The Lost Journal of a Gasper

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…some say in pain you can find pleasure. But I say that they come from the same place…each being on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Its common knowledge that I am into the BDSM scene. It is much more acceptable now than ever before. I mean what’s a blindfold and a little bondage among friends…
I think that there are as many different turn ons as there are people. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? I feel what I feel.
There are very few taboos left and I find myself drawn to one that is very powerful and very addicting. It is also potentially dangerous but so are a lot of things I do. Maybe knowing that the danger exists just adds fuel to the fire. You know…danger + risk = thrill. I am talking about Erotic Asphyxiation…Breath Control Play…
If ever I am found in the tell tale position…bound by the neck with dick in hand. Know that I did not intentionally take my own life but that I did take the chance. For there is NOTHING to compare with the ultimate orgasm.
And all that is left to say is…What a way to go! *gasp* J.J.

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