Dress 3 (Actually the second dress)

Dress 3 (Actually the second dress)

It seemed like no time and Ed’s car was pulling up in the drive way. Dam I was planning to dress. I ran up the stairs to my room. Ed knocked on the door and opened it. “Nellie, where are you?” I called back I would be down stairs soon. I found another dress like the one I had on last night. This one was a strapless version. The bra part was a little thicker. It did not seem to fit as well as it did at the store. I felt like there was more of me. Panties or no panties? Hell, no panties. I opened my door and Ed was blocking my way.

He gently put his hands around my waist and pulled me close. He gave me a long passionate kiss. “I just ordered a pizza. We will eat and watch a movie here.” This seemed to be a good plan. “While we wait for the pizza. We are going to do it my way!” I really did not want to get nailed this early. I started to object. His mouth covered mine with another kiss. His tong jumped into my mouth like his penis into my pussie. He ran his hands up my back to my arms. He pushed my arms up and pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my hands together with one of his. I could feel his penis starting to grow against my tummy. With his free hand he flip the bra part of the dress exposing me. He seemed completely hard now. He ran his hand from my breast to my back and unzipped my dress. He let go of my hands. My first impulse was to object. But, I had said ‘we will do it your way.’

He pulled me from the wall and my dress fell off. He took my hand and walked me to my bed. He sat me down and undressed. He looked bigger than he did last night. I started to put my legs up on the bed and he stopped me. He just wanted me to lay back with my but on the edge of the bed. “Someone told me girls like this.” He got on his knees and spread my legs. He started by licking the inside of my thighs. This send a shock to my breast and my snatch. I could feel an orgasm starting to build. All of a sudden , his tong reached in an touched my clit. My hand was on his shoulders and I grabbed. He jumped. My nails had cut his skin. I felt so bad. “Did you like that?” ‘My god yes’. I wanted more. He moved my legs into the bed and pulled up next to me. Kissing me all over my body. Each kiss gave me a different feeling I could enjoy for hours. He lay next to me facing my snatch. He told me to get on top and put my pussie in his face. I complied with eagerness. He started to lick my clit. I noticed his penis was at attention and in need of attention.

I took as much as I could into my mouth. Ed’s licking my pussie caused me to make a humming sound. With Ed in my mouth it send a vibrations through his body. He licked harder. I moaned more and he got more excited. We kept at this and he shot into my mouth. I was able to keep most of him in my mouth. The rest I was able to lick off. I was starting to recover and Ed pushed me off. I what seemed like one motion. He was on top of me with his dick in my pussie. His hands were on my back pushing my tits into his chest. This felt so good. “How do you like my way so far”. ‘I want to do this forever!’

I lifted my legs and rapped them around his. This had the same effect as last night. It seemed to pull him further inside of me and my clit closer to his shaft. Ed started moving slowly. With each pump I could feel a mini orgasm. They started to come faster and faster. I started moving my hips in opposition to him. Each time I moaned with an mini orgasm it got him more excited. A couple of times, it seemed like he came out of me. It did not make any difference. His dick either knew where to go, or my pussie would grab it. I did not care. All of a sudden, I had the biggest orgasm I had ever had. I screamed. My legs flinched and pulled him closer to him. He seemed to do the same thing. I could feel his dick pulse in my virginia.

After a few minutes, I unwrapped my legs from his. He took the cue and rolled off of me. His dick did not seem as hard as before. I pulled myself up. I felt winded. I looked at his dick and it did seem a lot smaller. He was just laying with a smile on his face and his eyes closed. I took his dick in my hand and started to rub it. It responded like it had a mind of its own. I looked at Ed’s face. He was offering no objection. I started to jack him off. He responded by sticking his thumb in to my virgina. Soon he was shooting off again. How many times can he do this in a day? How many times can I do this in a day?

‘When will the pizza be here. I am starved’

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