My First Affair, True Story Part Four

We lay there and chatted and agreed it had been wonderful.  I think she thought I might be finished after that, but no way, for the reasons I discussed before I was more turned on than ever.  She then surprised me and took the lead and said it was time for her to taste me.  I was delighted of course as I was just starting to rouse again and I thought a nice blowjob would really get me going for round 3.  I have to be honest here; she had told me the truth when she said she was not that experienced.  You will be pleased to hear that in the years that followed she perfected her technique and became a truly great cocksucker.  However, on this night she made up for her technique with enthusiasm and again we were both so hot for each other that it didn’t take much for me to get another raging hard on.  Since I was already on my back I asked her if she wanted to ride me and she was only too happy.


From a kneeling position she lowered herself onto me and I was treated to seeing her gorgeous body from a different angle as she rose up and down.  She leaned forward and we kissed and I was able to suck on those gorgeous pointed nipples that she has as she dangled them in my mouth.  Then she really surprised me.  She leaned backwards, raised herself up on her feet into a squatting position and really started on me from that position.  That was the first time I had ever had that.  The kneeling yes, but the squatting was new to me and I really felt possessed and completely dominated.  My wife would not have had the balance for it (I know because I have had her try since then).  But Jennifer was really good at that and it was to become one of our favorite positions.  She loved being in control and timing her orgasm and I was happy to lay back and let her take control and watch as she bounced up and down on me giving herself pleasure until her face contorted in another orgasm.

God this really was turning into the best night ever.  She continued after her orgasm as I was really enjoying the position by then too.  I enjoyed laying back and not doing anything, just focusing on cumming.  I watched spectacular body and enjoyed the feeling of her being mine, just for tonight at least.  I thought about how far I had come, how many lines I had now crossed.  I thought about my wife at home.  The line was so far behind me by now and I didn’t care.  I felt a tingle in my testicles and experienced that different type of orgasm.  Not the type of orgasm that you pump out in passion, but the type of orgasm that is also “tickled” and “teased” out of you by the velvet cunt of a Goddess as she rides you.


We rested once again for a little and it was starting to get late by now, but once again the excitement was so high that night that soon I started to feel the tension building again.  I think she would have been fine to call it a night, but I wasn’t done yet and I wanted to take her from behind and she was happy to oblige.  I got up and mounted her from behind, finally pumping that black ass and watching it wobble.  Starting slowly again I let the tension build, enjoying the new sensations and sites in this new position.  I put my hands on her backside, then leaned forwards and reached under and grabbed her beasts as I pumped her from behind.  She really enjoyed it and started moaning again, but I think she was already drained from the emotional and physical efforts and I don’t think she came again, but I could be wrong.  But I was definitely going to get this last one out.  I straightened up, but my hands back on her butt, watched my dick go in and out of her pussy and before long I was in heaven again as I exploded one more time in her pussy.


We agreed that this would become a regular thing and indeed it did.  We started to take some silly risks at work (which I may tell you about on another occasion) and so about six months later she took another job, but we couldn’t keep away from each other.  We fucked regularly for the next two years until she moved out of town.  We still stay in touch and get together when we can but the distance and time have made an impact.  But when we do see each other we pretty much just have to look at each other and we will start cumming.  I have had other affairs since, and they have been great, but few and far between as I am still very cautious.  I am always open to possibilities, but finding the right fit is the problem.  A woman who wants an affair can pretty much have any man she wants.  A man who wants an affair has to be very careful, but when it works, it is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  Anyway, that will do for now.  It has taken me the best part of a week to write this, an hour after work every night, it has almost been like an affair in itself.  I have really enjoyed reliving these events.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.  If you like it let me know and I may write some more about our daring and risky escapades.

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