Watching his Strokes

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I don’t suppose this story is too intricate, and doesn’t contain twists and turns, but think of it as a journal entry from a woman who loves to fuck.
Freddy and I had only been on two dates so far, and we’d already had some pretty nice sex. But last night, he surprised me with something so simple I’d never thought of it before. But damn did it get me going.
We got back to my place about 11:30 and watched an action movie. There was a brief but very steamy sex scene in the film, filled with grunts and moaning and gasping – all the things that would make a man hard or a woman wet. We both traded sly glances at each other while the sex scene was going on, and scooted a little closer. When the movie was over, I asked Freddy if he wanted something to drink.
“I’ll get us something from the kitchen,” I said.
“Take your time,” Freddy said.
I went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of red wine. What happened next shattered any possible tension in the air.
Freddy was lying on the leather couch, completely naked, his clothes draped over the coffee table. Not only that, but his able cock was standing at attention, hard. And what was this? Freddy was stroking himself.
I got butterflies in my stomach as I watched his hand wrap around his thick cock, jerking himself off. I sat on the arm of the couch and watched him masturbate; I was totally hypnotized by the rhythmic strokes.
I took a sip of my wine and noticed the head of his cock beginning to drool precum. I was completely aware of my own wetness when he used his fingers to lube up his dick with his own juices. Freddy’s eyes never left me as he continued to masturbate. I was so fucking overcome with horny emotion, knowing it was me he was stroking himself to.
I took another, bigger gulp of wine and knew I couldn’t go any longer without physical stimulation to match what Freddy was feeling. I couldn’t let him have all the fun. Freddy was already beginning to breathe heavily as if he were ready to erupt, and his moans and grunts drove me over the point of no return.
Before I knew it, my dress was on the floor, I was straddling his cock and shoving both fists in his face. He bit down on my knuckles as I gritted my teeth, vigorously bouncing up and down on his stiff, thick cock. Freddy gripped my hip with one hand and squeezed my left tit with the other.
Riding him with such fury, I dug my nails into his chest. A few more minutes of playing horny cowgirl and I was cumming. My pussy tightened around his rock-hard unit and an orgasm tore through me. A loud cry of pleasure escaped my mouth and my body felt its release.
Freddy used his strength to lift me off of his cock as he burst, sending a splash of warm cum onto his chest.
I collapsed on top of him, and we lay there, sweaty, breathing hard, and cemented into the leather couch, me in his arms.
Later, we showered in silence. As I stepped out, I softly said to him “Thank you.”
Freddy kissed my neck and said “Next time, I get to watch you.”

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