Who Needs Dr. John's?

I looked around the office today for something to fuck myself with. No, there’s nothing wrong with my fingers, but after 8 months of celibacy, I was afraid I might be a candidate for the convent, and I wanted my pussy filled desperately. Immediately!
After much horny prowling and searching, and contemplating every man that walked through the door, I finally found something to make do with….
I eyeballed the marble paperweight with some trepidation, then with a shrug went to the sink and washed it thoroughly with soap and water, and returned with it to my desk. It was cylindrical in shape, about 2 inches across, and 7 inches long, with one flat side, black marble with gold veining, and I set it on my desk and stared at it for a moment feeling silly, but still desperately needy.
Looking out the glass door, I made a decision and turned the music on, hoping for just enough time to myself to get the job done. Leaning back in my chair I pushed my sopping panties aside beneath my skirt and slowly slid it into my grasping pussy.
Aahh!!! God, I’d missed that full feeling!! I slid it in and out of my pussy, flexing my cunt muscles to help suck it in and push it out. Just as I’d get close to that edge, the damned phone would ring, and I’d have to slow my breathing and heart rate down, and talk calmly to the insensitive lout on the other end for a few minutes while my twat squeezed and released the marble pillar still buried inside me.
By the fourth call and fourth time of just missing my peak I was getting truly frustrated and worse yet, teetering on the edge of an orgasm that I knew would go off just by a mere shifting of my makeshift dildo, and I didn’t want a phone call ruining my orgasm!
I made an “executive decision” not to answer the phone ’til I was finished, and with one eye on the unlocked glass door fifteen feet in front of my desk, I began to slide the dildo in and out of me, fingering my protruding clit with each stroke, breathing hard, and nearly jerking out of my chair with each stroke it felt so good. The phone rang and I ignored it, determined to get off before I got back on duty.
My hand was flying, with the paperweight squishing in and out of my cunt, which nearly refused to release its suction with each stroke. As I got closer to my orgasm I bit my lip to keep from moaning too loudly (or potentially screaming, it felt so damn good!!), and my ass scooted farther and farther to the edge of my chair, following that pillar of pleasure and the thumb that was rubbing and jiggling my love button ’til I shook all over.
Out of the corner of my eye I caught a flash of grey hair coming up the steps just as I exploded, cumming hard with a jerk, legs twitching, and body spasming just hard enough to knock my rolling chair out from under my ass, and land me on the floor, where I sat, wracked by aftershocks, as the boss came walking in the door.
Seeing just the top of my head behind my desk, naturally, he asked if I was alright, and started around the desk. I surreptitiously rolled the paperweight across the carpet, trying to dry my juices from it as I shakily stood and laughed, saying that I missed my chair. He grabbed my elbow and helped me into my chair, then leaned down in front of me to pick up the paperweight, handing it to me with a laugh and telling me I should be more careful.
With my wet pussy still dripping with joyous release, I eyeballed him, considering how he might react if I unzipped his pants right there and then and sucked him off. He waved his hand in front of my face, and asked again if I was alright, and I realized I’d been staring in a daze. With a guilty blush I waved him off, trying not to stare at his ass as he walked away. I guess this means I’m probably not going to be able to make it another eight months now….

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  1. swagsta

    Good story, good writing ,keep up the good work

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