Wanked on her as she slept

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I came home late from work one night to find a couple of empty wine bottles on the kitchen table.My wife’s friend Caroline often comes over for a few drinks.I went to the room and saw my wife fast asleep in bed so I figured I’d watch TV in the sitting room.As I got closer I could hear snoring,when I opened the door I found Caroline sound asleep in the arm chair.I tried to wake her but to no avail.Caroline is a very attractive woman,28years old,short blond hair,slim build and 38DD tits you can’t keep your eyes off.As she was so drunk and I couldn’t wake her I figured I’d have a little fun.Slowly i pulled her low cut top down just enough to expose her perfect breasts.They felt so good as gave them a little squeeze.Caroline didin’t budge so I took things a little further.I pulled out my 8inch hard cock and started to wank it while sliding my hand up her skirt to feel her moist pussy.She didin’t wake but was obviously enjoying it as she gave a slight moan of pleasure.Her mouth was slightly open so I nudged the tip of my cock into her mouth and continued to wank it.Caroline continued to snore as I lifted her hand and wrapped her fingures around my dick and used it to jerk me off.I couldn’t take much more so I pulled my cock from her mouth and shot my load of cum all over her tits.She still never stirred as I pulled her top back over her cum covered tits.I left her there and went to bed.The next morning I got up and Caroline had left.I still don’t know if she has realised what happened that night

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