Naturist Massage

Those of you that have read my previous stories, know that I am quite partial to a good massage. They generally finish with a happy ending. :-)

Well, I thought that I would try a more professional massage to ease my poor old back. I did a local internet search and found a lady who offered Naturist massages in her home, about a half hour drive from me. I made the appointment and on the Friday afternoon, headed over there.

Now I don’t really know much about Naturist massages other than what was described on her website. It simply mentioned that we would be both be naked. It was a very proper and professional website with no mention of any sexual services. I guess I was just hoping!

She greeted me at the door and in I went. She was very attractive, probably in her mid to late thirties with a stunning body. We chatted for a few minutes then she invited me to the massage room and asked me to undress, then lay down on the massage table. I did this and then she came into the room. She was totally naked with a beautiful pair of very firm breasts and a fully shaven pussy. She had the most amazing pussy lips – all open and glistening. I tried not the think about this for the time being and began to enjoy her gentle strokes on my skin. She really was very good and I soon began to feel very relaxed as she worked her way down from my neck and shoulders, down my back towards my legs. I purposely laid on my cock in case it got hard and it wasn’t that sort of massage! She gave my balls a lovely time but then continued down my legs.

She spent some time on my feet which I always love. She worked her way back up again and this time specifically massaged my balls, squeezing and rolling them around. It was heaven as they were very heavy and full of cum. My cock was now very stiff and causing me some discomfort where I was laying on it. She sensed this and asked me to turn over which I did. My lovely big cock sprung in the air as I turned over. She smiled, called me a big boy and then began to work on my chest with her magic fingers. She was really teasing me now as she squeezed my nipples. Again, she worked her way down my body but this time missed touching my cock altogether. I was aching for her to massage it but she worked her way down my legs.

On the way back up, she eventually poured some baby oil all over my aching cock and balls, proceeding to slowly rub my long and thick shaft up and down. I am blessed with a large foreskin and she pulled this right down, exposing the swollen purple helmet–which by this time was oozing loads of clear, sweet precum. She went up and down very slowly, making sure she covered the head with my foreskin every up stroke. God this was amazing.

Then she surprised me. She climbed on top of me, facing me with her magnificent tits and, pulling her pussy lips wide open, slid across my swollen cock. I though she was going to push it inside her wetness, but no. She started to give me what I believe is called a cameltoe slide. Gently sliding back and forth on my aching knob with her pussy lips. God this felt great. She asked if I was ok. Clearly I was! Her clitty was now very exposed and she was maximizing her pleasure by rubbing it hard on my length of meat. I had no idea how long I would last, it already felt like I was cumming. And I did with no warning whatsoever. As I was leaning up slightly to watch her working my cock, a single jet of thick string like sperm flew up towards my face. I moaned heavily as it left my body. She also started moaning but continued to slide her lips over my now engorged thick cock. I watched but no more spunk left the end of my purple cockend. She sped up now as I sensed she was approaching her orgasm. Now I have heard of women ejaculating liquid and even seen videos but I always assumed this was piss. She arched back, screamed and shot a flood of liquid all over my cock and stomach. I felt the hot juice running everywhere and when I touched it, it was sticky, clear and obviously not piss at all. I tasted it and oh it was sweet. She continued her orgasm and as she finished I felt mine rapidly approaching. She jumped off and took my length in her throat. Within seconds I was gushing in her mouth. A copious flood of semen was pouring out of me. She gagged and gagged but managed to gulp it all down.

Once my balls were empty, we rested briefly before she showed me to the shower. I got dressed and yes, I made an appointment for the following week!


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