Teaser Or Pleaser? Part 2

If I was going to get into this married cock teasing babe’s panties, I needed a plan. Calling the next day, I explained my birthday was coming up, asking if she would be my present. It was the best I could come up with. I said I’d get a room in Waikiki for the weekend and asked if I could have her to myself the first night. ‘I’ll ask’ was her reply. Calling back with ‘My husband agreed,’ I made reservations and arrived early.

Hearing a light knock I quickly answered the door. Nothing could have prepared me for what was on the other side. I was stunned!  My mouth went dry and my jaw fell open. Like a big Christmas present stood this vision. A red and gold spaghetti strap top straining to contain her awesome tits. A full skirt flowing to her knees and Cinderella like glass slippers encasing bare feet with red painted nails. As gorgeous as her body was, it was her face that blew me away. Expertly applied dark eye shadow and ruby red lips conferred a smoky appearance, hinting at the heat smoldering just below the surface. Long glorious black hair fixed at the back of her head… ‘Mikee,  Mikee, MIKEE’ awoke me from my trance.

“I guess you like your present,” she said with a wry smile, then gave a little twirl.

My mouth was too dry to speak. Pressing her tits into my chest, she planted a kiss on my cheek and giggled.

“Why don’t you two boys get acquainted while I go potty.”

I could only stare as she disappeared into the bathroom.

“She does have that effect,” her husband said with a chuckle, extending his hand. Then with a serious voice warned, “Just be careful not to fall in love with her.”

Promising to call him as soon as we returned, she gave her husband a peck, closed the door and we were alone.

“I’m all yours now,” she whispered. Extending a delicate hand to me, “Shall we go?”

I followed a half step behind, watching her glide down the hallway. Every eye, and I do mean EVERY eye, turned in appreciation as we made our way through the lobby. In the interest of brevity, I’ll fast forward through dinner and back to our room.

Once the door closed she held her arms high and said “This present is ready to be unwrapped.”

After peeling the top over her head, she turned her back and implored, “Scratch, sweetie; that top has been itching me all night. Uhh that feels sooo good,” she cooed with a shiver.

“Now my skirt,” she said. Sliding off her hips and fluttering down her thighs, it fell into a heap around her ankles.

“My husband picked out my panties, do you like?” A tiny ruffled triangle tied at the hips was all that concealed her femininity. “I promised my husband I’d call as soon as we got in.”

Her gorgeous brown ass with a tiny string disappearing between her cheeks greeted my eyes as she bent down reaching for the phone. My heart couldn’t take much more. I went into the bathroom to give them privacy and stripped to my shorts.

Returning with a bottle of massage oil, I heard her whisper into the receiver, “Mikee’s back, it’s time to play now,” before laying it on the pillow beside her head. Arms extended towards me and a big smile on her lovely face.  “Come here big boy, no more teasing. I promise.”

At last I was going to possess her for at least one night and I meant to make the most of it. Forget the massage oil, my hands began to roam all over as she moaned and sighed in approval. Untying the bows, her panties fell away. Oh Jesus! Not a hint of hair anywhere, just baby soft pussy lips pouting between her smooth parted thighs. Moving down between them I dove into her pink pussy face first.  God she tasted sweet. Sticking my tongue in as far as I could reach, I licked with abandon.

“Oh yes, lick me baby, lick this pussy!” she cried, hips bucking up into my mouth.

Then placing her bare feet on my shoulders she let her thighs fall wide, completely open to my tongue and lips. I had to hold her ass cheeks tight to keep her from squirming all over the bed. As I smothered my face in that awesome smelling cunt she clamped my head between her soft thighs like a vice, and while bucking her hips wildly had a powerful orgasm. Releasing her grip on my nearly smashed skull, her legs again went wide. With both delicate hands on the back of my head she pulled my face into her pussy as she launched into another one, her whole body shaking.

“Lick me lick me lick me,” she groaned breathlessly.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d barely started and she’d cum twice already. Pushing me onto my back she climbed on top and smothered my mouth with her cunt.

“I want to taste your salty cock,” she hissed as I felt her teeth rake up and down my shaft before engulfing the head.

Her hot body pinned me to the mattress as she pulled my cock to one side.

