Passing me by

This is my first sex story on here, please bear with me. For purposes of anonymity, I’m going to call myself Erica.

On a warm, summer Friday evening in the small town where I live at, I was sitting at the park, patiently, a little sad. Quite frankly, I hadn’t gotten any in a while, and I was really getting very horny. I loved to masturbate, and did it quite often. But, I had no one to do it with, and I was getting needy of someone to fuck. I was smoking a cigarette, watching the kids play in the park.

Then a young man walked to the park. He must have been about 21, 22 years of age to my near-25 years of age. He was probably the most gorgeous man you could ever meet. Looking at him, his boyish face, his muscled body, you would never have known that inside his head laid the wisdom of an old man. I looked over in his direction, then turned away again, puffing on my cigarette. I wasn’t sure what he thought of me if I looked at him for a longer time than I had, but I know I was expecting the worst.

Then, as the sky turned dark, and the little kids went inside, I knew I was alone. Or at least I thought I was alone. I then turned, and there was this young man, standing over me. He must have been about six feet tall to my five feet seven inches in height.

“Can I sit here?” he asked me.

“Sure,” I replied, about to stand up. I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to stay there and join him or if I was supposed to move to sit somewhere else. He looked at me, and shook his head, pointing to the exact same seat I was sitting in, or should I say on, since I had been sitting on a picnic table. He was pointing as if to say, “Don’t move.” Then he sat down next to me. And took my cigarette out of my mouth.

“Hey,” I said, “what are you doing?”

He pitched the cigarette far away from where we were sitting.

“That’s not the way to live life,” he said in a gentle tone of voice. “I was watching you while the kids were here, and I noticed you looking at me. But you didn’t come over,” he added. “Why?”

I looked at him and said, “Quite frankly, I’m kinda shy about talking to someone first. And especially when I’m not sure what they think of me.”

He shook his head. “Tsk, tsk, excuses. You were letting life pass you by, and if I hadn’t come over to talk to you, you would never have talked to me.”

I held out my hand. “I’m Erica,” I said.

He shook my hand. “I’m Luke,” he replied.

I stood up and reached in my back pocket for another cigarette, I was really nervous and felt I needed one. It was my armor. Then I felt a hand reach into my back pocket, beating my hand to the punch. Luke took out the pack of Marlboro 100s I had in my pocket, and the lighter I had tucked into my pack. He handed me the lighter while he crushed the pack of smokes.

“Erica, step on your lighter,” Luke instructed me.

I looked at him with a strange look on my face.

“Do it,” he said with a calmness in his voice. I stood up from my seat on the picnic table and placed my lighter on the ground. Then I stomped on it as forcefully as I could to get it to break. After about four whacks, I finally broke my lighter. Luke seemed pleased with my handiwork as he stayed seated. Then I sat back down, and started shaking–I must have had some nicotine habit, and Luke and I had destroyed my lifeline.

Luke looked at me while I was shaking, and I tried to take deep breaths. Next I knew, he was gone–that is until I felt hands massaging my back. I leaned my head down, to give him better access to my neck area. I could feel my womanhood getting wet, really wet. I could feel the nipples on my size 42D breasts poke through the fabric of the T-shirt I was wearing. I could also feel Luke’s breath on my neck and his legs on each side of my own, as my breath quickened. The next thing I knew, my breasts were being freed from their bra, and being manipulated. I was almost about to jump, it had startled me, but Luke was saying, “Shh, it’s okay.” So I stayed seated, but the more he teased my big breasts, the hotter and wetter I got down there in my sex well. The way we were sitting, there was no way I could get to Luke’s big cock, which was already throbbing in his pants–and he wouldn’t let me.

Finally, we snapped back to reality as we saw some people walking, and even one coming up the steps to the park. I hooked my bra back together, and then stood up. Luke stood up with me.

“Come on,” he said, taking my hand, “let’s go someplace more private.”

I had to agree, as I said, “Let’s go to my place. I live near here.”

