Living My Fantasies

Cassie sat at the table, typing furiously on her laptop. Her boyfriend of two years, Matt, sat across from her. He was engrossed in the manga he’d gotten the day before. Matt finished his manga and glanced over at his brunette girlfriend.

“What are you writing, anyway? You’ve been working on it for a while,” Matt said, leaning across the table in an attempt to see what she was working on.

She partially closed the laptop. “Just a story. Nothing much,” she replied, a bit hurriedly.

He raised his eyebrows at her and she felt herself faintly blush. “Here. Read it,” she said, turning the laptop towards Matt. “It’s kinda… Smutty,” the blue eyed girl warned him.

She watched nervously as her boyfriend read what she’d written; it was essentially a description of what she liked in bed in the form of a fan fiction. As he read, his pupils dilated slightly. That was a good sign, she thought.

“Is this what you want me to do?” Matt asked once he’d finished reading.

Cassie nodded and Matt smirked. “Then I think I’ll have to do something about that.”

He stood up and shut the computer, offering Cassie his free hand. She took it and he picked her up. All his years of playing basketball and baseball had given him the strength to easily carry Cassie, though he still had a wonderfully slim build; he easily carried his girlfriend to their bedroom.

“This is gonna be all about you, love,” he murmured.

Cassie shivered at the tone of his voice. Just the right amount of sexy and adorable. He set her down on the bed and stepped back. She watched as Matt ran his hands through his short dirty-blonde hair, something that she’d always found sexy. Then he slowly took off his t-shirt and ran his hands down his chest to the waistband of his dark jeans. Their eyes met as he unbuckled his belt. He took off both his jeans and grey boxer-briefs in one fluid motion. His cock was already semi-hard just from putting on this little show. Cassie felt a twinge of lust. She felt another when he kneltĀ in front of her and helped her out of her tank top and bra.

He brushed her wavy brown hair aside and began to kiss her neck. Cassie gasped loud enough for Matt to hear. He took notice of his girlfriend’s reaction. It was somewhat rare that she so easily made noises like that. Matt kissed the length of her neck down to her petite breasts. Based on her writing, he knew that they weren’t very sensitive. But being a guy, he couldn’t pass up the chance to touch them. He briefly massaged them before moving down her stomach and to the waist of her jeans. The button and zipper were quickly undone. She leaned back on her hands, lifting her hips, which allowed Matt to slip off her jeans and black panties. Once she had settled back onto the edge of the bed, Matt focused his attention on her thighs.

In her fan fiction, the male character had paid more attention to her thighs, teasing the female on the way up higher. The blonde kissed Cassie’s smooth thighs, running his hands up them ahead of his mouth. Cassie shivered at the sensation; he rarely did this and there was something erotic about the way her lover slowly parted her legs. Once Matt reached her hips, he ran his finger the length of her lower lips. She was certainly enjoying this; his finger glistened with her wetness. He continued to tease her like this, looking up at her. Her big blue eyes were unfocused and glazed over with lust. Matt thought it was a huge turn on.

Soon, she broke out of her trance and looked at Matt. The way she looked at him told the blonde that if she had to endure any more teasing, she would push him onto the bed and have her way with him. While the idea was hot as hell, that wasn’t his intent this time. So he gently slid a finger inside her and licked her clit. Cassie arched her back and quietly moaned. She reached down and threaded her hands though Matt’s short blonde hair. He flicked her clit with his tongue as he added a second finger. Though his girlfriend was usually quiet in bed, he could tell that she was enjoying this. Most people moaned and screamed; Cassie simply bit her lip and inhaled sharply.

By now he could tell that she was close to coming. There was one last fantasy he wanted to fulfill. Even before reading her story, Matt had known that Cassie’s favorite position was, surprisingly, doggy style. He guided her onto her hands and knees and kneltĀ behind her. Teasingly, Matt pushed just the head of his cock into her. The brunette gasped at the feeling. Matt continued to tease her. When he couldn’t take the way she clenched around the sensitive head of his cock anymore, he rubbed her clit as he thrust completely into her.

She arched her back at the intense pleasure. Cassie was close from all the foreplay; Matt, from the feeling of being inside his girlfriend. He set a fast pace, trying to hit her g-spot with every thrust. She was gasping and arching back into her boyfriend as he grasped her hips. Matt reached around and rubbed her clit. She tightened around Matt’s cock, and he came inside her. The feeling of him coming, combined with him rubbing her clit made her come. She moaned and felt every muscle tense up. Matt pulled out of her and laid next to her. They sighed almost in unison.

“Wow. I need to write more,” Cassie whispered.


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  1. Rainbow Writer

    Is she a blond or a brunette? Mentioning her hair color in the way you did seemed a bit out of place. Other than that I really enjoyed your style.

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    • the_feminist_porn_star

      She’s a brunette. Thanks so much for the feedback (and for commenting in general)~!

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