At the Hot tub, Again

After our last trip to the coast, we just couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we’d had with young Eric in the hot tub and how turned on we both had gotten. We have reminisced about the experience many times since that trip and always have amazingly hot sex when we start talking about it. We couldn’t wait to take another trip and see if we could recreate a similar scenario. Well, we did take that trip and you’ll never believe what happened…

After we arrived and checked into our hotel, we headed to our secret beach, got naked (of course), and took a few pictures; this always gets the juices flowing for us. Like our previous trip, we went to our favorite restaurant.  Amber wore no panties, as usual, and this time she wore a very sheer see-through top with a sweater over it, making it easy for her to flash me and the waiter her extremely fine breasts. As dinner went on, we had a few drinks and got more and more excited as Amber teased the waiter and me with peeks at those phenomenal tits.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were both ready to head for the outdoor hot tubs and see what opportunities might present themselves. Of course, we were both hoping that the hot tubs would top off another perfect getaway to the coast.

We were happy to see that the adults-only tub was now up and running and Amber was even happier to see that there were a couple of young guys in it. One of the other tubs had a family using it, but they left shortly after we arrived and there was a young couple in the third hot tub.

Amber glanced at me, smiled, and whispered that she thought this might be lots of fun. I immediately got a rush to the head of my cock and could not wait to see what she had in mind. Amber asked the two men in the tub if we could join them, and of course they said yes. I wasn’t sure what she was wearing under her swimsuit cover up, but I was pleasantly surprised when she untied and dropped it to the deck. She was wearing a very sheer, white thong bottom and a small see-through bikini top. She stood on the deck for a minute, giving the two guys enough time to take in her gorgeous body. They tried hard not to stare, but couldn’t pull their eyes away. Eventually, they looked over at me, probably expecting me to be offended that they were ogling my wife. Instead, I smiled at them and raised my eyebrows as if to say, “Beautiful, huh?” When they saw that I didn’t mind, they turned their attention back to Amber.

By now, she had turned around with her back to them and was bending over to pick up her swimsuit cover up and drape it across the deck chair. This movement gave all three of us a great view of her smooth, round ass.  Finally, she turned around and stepped into the hot tub, allowing the warm bubbles to slowly creep up her shapely legs, slim stomach, and lovely breasts.

We started some small talk with them, but it was obvious they couldn’t take their eyes off of Amber. I would say they were both in their thirties and each of them pretty well built. One, John, was married; the other, Robert, was single. They were both just traveling through.

After a few minutes, Amber raised her arms up, pulled her hair to the top of her head, and said that she was getting really hot. A split second later, she raised her body from the water and sat up on the edge of the hot tub. I was watching her in anticipation because I could tell she was about to do something daring; I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as she was out of the water, she said to John and Robert, “Do you mind if I take my top off?”

Not surprisingly, they hurriedly replied, “No, by all means go ahead!”

All three of us watched as Amber slowly and expertly pulled the string around her neck, then at her back, and let the bit of fabric slide down and off over her pert nipples.

It was easy to see she was getting turned on, because her nipples were getting increasingly hard. She reached up and rubbed them seductively with both hands, arching her back slightly and murmuring, “Ohhh, that feels better.” John (the married one) quickly mumbled that he better get back to his room as his wife was waiting for him. As he stood up to step out of the hot tub, he couldn’t help displaying his huge erection, straining to get out of his swim shorts. He just smiled, slightly embarrassed, thanked Amber, and went on his way.

After John’s hasty departure, Amber looked at Robert, “Too bad John couldn’t stay.”

Robert quickly—maybe a little too quickly—replied, “I don’t have anywhere to go.”

Amber, pleased with his positive response, reached down and adjusted her swimsuit bottom in such a way as to give Robert a clear view of her smooth, shaved pussy.

Robert looked quickly at me and gave me a tentative smile. Amber then slipped back down into the tub, just far enough to allow her beautiful round breasts to bob on the surface of the water. She looked directly at Robert and quietly asked, “You like what you see?”