“I want to lick your balls,” she moaned frantically as I felt her warm tongue snake out and wrap around them while smashing her pussy into my mouth, cumming yet again.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could breath and inhaled deeply. God, she smelled good.  She continued to grind into my face, screaming and moaning, cumming nearly non-stop in total abandon. A jolt of electricity shot through me as I felt a long fingernail tickle my asshole. Holy Shit, this women is crazy! She attacked my pole, sliding her mouth down the shaft till her nose was pressed against my balls. With one hand softly squeezing them and a finger up my ass she continued her assault. I was the man yet I was helpless beneath her.

“Lick me lick me lick me,” she screamed over and over as she careened from one orgasm into another before finally going limp atop me.

Pinned under her dead weight I began to get worried.

“Baby? Baby? Baby are you alright?”

Finally stirring, she began to grind her hot cunt into my face again. Holy Mother of God, she’s a nympho!

“Fuck me, Mikee. Oh God, Fuck Me!” she groaned in a low guttural voice as she climbed off, pulling me on top of her.

Wasting no time, I slammed into her full length as she screamed at the top of her voice, bucking her hips up into me.

“Oh Yes, fuck me deep, Mikee! You’re really hitting me!” she screamed.

The whole bed was moving as I thrust deep into her over and over, about ready to cum.

“Cum all over me, shoot all over my tits,” she cried.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Yes cum all over me, cum all over me!”

I pulled out and groaned, “I’ve got to cum,” as I shot stream after stream over her belly and tits, getting some on her face and even in her hair as she continued to moan and thrash around.

Spent I collapsed beside her, watching in awe as she smeared my thick cum all over her breasts and neck, licking her fingers one at a time.

Finally coming down from her high with a guilty look on her pretty cum smeared face, she said, “Am I terrible, Mikee? I’m a bad girl, aren’t I?”

I could only shake my head and assure her she was all woman and I loved it.

I started to doze off listening to the soft love talk between husband and wife when I felt the bed move. Lani was heading into the bathroom to clean the dried cum off her gorgeous body. I planned to get a good nights sleep so I was ready for round two next morning. The bathroom light went out and I hoped she might snuggle up to me. I love spooning with a warm and willing woman, arms wrapped around each other as we slept.

I felt the sheet being pulled back and her weight on the bed. Feeling her hot breath between my legs and my cheeks being separated, my eyes flew open when I felt her hot little tongue probing my hole. Mother of God! I thought in amazement. I lay motionless as she licked around and around my sensitive opening before pushing her tongue inside. Her tongue softly caressed me and I began to relax to the strange but beautiful sensation. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Strangely enough I wasn’t getting a hard on. I closed my eyes as I felt her tongue probe deeper and deeper into me. I then felt the end of her nose pressed into my relaxed opening as she caressed my balls with her warm tongue. It felt so good, so right. I was so relaxed, the next thing I knew I was spooned against her warm back, soft snoring filling the silence. God, she felt good! Her long heavy hair with a hint of perfume smelled divine. I couldn’t believe I was actually using that word. The moonlight streaming in the window played across her relaxed features and I thought to myself, ‘I could fall in love with her very easily’, then remembered her husband’s warning.

Lost in thought, I noticed her full lips moving slightly and she was making sucking noises.  Her little tongue poked through parted lips and a smile crossed her face as she murmured softly. Eyes never opening, I could see her eyeballs moving rapidly. I lay watching this beautiful creature for long minutes before it dawned on me she was having an erotic dream. Spur of the moment, I touched a thumb to her lips. In seconds they parted, sucking it completely inside. She sucked hard and relaxed then sucked hard again, still murmuring softly.

My cock began to stir, pressing into her warm cheeks. How far could I take this before she woke up, I wondered. Determined to find out, I lifted one cheek and slipped my cock between them. She didn’t move. I shifted my pelvis, inching closer and closer until I felt her slick opening. She moaned slightly and shifted towards me as I pressed my head into her warm pussy. I stopped my penetration and watched. Eyes never opening,  her eyeballs continued to move rapidly. With only my head inside I longed to go deeper. I slowly raised one of her thighs, moving one of mine between them, inching more of my aching cock into her warm depths. She moaned and began to rock backward and forward, my cock sliding in her folds as she slept soundly. Moving my upper body away from her I managed to slide in completely, and lay motionless. Fearful of awakening sleeping beauty, I waited.

To be continued…


(Image Source: DDF Productions)

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