Week-end at the Beach – Saturday morning

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The sunrise coming up over the water was a beautiful way to wake up. In a room made with glass walls in a setting as beautiful as this, it is impossible to waste the day away in bed. She got up and went to use the bathroom. The stickiness she found on her thighs reminded her of her dance from the night before. How exciting it had been when she found him on her deck, watching her, captivated by her and cumming with her. He was cute too and she hoped to see more of him over the week-end. The air was hot and smelled strongly of the flowers sprouting everywhere. A gentle, constant breeze drifted in the open window and as it touched her body, she thought again of the previous night. She turned on the shower and stepped into the cool stream. She was trying to clear her mind and get ready for the day ahead but even the movement of the shower curtain was bringing back sensations she felt the night before when the canopy was blowing in the breeze. She reached for the body wash and started to smooth the slippery liquid over her body. She closed her eyes, leaned against the wall of the shower and sighed as her hands settled on her large, firm breasts. She soaped her nipples and took a long time squeezing them between her thumb and forefinger. She twirled and twisted them until they were hard and standing out from her ample breast. She rinsed the soap away and lifted her left nipple to her mouth. As she bit down on it she felt the first twinge of pleasure in her pussy. She didn’t want to rush, after all, she was on a mini vacation. She continued to tease her left nipple with her fingers as she slowly lifted her right tit up to her greedy lips. She licked around the stiff nipple before flicking the tip of it with tongue. She kneaded and squeezed her breast as her mouth continued to torture her nipple. The cream started to drip from her steamy box as she bit hard on her tit. She released her nipple and allowed her hands to slowly glide over her body, slick with soap until they reached her dripping honey pot. Her clit was already stiff and protruding from her body. Not just wanting attention but demanding it. She breezed over it, teasing herself, and feeling an instant need for more. She bent at the waist and started washing her legs. She started at the ankle and slowly inched her way up until she reached her sticky thighs. She took time to rub her thighs and around her box. She wanted to get clean and get off but was in no hurry for either. She got a little more soap and lifted one leg to the side of the tub. She put her head back and her eyes settled on her ‘personal massager’. How could she have forgotten that she packed that little gem. She reached out of the shower and grabbed the big, hard rubber cock. She smiled as she thought of all the orgasms that dependable tool had given her, yes, definitely worth the money. She twisted the end and the rod began to vibrate. She pushed it gently against her nub and the magic started. She immediately began quivering as her body responded to the toy. She had already spent time on her clit though and wanted more. The dildo was dry and she needed to lube it up. She rubbed it down with the body wash and when it was good and slick she pushed it hard into herself. She moaned as it hit her G spot and her head started to spin. She thought it might be better to kneel in the tub and let the shower pound on her back as her toy pounded on her pussy. She stopped slamming her hole long enough to change positions but withdrawing the tool from her hot spot even for that long was hard to do. She got on her knees and reached behind herself with her pleasure pal. It was only a matter of seconds since she had stopped but her pussy sucked that rod in like it had been empty for a lifetime. With one hand busy pushing and pulling the toy at her snatch, the other settled on her clit. First just rubbing in slow gentle circles but that did not last long. The orgasm that was creeping up inside of her was powerful and would not be held back for long. She grabbed hold of her clit and pinched and twisted it as much as she could stand, until the room went dark and her body started shaking – all she could hear was her own lustful moans & groans and the loud, wet noises coming from between her legs as she continued driving the indispensable rubber cock into herself again and again. When she couldn’t move anymore and she was totally satisfied, she rolled onto her back and let the cool water wash away the heat she had been in. She stood, washed quickly and turned off the faucet. She put on her thin, silky robe and went to the kitchen. As she started the coffee and made some breakfast she thought about what she had been doing since arriving in this paradise. It was only Saturday morning and she had already given herself two of the best orgasms she could remember in recent history. She poured herself a cup of coffee and went to sit on the deck. There were already people setting up for a day in the sun. She noticed HIM on a blanket not far from her deck and smiled. Maybe it was time to have someone else join in her fun…..

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