The Boy is a Woman

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His name was Seth, and I met him when he was only 20. Two months out of business school and trying to find a place to live near his job at the plant. I was also 20, 2 years out of high school looking to find a way to cut my rent when we met at work. We became friends right away and not just because we worked on the same line either. We went searching for an apartment and wound up renting an …

They Only Wanted A Drink

Dan and Kim were thirsty and it was Friday night, so they parked their Focus outside a roadside bar where a row of Harley’s was standing side by side. On this hot, muggy night a cold beer would taste mighty good.


At first the couple couldn’t see many faces when they entered while the jukebox was blaring out some heavy metal rock music. Adjusting their eyes to the darkness, they …