What I Do To Me

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Mmmm guess what I’m doing right now. I’m sitting here at the computer, going to type to you what I do to me. I cant stop thinking about you. I keep thinking about your cock. How perfect it is. How big you are. How much its going to hurt and stretch me and my god i want that so bad. My pussy is so wet now. My breathing is irregular. My pulse is so fast. My eyes have dialated and are heavy and my nipples are so hard. My breasts feel full and heavy in my hands. I cant stop my hands from moving down to my pants, cupping my pussy thru my pants. Its so hot now.. and damp. I’m so wet for you my panties are soaked. I want you so bad right now. Wish I could feel that cock burried inside. I slide my hand down my pants and under my panties waistband. I move my fingers down till i feel… hot silky wetness. I’m so wet for you. My pussy so ready to have you slide inside me. I slip my fingers between my pussy lips. I sigh because it feels so good. My little clit is ready for your mouth. Its so sensitive and tiny. God it feels good to touch it. I roll my finger around my clit and I try to keep a moan inside. I move my finger lower and slip it inside. Oh my… i’m so hot. my pussy is so hot and wet. With one finger inside, I use my other finger to rub my clit. Tiny circular movements while I push my finger deeper and move it around too. God it feels good. my little clit is so sensitive. My baby toes curl up and I let my head fall back… still trying to keep my moans inside. I feel my nipples tingle they are so hard now. All my muscles are clenched… body is tense and I arch my back deep. It feels so good, what my hands are doing to my pussy. My hands are getting completely soaked now. My pussy is so ready for your cock. You would slide inside soooo good. I keep thinking about how that is going to feel, how your cock is going to stretch me… and I slip another finger inside and spread the two fingers apart and try to stretch my pussy. I stretch my fingers apart hard and think about how ur cock is going to stretch me… but my fingers are too little. It is not enough. I need more. I slide my hand back up and give my nipples a squeeze. Then, I slip my pants and panties down. I grab my newest toy… the glass dildo with the little balls on the end. It is heavy and cool to the touch. I know this is going to feel so good. My breath quickens with anticipation. I spread my legs wide and tilt my pussy up to recieve it. I close my eyes and open my mouth and let my toy slip inside. Oh God. I cant stop the moan and just the tiny cringe my body makes when I feel my toy stretch me. I love that feeling. It makes my pulse beat faster and faster. I want that feeling again so I pull my toy all the way out, spread my pussy lips farther and slip my toy back inside. Oh GOD… there it is again. That stretching feeling. I love that. My pussy juices are just flowing out now… dripping onto the floor. I push my toy deeper this time… feeling it move deeper inside me and I moan. It feels so heavenly. With my other hand I tentatively touch my clit. Just a tiny brush with my fingers. I moan and my pussy clenches tight around my toy. My nipples tingle more. My eyes are closed and my is head tilted back. I can feel my blood pump through me. Feel my body getting hotter… and I feel my cheeks begin to flush pink. I pull my toy back out all the way. I need that feeling again. I need to feel it stretch my virgin tight pussy again. I begin to rub my clit with my free hand and at the same time I slam my toy in and suck in a deep breath when i feel it penetrate and push so deep. My god it feels so good. I cant open my eyes and I move my head from side to side. I cant stop the moans that come out. I want more. I cant stop thinking about you and what you would do if u were here and could see me now. You would pound my pussy and pump it till you filled it up. So, I have to go faster and push it deeper and deeper. I feel my body clench as I rub my little clit in circular motions and push my toy in and out – in and out. Letting it fully slide out so I can feel that delicious stretching sensation when it slips back inside. My pussy is pouring juices even more than before. My hands are wet. Both of them. I can feel it running down between my ass cheeks. There’s a thought that makes my pulse beat faster and my breath quicken even more. Oh God if only I could feel that huge cock pound into my ass. I move my hands faster. I stroke my clit and I start to really thrust my toy deep… feeling it so deep inside. I clench my pussy muscles even more. Tt feels so good. The tighter I can make it the better. I cant stop my moans and little pants now. I cant stop thinking about how good it would feel to have that huge cock burried in my ass. To hear you pant and groan when you felt how tight I was. To feel you grow harder and bigger inside. The little screams and moans that would pour out of my mouth. The sounds of you pumping my ass hard. Like an animal. So wild and hot. The only thing you think about is cumming in my tight little ass. I can feel it. I can feel how soft and swollen my pussy is becoming. My heart beats so fast now. I cant open my eyes. I feel a huge cry building up inside. Its going to come out soon. I feel my toy as it pushes harder, finding that spot that i cant resist. It feels so good. I have images flashing through my head so fast. The things you say. How hard i make you, how bad you want me. How you want to rip my pussy apart. Oh I cant stop myself. I’m wiggling all over in my seat. Beginning to kick and push with my feet and I know I’m close. My cheeks are so hot now, my breath so fast. I can feel it building inside. I’m so close. I keep thinking about my ass. About how its going to hurt… and i want that. Oh God I want that feeling. Please give it to me. Thinking about it makes my pussy wetter. My god is that possible? Can I be any wetter than I all ready am? Oh but it feels so good. I rub my clit hard now… and fast. Mmmmm… i can feel it… every stroke my toy makes deep inside I feel it closer. My legs are wanting to kick wildly. I have my ass raised up, I keep pushing my feet down and resisting the thrusts with my toy. I’m so close. That scream that has been building up inside is ready to come out. Any second now. I think of how you are going to sound when you cum. Your growl. Your moan. Your pants. I think about hot cum filling me up inside and you still pumping me even after you cum. Oh I cant take it any more. I thrust my toy so hard so deep! I rub my fingers so fast! faster! harder! deeper. Again and again!! Yes!!! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I feel the heat! I’m there! I’m flying! I’m climbing higher and higher! I scream! Oh God it feels wonderful! Oh yes!!! I fuck myself while i cum! Please! Make it last! Oh please! I cant stop my hands. I’m still pumping my toy in and out – in and out and rubbing my clit! ohhh it feels so good! My cum is pouring out over my toy! I feel it and i moan and pant. Oh yes… Noo its fading… its fading… the high is coming down… but still i move my toy in and out. Slowing my movements. Slowing the speed of my fingers. Slower and Slower… till I barely move my toy in and out.. its over. I’m falling down now. My pulse still beats fast… but my body has slowed. My cum still pours out and runs down. I leave my toy inside. I slide my fingers over my wet pussy… I bring my wet fingers to my lips and I taste. It is good. I love the taste. I rub a wet finger over my lips. Its so warm. I flick my tongue out and lick it off. I move my hand back down and grab my toy. I pull it out and bring it to my lips. It is so hot. My pussy is so hot inside. I slide it over my lips and tongue until it cools. Making sure I lick off all my cum and only then do i lay it at rest on my chest. I move my fingers back down and cup some more cum in my hands. I lick my hands and suck all my cum off. Its so warm and it tastes so good sliding over my tongue. I like it. I think about you… wonder if you will lay there and smile while I eat my cum… and yours… I wonder if u’ll join me. I lick and slurp my cum until there is n
e left. I lay there and feel my pulse slow. My breathing return to normal. I’m so tired now. So sleepy. I think of you and smile. I cant wait till you can watch me. I cant wait till you sit and tell me what to do. I want you to take pictures. I want you to film. I want you. My eyes get heavier and heavier. My smile fades and my eyes close. as i begin to drift off i think about you once more. I wish I could curl up with you and feel your heartbeat too… watch you drift off to sleep with me thoroughly dicked. My last thought as my body falls into darkness is how much I cant wait to tell you what I’ve done… while you were gone.

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