With his mouth slightly ajar, Robert seemed too stunned to speak. Not missing a beat or losing eye contact, Amber slowly slid closer to him and, even more slowly, reached down to the front of his swimsuit.  His excitement was more than evident to her fingers as they slid around his increasingly hard cock. In a way, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but, then again, Amber was a woman full of surprises, and I was wondering what else I could expect.

I couldn’t see exactly what Amber was doing under the water, but it was obvious by the hungry look on his face that Robert was enjoying whatever it was.  As for me, my cock was certainly enjoying the show as well. After several minutes of underwater teasing, Amber loosened her grip and moved to my side. Lips to my ear, she whispered, “I’m going to head back to the room, but you should stay here for a while and talk with Robert.” With that, she smiled sweetly at Robert and then proceeded to stand up and step out of the hot tub onto the deck.  Then, as our eyes followed her, she stepped out of her bikini bottom and dried off, giving us both a wonderful show as she slid the soft towel across her naked body.

After she left, I looked at Robert and asked him, “So, what do you think of Amber?”

“She is absolutely the sexiest woman I have ever seen and I can’t believe what just happened,” he blurted out.

I told him about our last trip to the coast, about the fun we had with Eric, and how Amber had really put on a show for him to watch through our hotel room window.  Then I told him that this time we were thinking about taking things a little further. His eyes got big and his eyebrows shot up as the hint of his involvement began to sink in.  I told him that we had fantasized many times about inviting a third person into our sex life, but had never actually gone through with it. “This,” I said with a grin, “might be the night. If you’re interested, you should stop by our room in about 30 minutes.” With that, I told him our room number, stood up, stepped out of the hot tub, and headed back to the room.

By the time I made my way back to Amber, I saw that she had changed into some lacy lingerie that had “diamonds” strategically placed. She had also applied sexy makeup with deep red lipstick, dark smoky eye shadow, and her look was beautifully topped off with strappy black 4” heels. She absolutely took my breath away. I moved closer and covered her sexy red lips with mine, letting her warm wet breath mingle with my own. I stopped long enough to tell her how the whole scene with Robert at the hot tub was getting my engine revved up.

“I’m, getting so turned on too!” she gasped as I reached down and touched her moist cunt.

“Just thinking about what happened at the hot tub and seeing you so turned on made me want to explode right then and there,” I said.

“Did you give Robert our room number, so he can watch through the window?” Amber asked with bright, hopeful eyes.

“Yea, I gave him our room number. But I invited him to stop by the room.“

At first Amber was stunned at the thought, but after we talked about some ground rules and a few possible scenarios, we both began to relax, and waited to see if he would actually show. We didn’t have to wait long before there was a knock on the door. We looked at each other and simultaneously took a deep breath. Amber motioned to me to stay seated while she rose and walked toward the door. Robert’s eyes about popped out of his head when he saw her.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked as she motioned for him to come in.

“Maybe just one, to calm my nerves,”  he replied with a grin.

I mixed each of us a good, stiff drink.

“Have a seat… relax,” Amber said as Robert moved toward one of the overstuffed chairs.

After enjoying our drinks and a bit of small talk, Amber stood up and put some music on. She walked back over in front of Robert and started to dance very slowly and seductively.

“I’m really glad you decided to drop by Robert.  Our fun in the hot tub got me really horny.  How about we get things started?”

Not waiting for a response, she walked over to me, took my hand and led me to the middle of the room in front of Robert. She slowly caressed me with the length of her body and proceeded to remove my clothes…piece by piece. After a few brief moments, I was standing naked with a huge erection and Amber continuing to press against me.

Next, she slowly dropped to her knees with her face at perfect cock-level, and began stroking my shaft and fondling my balls. She looked at Robert again, keeping eye contact with him as she slowly slid my cock deep into her mouth.

“Do liked watching me suck this big cock?”  she managed to say while licking and sucking my balls and cock. “Would you like me to do this to you?” she asked.

I looked over at Robert to see how he was reacting and spotted the obvious erection in his pants. Amber must have noticed it too because she stood up and walked over to Robert.

