Diary Of A Shared Wife

My husband wrote about our first sharing adventure in “Sharing Lani for the first time.” Hi, I’m Lani. I thought you might like to hear what it’s like being shared from a wife’s point of view. First a little about me. I was born and raised in Hawaii. I’m Hawaiian Filipino with light brown skin and brown, slightly slanted “cat eyes”.  I have black hair to the middle of my back and large breasts with long brown nipples, pierced with tiny gold rings at my husband’s request. I’ve always been particularly proud of my tiny waist and full okole. I guess you could call me a Polynesian bombshell. Prior to settling down I was kind of a party girl. I had my share of men, preferring executive types. After a while my hedonistic life began to stale and I longed for a stable long term relationship with a nice guy. I finally found a wonderful man who was everything I was looking for. A true gentleman from a conservative background. I didn’t hide my past from him. In fact, he liked hearing about my escapades, especially during love making.  After a beautiful courtship, we married and I finally felt complete.

Imagine my shock when after about three years of marital bliss he revealed his secret desire for me to take a lover. He couldn’t explain why, but revealed he’d had this secret fantasy locked away for years. After determining he wasn’t trying to get rid of me or wanting another woman, I tentatively agreed. It was six months before the right man came along. “Mikee” (my pet name for him) was tall with graying hair and a mustache. He was quite handsome with a trim athletic build and a nice tan. In addition he was a confirmed bachelor so I wouldn’t have to worry about emotional entanglements.

Mikee was a little taken aback when he asked if I was married and I replied that I was. But I quickly explained that my husband allowed me to have men friends. We met the next afternoon after work over cocktails and the chemistry was definitely there. I proceeded to explain what my husband and I had in mind. It felt strange, let me assure you, to be calmly setting ground rules for what was to become a torrid six year affair.  Since I was a married woman we would have to be discrete. During our relationship he could have no one other than me although he would obviously share me with my husband. In return, I agreed there would be no need for protection as I was using birth control. He readily agreed to all my conditions, dumbstruck at his good fortune.

The following encounter wasn’t our first time having sex, although it was early in our relationship when the animal attraction was strongest. Although I love my husband dearly, the passion I felt for Mikee was intense. I kept our encounters to just a few times a month so we would always look forward to our couplings with anticipation.

This particular night we met at a dimly lit, out of the way restaurant. Seated side by side, not too close just in case someone I knew happened to come in. As soon as we were seated I felt Mikee’s hand begin to slide up my warm naked thigh under the full skirt I was wearing.  Tingles ran up and down my spine as he inched closer and closer to my coozy. Already wet in anticipation and feeling extra naughty tonight, I reached under my skirt, dipping a finger into my wetness before smearing some on my lips and offering them up to be kissed. Mikee hungrily devoured my mouth, his tongue plundering its depths as his fingers inched under the edge of my panties.

With a husky voice he commanded me to remove my panties, to which I gladly complied. Raising my behind off the seat and slipping them down my legs, over my sandals and off. Offering them to him in a bunch, I expected he would put them in his pocket. Instead he placed them on the table in plain view. Alarmed, I tried to grab them but he moved them out of reach and once again slid his searching fingers into my wetness, causing me to forget all about the panties. That was until the waiter arrived with our drinks.

Upon spying the bright red lace thong and seeing Mikee’s hand under the table cloth, the waiter gave a  knowing smile and said, “I hope you enjoy your drinks.” At the time I was gripping the edge of the table enjoying a huge orgasm. After the waiter left I leaned over and whispered in Mikee’s ear that I wanted to taste his cock.  Allow me to stop the narration here to let the readers know that I’m not always this brazen. However, knowing I would be relating all the lurid details to my randy husband later, I decided to drop all inhibitions and allow lust to take over.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I slipped under the table. I was now safely hidden in the shadows, aided by a long table cloth. Once comfortably ensconced between his knees, I unfastened his belt, unzipped his pants and withdrew the treasure I was seeking. The male scent was intoxicating.  I licked up and down his hard shaft, dragging my teeth along the sensitive skin causing him to shiver. Flicking my tongue over first one ball and then the other before taking one and then the other into my warm mouth. Mikee placed a hand on the back of my head urging me on as I took his warm throbbing cock deeply into my throat.