A boyish smile lit up Luke’s face as he agreed to my plan. Then we made a beeline to my apartment, which was not far at all from the park. I took out my key and unlocked the door. Then I invited Luke inside, and since it was still very hot outside yet, I turned on the fan. I also went into the kitchen to get two cups of water while Luke was sitting on the couch. I went back out to the living room to hand one cup of water to Luke while I held the other cup of water in my hand, taking intermittent gulps from it. Next thing I knew, his shirt had come off of him, and I dipped a couple fingers into my water. I turned to Luke, and smiling, I trailed my damp fingers down his bare chest. This act turned me on, and I leaned over, turned his head to mine, and started kissing him. I thank God I had gum here, because I was chewing a piece now, to eliminate the odor of cigarette smoke from my mouth. Luke kissed me back, his tongue slipping inside my mouth, playing with my tongue. I had to keep from giggling as he found the piece of gum I had been chewing on. My nipples were growing hard again, and they were straining against the shirt I was wearing. It was time to do something about that. So I lifted my shirt up over my head, and took it off. Then I undid the hooks of my bra and off it came. While we were kissing, Luke pulled me closer to him, my newly-bared breasts pressing against his bare chest. My nails were growing out and I raked my hands down his back. I wasn’t sure if I was hurting him or not, but from the way he moved, and the way he still kissed, it must have felt good to him. We broke the kiss, and I kissed down his chest, then his stomach, until I found the button and the zipper of his jeans. Then I undid the button and the zipper, exposing his boxers. I pulled down Luke’s boxers and exposed his eight-inch dick, which I then proceeded to stick into my mouth. I moved my tongue around his shaft taking care to hit every inch of it. While I was licking his shaft, I was playing with his balls. Luke groaned in ecstasy as he looked down at me working my magic on his private area. I rolled my eyes upward to look at him while I bobbed up and down on his cock. He put his hands on my head firmly as I sucked on him like a woman possessed. The more I licked and sucked, the faster he moved his hips from my suction and my saliva both. Finally, Luke shot a big load of jizz in my mouth, which I swallowed all of. I was still very much wet as I licked a little more before Luke stopped me, then pulled me up to my feet.

“My turn,” he whispered into my ear as he laid me down on the floor of my living room. I had no idea what he meant at first, but as soon as I felt hands lightly pinching and kneading my breasts and lips kissing my collarbone first, then I realized what Luke had meant by “my turn.” It was his turn to give me pleasure. I was getting more and more wet as he lightly pinched my nipples. Then he moved up to kiss me one more time. I kissed back, having swallowed my gum with his load of come. My back was getting a little uncomfortable with my shoulderblades taking the big brunt of the hardness on the floor, but I didn’t care at this point. I just wanted his lips on me and his tongue inside me, tasting me. Luke kissed down my chest and my stomach in the same way I had done to him, finding t
he button and the zipper to the jeans I was wearing. He undid those, then pulled down my
jeans to reveal a satin, lacy, pastel thong. Luke removed my thong, to reveal my very wet, clean-shaven pussy. He stuck his mouth on my already engorged clit, lightly nibbling on it, and moving two long fingers into my very tight sex mound. I could already feel my juices starting to flow, just not out of me yet. As he probed my G-spot, I writhed my hips, it felt too good to me. Then I bit my lip, already feeling the first wave of orgasm starting to take over me. I didn’t want Luke to stop, but I was shaking as I tried to contain my orgasm. Finally, I could absolutely no longer keep it in, and I let myself go with an earth-shattering orgasm, as I felt my juices rush out of me. Luke’s mouth was over my slit swallowing everything I had for him. I never came down from my orgasm from the oral sex he had given me before I felt the long, thick cock penetrate my very tight hole. My legs were now up and my feet were almost resting on Luke’s shoulders as he was first gently and slowly pumping his cock in and out of me, then faster as my hot snatch grabbed him even tighter. I could tell he wanted to bust a nut right then and there, but he knew he had to hold on as we traded places. I was now on top of Luke as I guided his still very hard pole into my tight, wet, waiting pussy. Then I sat down on it slowly as I started rocking on it, and leaning down on Luke, kissing him again. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I moved faster on his shaft. Then I felt his relatively long nails scratch into my back. I was shocked to find out that this actually felt good to me, and we moved to the same rhythm. Finally, it was time to switch positions again, and now I was on the floor on my hands and knees into my favorite position–doggy style. Luke guided his hard shaft into me, as I could feel his balls start to pound against my cunt. We moved to the same rhythm as he cupped his hands on my breasts again. Finally, I was reaching my second climax, and he was too. Actually, Luke had been trying to hold in his own orgasm until I had begun to orgasm again. Then we came together, and laid down on the floor, exhausted, and happy, Luke kissing my back, and observing the scratch marks he had made into my back. Then he said as coherently as he could considering we had just had an orgasm together: “Thanks for having me over, Erica. If you want to do this again, I don’t live very far at all from you. Just come over, I’ll let you in.”

“Thanks, Luke,” I answered.

We stood up, and I found a piece of paper and a pen. I gave Luke my address and phone number, and he wrote his address down for me. Then he got dressed, and kissed me again. As Luke left, I slowly got dressed, wondering how on Earth he and I had managed to find each other. All I know is, we have trouble staying at home without the other, and keeping our clothes on.

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    this was really good, get yourself off while reading this

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