“Stand up,”  she ordered.  “I need to see that cock.”

When he did, she looked him in the eyes as she reached down and expertly unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, and pushed them down until they dropped to the floor. As soon as she did this, his huge young cock sprung out at her. Amber smiled with delight as she looked down at it.

“Ohhh, that’s nice baby…thick… and so hard.”

Her face grew more serious and hungry as she took in the impressive size of his manhood.  As if by uncontrolled impulse, she immediately reached down and caressed it with several strokes.

“Ooooh, that feels so good!  Do you like it when I stroke your cock?” she breathed, just inches from his lips. “Have you ever fantasized about fucking a hot MILF like me?”

“Oh, yes, baby!  But I never dreamed it would actually happen.”

“Well it’s going to happen tonight,” she said with a sly grin. “Now sit back down and let me watch you stroke that big cock.”

After watching him for a few seconds, she turned to me and I was thrilled to see she had plans to bring me back into the action. To my surprise, however, she first took a few steps back and began a slow and sexy striptease in front of Robert. When she had removed every last piece of lace and sliver of fabric, she walked over—thankfully still wearing her totally hot high heals—and lay down on her back on the bed. Her legs erotically parted, I could see her glistening lips and licked my own in anticipation.

Amber looked at me. “I’m so turned on right now!  Come over here and show Robert how to eat my pussy.”

That request made my cock immediately come to attention. As I dropped down and began to taste her beautiful cunt, I could see her glance over at Robert.  In her soft, breathless voice she encouraged him to keep stroking his big hard cock. After a few minutes, she sat up and instructed me to lie back on the bed. Moving between my legs, and still smiling at Robert, she lowered her mouth and began to torture my cock and balls with the pleasure of her slow wet strokes.

Moments later, facing Robert, she climbed up, straddled my cock and slowly lowered her wet pussy down the entire length of my, by now, rock hard cock. She proceeded as though she was riding a bucking bronco in slow motion, the whole time rubbing her tits, her eyes closed and her head tilted back.

Robert, in the meantime, was breathing harder and stroking away with his full attention on this amazingly erotic show.

A few minutes of this and I was about to explode. Amber sensed this, stopped, and let my cock slide out of the tightness of her pussy.  I watched with eager anticipation as she walked over to Robert.

He stopped stroking his cock as he watched Amber reach down to her now drenched pussy and then draw back fingers that were covered with her slippery juices.  Smiling in anticipation, she reached out and wrapped her slick fingers around Robert’s cock and began to slowly stroke.  She looked back at me with wild eyes.

“Come up here and fuck me from behind while I stroke Robert’s cock.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I jumped to my feet, positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her pussy. I moaned, eyes closed, as I grabbed her hips and began fucking her doggy style. When I opened my eyes, I was even more turned on (if that’s even possible) by watching her stroke and play with Robert’s rock hard cock.

I know from personal experience how much Amber loves to suck cock, but I was still pretty stunned to see that she would be willing and eager to go this far with a perfect stranger. She had her face just a few inches from his cock as she stroked it. She looked back at me.

“Do you like watching me play with Robert’s cock?”

Of course I said yes as I tried not to blow my load all over her ass.  “Do you want to suck it too?”  I asked her hopefully.

“I can’t tell you how much I want to suck this young hard cock!”  she said eagerly.

Without hesitation, Amber leaned forward and engulfed Robert’s cock with her mouth. Robert and I both groaned at the sight and I tried to hold off my load as I continued to pump her from behind.  She then changed the pace abruptly as she lightly kissed the tip of Robert’s cock and licked a big drop of cum that had managed to escape. Next she slowly licked up and down the shaft, all the while maintaining eye contact with Robert. The next time she licked up to the tip she paused and then took his entire manhood into her mouth, deep-throating his cock to the base.

The fire continued to build as she worked on his cock, sucking and stroking…and sucking and caressing his balls. Robert tilted his head back, gave a long moan, and thrust his pelvis up toward Amber’s eager mouth. It didn’t take long before Robert was beginning to tense up and show signs that he was about to erupt; watching Amber suck his cock was amazing and I too was about to explode. Robert finally managed to yell through clenched teeth, “I’m going to cum baby.”  Amber pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Stand-up and cum on my tits, baby!”

