned and she sucked deep.

“Oh god, Im gonna cum honey, keep sucking, dont you stop”, Scott didnt think he could hold back anymore and wanted to cum deep into her mouth and watch his cum dribble down her chin onto her heaving breasts.

Lucy licked from his balls up to his tip, stood up and turned on her heels so her ass was in Scotts face, as he reached out to grab her she walked away from him and into another room. He got up, drained his whiskey and followed her, taking the empty glass with the ice cubes with him. He found her laid on her bed, perfectly naked, running her hands up and down her body. As he approached her she ran her hands over her full large breasts, down her stomach and onto her pubic mound. With one hand she pulled her pussy lips open and slipped her finger over her clit with the other. Lucy arched back up as her fingers found her target and she moaned loudly. Scott knelt at the foot of the bed, Lucy’s pussy so close he could smell it, the smell sending throbs through his rock hard cock. He watched as she touched herself, pulling at her erect nipples and running her fingers around her clit, pushing them into her wet cunt and back out to her clit. Finally he could take no more of watching her, placing the glass on the floor, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to him. He ran his tongue around her asshole and plunged it deep into her pussy, felt her body arch and heard her moan his name. He pistoned his tongue in and out of her wet snatch, knowing it would drive her mad. He pulled his tongue out of her and ran it up to her clit swirling it round and round, flicking it over her sweet little bud and listening to her moan and writhe beneath his touch. He reached up with one hand and squeezed her nipples in turn. As he licked and bit at her juicy snatch, she ran her hands over his hair and pulled at him moaning and sighing his name. Scott fixed a seal around her clit and sucked hard, Lucy started beating at his head and screaming “dont…please dont….I cant take it…please I dont wanna cum yet…stop..o god please stop”.

Scott refused to stop, ignored her beating feebly at his head as he took her higher with pleasure. She arched her back and screamed a final time as she came, drenching him in her juices. He lapped them up the best he could, felt it drip down his chin as he licked. Lucy stood up and started looking for her clothes but Scott had other ideas. He grabbed her by her long dark hair and pushed her down onto the bed on her hands and knees, heard her whimpering but ignored it. He pulled her up on her knees and spoke quietly in her ear. “You may as well stop struggling sweetheart, your not going anywhere. You might think your done with me but Im no where near done with you. Thought you could tease me and the just leave me with this hard on you dirty little slut? I dont think so. Im going to make you sore as hell sweetheart and Im going to enjoy doing it. Get
ready for me”.

Scott pushed her back down
onto the bed and pushed the tip of his cock against the swell of her pussy. “Are you ready for me Lucy?”, he asked caressing her ass. She whimpered again “Please Scott…dont…..dont hurt me.”

He leant forward and whispered “Too late”, he rammed his hard shaft deep into her tight asshole and grinned as screamed out against the pain. He held her head back by pulling her hair and fucked her ass hard, each stroke pushing deeper and deeper and feeling it tighter around his cock. Lucy screamed louder and louder as he plunged deeper into her and gasped as he pushed her down onto her stomach. He stopped before he came and pulled out, turning her over onto her back. “Suck it”, he said, his hands still wound tightly in her hair. “No Scott….please…..not that,” he could see tears making tracks down her face. “Do you want me to fuck your ass some more sweetheart? I can push harder than that, I was being gentle with you”, he answered pulling her head down towards his glistening member. Lucy saw she had no choice and opened her mouth, licking and sucking the tip as he plunged it past her lips. He carried on thrusting til he was almost ready to burst, stopping just before he shot his hot load into her mouth, he wasnt finished yet.

Scott pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down on her back again. He reached down and took an ice cube from the glass and ran it over her lips. She moaned at this new sensation and hoped he would let her be now. He traced it down her body from her mouth, over each breast swirling it over each erect nipple. Past her breasts and over her stomach, trembling in anticipation. He moved his body up onto hers and kissed gently at her breasts and neck, all the while moving the ice cube further down, letting it linger on her swollen clit. “I love fucking you hard”, he whispered in her ear as he rammed the ice cube deep inside her pussy followed by his solid cock and pushed hard. Lucy pushed up against him as her body spasmed and bit his shoulder as she orgasamed, her hot juices spilling out around his cock. He didnt let up for a second and continued to pump and thrust into her body as she laid spent after cumming so hard, she could feel the burning sensation from the ice cube deep inside her and Scott thrusting hard, heard his grunts of pleasure coming faster as his own orgasam was building. She could either start enjoying herself or she knew he would keep going. Decision made she reached around his neck and locked her hands, thrusting her groin up to met his as he slammed into her. She looked him in the face and saw his eyes widen in surprise as she licked her lips seductively. Scott began to pump faster as she ground her body against him, opening her legs further and locking them around his waist pulling him to her with every thrust.

He put his head down onto her shoulder and grunted loudly as he came, filling her tight little cunt with his seed. He could head her panting in his ear and still he spurted into her. When he finished he pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her. Lucy rolled over onto her stomach and licked his cum coating cock clean for him, feeling his hands massage her shoulders gently. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, sighing.

When she opened them she found him gone. On her bedside table was a note and a pile of £50’s. Putting the £50’s in her drawer she read “As beautiful as ever and one for my memories, see you when Im next in town sweetheart………………Scott.”

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