Teaser Or Pleaser? Part 3

I relished the long moments of being buried completely in her warm body before feeling the need to move. Slowly I eased back before once again sliding fully into her depths. Sleeping beauty began to stir and move with me. Her eyes never opened as she continued to murmur and moan softly in her slumber.  Reassured she wouldn’t awaken, I leaned back into the twisted bed clothes and closed my eyes, drifting into an erotic dream of my own.

Reclining under a full moon she lie naked but for flowers in her long hair. Soft breezes rustled through the palms. With the warm ocean lapping at her toes she awaited the arrival of her native lover. I watched as he caught site of this lush beauty and approached. Entreating arms reached toward him as their bodies came together. Was I in her dream or was she in mine. I began to flow into her. Not in hurried passion but a slow languid release, my rich seed filled her as she shuddered softly. Her gorgeous almond shaped eyes opened slightly. With a slight smile gracing her lips she glanced back, before once again drifting into slumber. Even in my dreams I’d never met such a woman I thought, as the blackness enveloped me.

Daylight streaming through the window awakened me as she continued to sleep, our limbs still entangled. Urgently needing to use the bathroom, I reluctantly slipped from between her warm thighs leaving her dozing softly into the pillow. Upon returning I looked down with amazement at this unbelievably beautiful creature sprawled across the rumbled white sheets. Tousled black hair splayed on the pillow framed her gorgeous face. She must have felt me watching as her eyes opened, a knowing smile crossing her lips. My cock began to stir with excitement.

Placing both hands on her hips they seemed to rise toward me, her head remaining on the pillow. Pressing my face between her ass cheeks I began to lap at her wet sex.

“I’m ready, baby,” she squealed, wiggling her hips back into my face.

Wasting no time, I slipped full length into her and began long slow strokes as she cooed and mewed into the pillow. Blood rising, she entreated me to go faster.

“Take me baby. Oh yes, take me, pound me with your wonderful cock!” she cried, arching back into me in a strong climax.

Without the urgent need of release I continued to stroke deeply as she convulsed, cumming again and again beneath me.

“I need a break, sweetie,” she finally cried weakly.  I relented my assault and went into the bathroom for a drink of water.

When I returned she was on the phone with her husband, ass still invitingly in the air. Crawling into position at her slick entrance I plunged inside, drawing a sharp intake from her lips.

“Yes,” I heard her reply breathlessly into the phone. “Oh Yes, he’s all the way in me baby. His cock is so big. Oh God, he’s really filling me!” she cried.

No longer love making, this was just pure lust.

“Pound me Mikee, pound me!” she screamed into the phone as I serviced her grasping cunt.

“What?” she inquired. “All right, honey,” she said, reaching back between her legs she wrapped a warm hand around my balls pulling me into her.

“Oh God, take me, take me!” she screamed with a ragged voice. “Yes, Yes, I love your big cock!”

Knowing her husband was listening and maybe giving instructions sent me over the top. With a long groan I came hard, shooting stream after sticky stream.

Her voice started to shutter as she hollered mindlessly in a low pitched quaking voice, “Oh God, I can feel him shooting into me baby. Oh God, he’s filling me. I want it. I want it. Oh yes fill this hot pussy, fill this pussy, fill me, fill me!”

Collapsing forward limply with me lying exhausted across her back, she passed out once again. Head on the pillow beside hers I heard, “Honey, honey are you still there?”

Withdrawing my now limp tool from her overflowing pussy, I rolled off her sweaty back exhausted, and listened to her even breathing as I fell asleep.

When I awoke, Lani was wrapped in a pareo, wandering aimlessly around the room with a far away look in her eye.

When she saw me watching she smiled and said, “You whooped me good, Mikee. I can’t feel my toes.”

Seeing she needed direction, I suggested a warm bath as we both could use one. After filling the large circular tub and adding bubble bath supplied by the hotel, I stepped in and settled with my back against one end.

“It’s ready, baby,” I called out.

She entered with her long black hair twisted atop her head and began to unwrap that gorgeous body before my suddenly hungry eyes. Seeing how unsteady she was from the past nights (and mornings) amorous activities, I extended a hand to help her step into the warm sudsy water. Leaning back into my chest I began running my hands over her heavy breasts, paying particular attention to her long nipples which immediately sprang to attention.

“Uhhh, your big hands feel good, sweetie,” she cooed, warming to my touch.

My cock began to harden against her cheeks. “Looks like somebody’s awake,” I said, lifting her around her waist and helping lower her onto my shaft.

“Oh Mikee, you’re ready for me,” she moaned as I sunk once again into her depths.

She sat motionless on my hard cock, leaning back and kissing my neck, as I continued to soap her breasts. The water partially supported her weight as she slowly rode up and down my shaft. God her pussy felt good wrapped around me. We moved to the center of the big tub and after slipping free she turned around to face me. Placing her hands on my shoulders she straddled my hips and lowered her wonderful cunt back onto me. By now she fit me like a glove. Laying her head on my shoulder she raised and lowered herself on my long shaft, mewling and nibbling on my ear.

“Uh Mikee, your cock feels sooo good in my pussy,” she sighed. Unable to restrain myself any longer, my cream pumped into her depths as she moaned in ecstasy.

I was completely spent and it was apparent she was in no condition for today’s planned threesome. In addition, there was no way I was going to face her husband after all the things I’d enjoyed with his wife, even with permission. I feigned a call about a family emergency and reluctantly excused myself, saying I was sorry. Sorry I had to return this gorgeous creature back into the arms of her lucky husband.


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