With that, I pulled out of her pussy and Robert stood up in front of her.  Amber continued to stroke and suck him until he shot a generous load all over her tits. Tits still dripping with cum, Amber then turned to me and began sucking my cock while Robert, weak-kneed, sat back down and watched.

“Where do you want me to cum baby?” I gasped.

“You know I love it when you cum on my face” she said. “Cum on my face for Robert.”

After only a few more seconds of her magical mouth and hands, I told her that I was cumming.  I quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and proceeded to shoot my load all over her face and in her mouth. Amber reached up, milked every last drop of cum from my cock and licked off every bit as my cock slowly went soft.

Amber looked at both Robert and me. “Now that I’ve taken care of both of you, I think it’s my turn.”

She lay down on the foot of the bed, spread her legs and began playing with her very turned on, wet pussy. “One of you needs to get over here and eat this pussy,” she said.

“I’ll show Robert how you like it,”  I volunteered. I motioned to Robert to get a little closer so he could get a good view.  He instantly got a second wind as he zeroed in on Amber’s beautiful cunt. If Robert’s cock getting rock hard again was any indication, it appeared he thought this was a great idea.

I knelt down and held Amber’s thighs gently, but firmly as wide as they would go.  As I licked and nibbled, sucked and caressed her cunt, Robert’s breathing got faster and his cock got harder and harder.

“Bring that nice cock up here a little closer Robert,” Amber invited.  She reached for his hard-on, stroked it, and drew it into her mouth while I ate her pussy.

After a while I looked up at Robert. “I think it’s your turn. Come down here and taste this sweet pussy.”

He pulled himself away from Amber’s eager mouth and moved down between her legs. Obviously a quick learner, Robert was getting Amber even more turned on and I could tell that she was getting close to cumming. This was the first time anyone other than me had had eaten that amazing pussy, and it was a totally erotic turn-on for both of us.

Robert looked at Amber. “Do you like the way I eat your pussy?”

“Oh yes, baby, lick my wet pussy. Don’t stop, I’m about to cum!” She reached down and grabbed the back of Robert’s head, pulling it tighter to her pussy, which in turn made him eat her more voraciously. The wild, uninhibited sounds of sexual release that came from Amber were enough to give every guy within earshot of our room an instant hard-on.

When the tension finally left her body, Robert stood up, stepped back, and sat back down in the chair.

Amber caught her breath and looked at me. “I need to be fucked now baby. Show Robert how to fuck this wet pussy!”

I could not believe the stamina of this woman, but I was absolutely rock hard from this show, so I had no problem accommodating her. Stepping between her legs, I thrust my cock into her pussy that, so soon after orgasm, was tighter and wetter than ever.

Amber was still pretty hot at this point, as was I. “How do you want it?”  I asked.

“Fuck me hard… give me that big cock!  Show Robert how I like it!”

Again, happy to please my lady, I began fucking her as hard and fast as I could.  Robert was sitting in the chair, watching yet another show, and stroking his cock back to life.  It only took a few more seconds and all three of us were cumming again.

As soon as the heavy breathing died down, Robert walked over and we all collapsed on the bed.  We lay there for about 15 minutes, no words necessary, as Amber fondled both of our soft cocks and we caressed her breasts.   Robert then broke the silence.

“This has been the craziest, most amazing experience of my life!” He then got up, got dressed and said that he had better get going as he had to get on the road bright and early the next morning.

As the door shut behind Robert, Amber and I continued to caress each other as we drifted off to sleep. The next morning we got up, showered, and went to breakfast. We couldn’t stop talking about what had happened the night before. We were both amazed and in a bit of disbelief that we had actually gone through with making our crazy fantasy a reality. Although we both agreed that the experience wasn’t something we were interested in doing all the time, we still thought it might be kind of fun to push that envelope once in a blue moon…especially if that blue moon was shining over a particular hot tub.


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