Your Little Girl

You know that I will do as you say. I didn’t even know I needed a man like you until you told me that I did. And now I will be your toy, your beautiful little girl. You can mold me as you like. You can do whatever you wish to me, because I will comply, and stare adoringly at you with my big blue eyes. You were able to see this in me, to know I would be you slave, and I am glad you showed me what I was meant to be. What would you like today, lover?
Oh….yes, today you told me to wake up and put on my shortest skirt, the white one, with little white knees highs and no panties underneath. A tight pink sweater to show off my small, pert breasts and nipples. Then I was to come to your house and serve breakfast to you and your business partners, who are in town and stayed at your large home for the weekend. So I show up, and like you instructed, I make sure that they all get nice views of my ass and pussy when I bend to pour drinks. You love to watch other men drool over me. Your guests are excited over me. They are envious of you, and you love it. I am anxious for them to leave, so I can serve you alone. Today, though, you have other ideas for me.
You excuse yourself from the table and take me into the kitchen, your hand firm on my small arm as I hurry to follow behind you. Once we are in the kitchen, you immediately kiss me roughly, the sheer force of your lips on mine sending me reeling backwards. I gasp for breath and you grab my hair. The look in your eyes is devilish, you are enjoying this mornings games so much already. I feel your warm fingers shoved up my pussy, and this sudden intrusion sends ripples through the nerves in my body. It is just the sort of thing that tells me I was meant to be yours. My body heats up as you probe into my pussy with your searching fingers, opening your hand to put your thumb in my asshole, and you are cupping my most sensitive parts in your hands and massaging my wet holes. I nearly fall over when an orgasm sweeps my body, but I know you dislike it when I show pleasure without being told or asked. I try to remain still and silent, and when I have just barely succeeded, I can see the pride in your eyes. Yes, you have trained me exactly to your liking.
You return to the patio to finish dining with your friends, and you tell me to straighten my skirt and stay where I am. I wait patiently, standing still with my back to the kitchen counter. I lift my eyes when I see one of your business partners enter the kitchen, a lavicious smile on his face that tells me you have given me away, at least for this morning. I do not mind. I know that your judgement is right, as always. I wait for instructions from this new man. After the feel of your hands on me, I am hot and sticky, and longing for a cock that I can feel inside of me. Of course, I wish it were yours.
The man whispers something in my ear, and I follow him to the other side of the house, a beautiful guest bedroom that is dark and shadowed. I see you sitting in the corner. You have said good bye to the other guests, and you are waiting for me to put on a show for you. The sight of you is instant relief, for sex is always unsatisfying if you are not somehow with me….Now I know that with each touch this new man receives from me, I am pleasing you.
The new man is younger, eager, possibly disbelieving of this circumstance in which he has found himself. You find this more amusing, for we both know he can never compare to you. I can tell from the type of man you choose what you would like me to be today, and today I know I am to be the dominating lover in this game. I lead the man to the bed and gently push his chest, so he is sitting with his feet on the floor. I rotate my hips, and run my hands through my hair. I spread my legs and rub my breasts through my clothing. I turn and stare at you while bending over so my ass is in his face, and I thrust back so I can feel his hot tongue on my pussy. He licks eagerly, and I think of you. He rubs his hands across my upturned ass and I imagine they are yours. The man lays down on his back and pulls my pussy with him, so I am on all fours, and still looking at you. A nod of your head tells me what next, and I unbutton this mans pants and pull them down to his ankles. His hard cock quite literally leaps into my mouth and I begin to suck him off with enthusiasm, liking and sucking and nearly coming when I taste his precum….But I don’t, even as he skillfully laps at my wet pussy and ass. We continue to pleasure each other, and I keep my eyes on you for as long as I can. Is this what you had in mind, master? You know I am imagining your long thick cock in my mouth.
I eagerly lick the juices that my mouth has coaxed from his hard cock, and I come quickly after he does. You enjoy watching me, I know, and It makes me come harder.
I quickly stroke his dick back to hardness and climb onto his lap, and I slowly lower my wet pussy onto him. I roll my hips in wide circles, I lift and lower my pussy, squeezing his cock. I can hear your breath heavy behind me. The thought of you makes me ride him harder, and his hands are searching over my breasts. I can feel him ready to explode again and I match my pace to accommodate him, until he explodes inside of me. This time, I don’t come with him. I am saving the rest of my pleasure for you.
You know this, of course, and you quickly dismiss him as one would a servant. He stumbles out of the room bewildered, and your gaze turns to me. I am laying sprawled on the bed, waiting for you to take me for your own.

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