My First Affair, True Story Part Three

This is the part of this story I have been looking forward to and dreading at the same time.  The reason is that no matter how well I describe it (and it has been 13 years now) it will never do it justice.  Nevertheless, here goes.  I knocked on the door and she let me in.  I’m sorry I don’t remember what she was wearing because all I could see was her.  I know that whatever she was wearing was very sexy but also tasteful.  She was a classy lady.  I could see more of her beautiful body than I had ever seen before in her work clothes and my excitement mounted.  We embraced and I kissed her.  Since she had showered I decided it would be polite to do the same, so I did.  I came out of the shower with a towel and she was waiting for me on the bed.  I came over to her and lay down next to her and started caressing her up and down her body.  I couldn’t believe this was going to happen finally.  I spent a long time just kissing her and exploring her body.  As I reached her pussy I could already feel that she was soaking wet through her panties.  I was ready too.  I had the biggest erection I have ever had.  I gradually removed her bra and kissed and sucked at her breasts.  Her nipples were long and aroused.  I can still feel them in my mouth now when I think about it.


I worked my way down and removed her underwear and finally touched the object of my desire for all these months.  It was like dipping my finger in the honey pot it was so wet and sweet.  I really wanted to eat her right then, but she said “No, we have waited long enough, I want you now.”  I couldn’t argue.  As much as I pride myself on my technique and my mind told me to take my time, we had already had months of foreplay and we were both ready to fuck.  I looked into her eyes as I mounted her.  Then, all at once I was inside her and we both felt the satisfaction of the connection we had been craving for months.  We just stayed like that for what seemed like a few minutes but probably wasn’t that long.  Then it was time to move.  I tried to go slow and build up the tension, but it was no use.  After all this time there could not be any more anticipation between us than we were already feeling and we were ready to fuck.  And so before I knew what was happening I was pounding that pussy and she was screaming in pleasure and in no time at all I was emptying my seed deep inside her and we were both in heaven together.


Obviously we did not last long that first time.  Our orgasms had been building for months and I don’t think we could have held back if we wanted to.  This is how you know this is a true story – I’m not trying to brag, just telling you how it was.  However, once we got that first time out the way things got better and better.  Much to my delight, I found out that the excitement I get from having an affair causes me to experience what I would consider to be superhuman recovery.  In the years that followed I found this to be a recurring quality of having an affair.  I don’t know for certain why my recovery time is quicker but I have a couple of theories.  The first one is that I know the whole idea of having an affair turns me on more than anything else I have experienced.  The second idea I had is that on some level of my consciousness, my body seems to know that I am here with this woman right now, and I need to fuck her as much as possible before the end of the night because I just don’t know when I am going to get another opportunity.  This is the difference when you are married.  At the back of your mind you know you can always have sex tomorrow, so maybe you do it once tonight and then go to sleep.  But when you have an affair you just can’t get enough of that pussy and you want it over and over again because you don’t know when the next night like this will come along.  Prior to this evening, the most times I ever fucked my wife in one night was 3 times, and that was near the beginning of our relationship many years ago.  This evening was to beat that record, and not only this evening, but every evening after that I got together with Jennifer.


And so as we lay there together I recovered very quickly.  And now I was ready to taste her pussy, a little messy I know by now, but most of my cum had come out and in any case I don’t mind, I’m open minded about these tings, and besides I just needed to taste her.  I kissed all over her and tasted her deeply and soon her moaning started again.  She tasted so wonderful I just wanted to eat her and eat her.  Then I slowed it down and really took my time and focused on the clit and she didn’t last much longer after that.  She screamed and came while I continued to eat her until she couldn’t take it any longer.


By now, I was ready to enter her again, and so was she.  For this round we stayed facing each other again but this time we took it much more slowly.  In and out I gently stroked while kissing her lips and then moving down and sucking on her breasts.  I moved back and forth from coming in to kiss her lips and breasts, and then backing out and hooking her legs on my shoulders to increase the angle and the tension.

Yes this second fuck was really the best.  It went on for a long time and as I altered the angle she had many small orgasms.  Then I would slow it down again and caress her legs and kiss her legs and feet while they were on my shoulders.  We stayed like this for what seemed like an hour, our orgasms gradually building.  What was great was that we already had such chemistry and knew how each other were feeling.  I looked at her and I could tell she was ready for another good orgasm and so was I.  I changed my angle and started pounding down on her like she was a piece of meat as if I expected my dick to go through her and come out the other side.  The urgent need was back and bigger than ever.  She started screaming and cumming and it was big.  I kept it going for quite a bit longer and she continued with her orgasm.  I kept it going as long as I could and then finally I needed to let go as well.  I looked into her eyes and emptied another huge load in her beautiful pussy; it felt like I was just cumming and cumming and would never stop pouring myself into her.  Finally we rested and lay there in each other’s arms once again.


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