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She is foreign in this land. She seems lost but thank God her aunt is there to accompany her wherever she wants to go. It was only a week after she had landed on this country. She is hoping that she can adapt to the environment sooner than she expects. Actually, she hopes the eerie feeling will be over.

Nerissa was very adamant that she would soon conquer this strange feeling of isolation and loneliness. She can never put up with the idea that she will be a victim of nostalgia and will just decide to go back to her own country. She will be successful here she vowed as she had been in her country.

Would she meet the man she had met in the chat room? The one she had been communicating with the past months? Would she have the courage to go one day and meet the man that triggered the interest in her to make love with a foreigner? Which she abhors before and considered impossibility because of culture differences? What has culture got to do with having sex anyway?

She hates to admit but one reason why she had decided at last to settle in this foreign country is that man. She wanted him so much and she wanted to have sex with him all night if that would be possible. She does not know if it is love but she knows she wants him so much. She can never forget the lovely times they talked over and over again in the net.

Nerissa feels the tingling again inside her. She feels hot again to think of the man and the day that they will meet. His name was Isis. He is working in this city of automotive industry. She was told that he is connected with one of the law firms in the main area. He is working as an advocate in that firm. He is a bachelor and living alone in his own pad in the downtown area in the middle of commercial buildings in the main area. Nerissa wondered if the area was the one she saw yesterday when she went downtown to buy some apparel before she starts work next week.

Aunt Estella called her attention and asked if she would like again to go downtown with her because she has to buy some groceries. Nerissa declined and told her aunt that she would rather basks at the portico of the house and indulges in the beauty of the sun for a while and then read a book in her bedroom. She tells herself that she would prepare for the job and would really want to make an impression to her boss. She has to prepare herself and relaxation will surely help her ease the tension that grips her heart. She would not want the strain be seen on her face. She has to look youthful and active and able bodied to perform work at its highest.

When Aunt Estella bid goodbye and left, Nerissa puts on her white mini shorts and pale blue tank top that exposed her belly and navel. She stretches on the wooden settee at the portico. While sipping her juice Aunt Estella had prepared, she was reminded of what Isis told her once during their chat in the net that he wanted to have her lower lips in between his upper lips and lower lips and would sip it. She feels wild about the idea and wonders if she would feel the same way if Isis was there for real.

She changed her position and laid on her stomach to forget about the crazy feeling. It is only past eight in the morning and she marvels about why she is feeling that way just thinking about Isis. But whatever effort she is trying now, the more the idea comes to her mind. Then she stood up and walked slowly to her room. Nerissa decides to just read a book to keep her mind busy and away from Isis.

Lying on the bed, she reached for her book, which was at the table beside. Starting to flip the page, Nerissa starts to read from the last chapter she left. And it read, “… and he wrapped a hand around the back of her right leg and urged the leg up until her knee was pressed against her chest. Then he pushed her left leg outward at a cocked angle. She was shocked at how this new position made her more accurately aware of his hard flesh throbbing inside her.” Oh… my! Nerissa could not stop thinking about Isis anymore and started to fantasize how sweet and relishing it would be to have it with him. Involuntarily, she slid her hand inside the gartered shorts and panty and felt her pussy. She is already wet.

She begins running her fingers on the labia of her pussy, slowly up and down. She moans softly at the beautiful sensation it is giving. Once again, she runs her fingers on the labia. Repeatedly doing it with her right hand, her left hand steadily holds down the gartered shorts and panty. She peeks at the mound of her pussy and was so titillated by the way it looks with its hairs all gathered towards the center, black and with little curls. She now runs her middle finger towards the center and feels around for the glory of her pussy. She finds the center of her pussy now welling up of its juices and enters the hole, which was so thirsty, and wanting to be impaled upon. She slides her middle finger inside and gasps at the burning sensation. Then she goes deeper to relish on the depth of her pussy. Nerissa squirms at the sensation and once again brings the middle finger up to dwell on the clitoris that wanted to be touched. She goes to the hood of the clitoris and makes circular motion on it, slowly at first then faster and faster until she could no longer stand the heat. She slides her two fingers inside and makes the up and down motion making her feel somebody is fucking her hard. She moans heavily and utters Isis name. She wriggles and pants deliriously as the climax approaches. It was like an explosion and her pussy wells up again with so much juice.

Tired and spent, Nerissa lies on the bed with arms on her pillow. How could she have done this so early in the morning? She laughs at the spur of the moment. She laughs at her wanting so much of Isis. She tells herself to stop the craziness because it might not do her good being obsessed with somebody she has not seen yet and is still a stranger to her.

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