The Work Place (8)

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Chapter Eight

The next day was Angie’s first day on the job. She eagerly jumped out of bed and started to get ready. Today was no ordinary first day at work—today was her first day to work with Michael Riles. Remembering what she had experienced the day before, Angie recalled that Michael had said he’d “Ask again next time.” Smiling, she put on the flimsiest, laciest lingerie she owned. The set was black lace with blood-red trimming—very hot.

Going to work, however, it was not appropriate to wear what she’d usually wear when she was trying to attract some attention (her shortest micro-mini, and her tightest top with a deep, plunging neckline). Instead, Angie grabbed another button-down, collared top and wore a curvy black blazer on top. She pulled on a knee-length, black A-line skirt, and slipped on a pair of dark leggings—the kind that only reached up to her thighs, not all the way to her butt. On her feet were a pair of shiny, black, closed-toe heels.

Fifteen minutes later, Angie was stuck in morning traffic. Taking this as a time to relax for a few seconds, she closed her eyes and relived the harrowing yet gratifying experience she had with Michael and his three… whatever-you-call-’ems. She imagined the way his hands glided across her body, the way his lips grazed upon the most sensitive parts of her skin, the way his tongue expertly explored her private folds… Just thinking about him made her feel extremely hot all of a sudden.

Unable to control herself, she gripped the wheel tightly in her left hand, and slipped her right one down her skirt. She traced her finger along the inside of her slit, closing her eyes and throwing her head back. She breathed a soft sigh and rubbed harder. She stuck the tip of her middle finger into her wet hole, moistening it. She pulled out and rubbed her clit, slowly at first, and getting faster. She soon felt the urge to cum, and to cum hard and fast.

Angie bit her lip and sucked on it. She moved her finger from her clit and shoved it into her vagina. She pulled in and out, in and out, going faster and faster. As she was about to climax, she added another finger and pressed on the upper wall, which always made her cum really hard. She pressed again and again, rubbing faster and faster along that upper wall.

As her orgasm started, the car behind her honked, and she startledly pulled her hand from her panties and started the car. She stiffly controlled the wheel. She felt the cum surge out of her and wet her panties thoroughly. It came out long, hard, and fast. As she ended, she couldn’t keep it in any longer and screamed aloud. “Auhh!”

Angie reached another stoplight and leaned heavily against the wheel. Until now, she still felt the urge to cum. Every time her legs moved, her clit would be very slightly nudged, and even this tiny flick would make her legs shake. She was definitely very far from finished for the day.

Pulling into the driveway of Ketel & Kline, Angie parked and killed the motor. She took a pack of tissues from the back and wiped off the thin film that had covered her fingers. Straightening out her clothes, she stepped out of the car, legs still shaking from the pressure her clitoris felt every time she took a step. She finally reached the shiny glass doors and stepped inside.

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