After several minutes of this bliss, a pair of shoes appeared at the table and I overheard voices. The table cloth was pulled aside and upon looking up I saw a grin on Mikee’s face from ear to ear as well as a leer on the face of our waiter.  With my bright red lips engulfing his hard shaft, I was too far gone to care. The table cloth dropped and the shoes retreated before I re-emerged from under the table. I gave Mikee a shocked and stern look before leaning over so he could taste himself on my lips.

We were both panting with desire when I whispered, “I need you now,” into his ear. He resumed fingering my soaking wet pussy. Scooting to the inner corner of the booth, facing slightly away from him, I shifted my weight to one hip and pulled my skirt aside, exposing my hairless pink pussy to his shocked view. Moving closer yet still managing to maintain a little distance between our upper bodies, his cock came into contact with my overheated sex, sending a shiver through me. He managed to slip his big wonderful head into me plus an inch or so of his shaft, no more.  Rocking my hips slowly from side to side I relished the delicious feelings as our passion mounted.

In a matter of minutes I came hard again, my whole body quaking as I barely managed to stifle a scream. The buildup was intense until we could finally wait no longer. Hurriedly paying the check we headed out the door, down the walk and into the parking garage. Upon reaching my car, using his body, Mikee pressed me up against the rear fender and gave me a smoldering kiss. He then began raising my sweater over my head leaving me topless, exposed in a public parking garage. Tossing it aside, he lifted my heavy breasts with both hands, greedily sucking my sensitive nipples, first one then the other,  teasing my rings with his tongue.

By now I was delirious with need, I made no objection when he pushed my skirt down and off my hips leaving me standing naked and exposed before him in just a pair of high heeled sandals. The tropical moon cast a soft light over me as I reveled in my brazen nudity. Mikee turned me facing the car and instructed me to spread my legs.

“Wider,” he said. I meekly complied.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks.”

I leaned against the fender for support, lewdly exposed as I waited.  Heavy breathing and his zipper descending were the only sounds breaking the silence.  Unexpectedly, he slipped a finger in my okole, lifting me onto my tip toes before slamming his hard cock full length into me. Thrown off balance, I found myself face down across the back of the car, my breasts flattened on the cool metal of the trunk lid. I felt completely wanton. Naked in the tropical moonlight, being taken like a mare in mating season by her stallion.

He continued slamming full length into me, taking his pleasure with abandon. All thoughts of decency cast aside, I began to scream as waves of pleasure washed over me. To lessen the chances of being discovered, Mikee removed my damp panties from his pocket, stuffing them into my mouth to stifle the screams. He continued to pound me with long strokes as the car rocked from side to side. With one last mighty thrust he plunged into my depths, his entire body shaking. Feeling his seed shooting into me, painting my insides, I screamed into the wadded panties and passed out from sheer pleasure.

Coming to a few moments later, pinned under his weight, and still impaled on his now softening cock, we heard voices approaching. He quickly withdrew and gallantly used my own panties to stanch the flow of cum streaming out of my well used pussy. As the voices drew closer I knelt naked between the parked cars in semi darkness, hoping not to be discovered, while Mikee pretended to fumble with the keys.

After the voices retreated Mikee retrieved my clothes and put them in the back seat. Placing his jacket over my shoulders, he insisted I remain that way as we drove to his apartment. The lame excuse offered? He was afraid I would soil my clothes when in reality he was enjoying my newly revived sense of shame. As we drove to his apartment I secretly thrilled at riding naked except for my lovers jacket, hoping our combined juices which were  oozing from my still sloppy pussy wouldn’t stain the seat leather. I knew this was an experience my husband and I would enjoy over and over. Me by relating the deliciously naughty memories and my husband from hearing the lurid details from the lips of his loving but not so faithful wife.


(Image Source: Jules Jordan Video)

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