Melissa's Tales ch 4 edited


Melissa was really starting to come out of her shell having a good time with all of the roommates. The remaining roommates really wanted a taste of her too to see if Nicholas and Angela were really telling the truth. The remaining roommat

Melissa's Tales ch3 edited

Chapter 3

Melissa while rekindling her thoughts of previous evening she starts thinking that she really enjoys living with her all of her roommates especially Nicholas. She knows why she is sore from last night’s events but just thinking about

Melissa's Tales ch2 edited

Chapter Two
Nicholas helps Melissa grab her things and get in the house safely. She finds herself still very aroused after what all has just happened. Melissa notices that her tits are still hanging from her torn blouse whiles her nipples st

Melissa Tales ch 1 edited

Melissa is a young black college student living with her five roommates in their beautiful and very spacious six bedroom house. The roommates all had the understanding that if one of them couldn’t pay the rent for the upcoming month the remaining roo

Going solo

So, I was feeling really horny this one night. I wanted a real fuck, but this would have to do. I logged onto a sex blog and started reading… not sure how I would like it, I started feeling my tight wet pussy getting wet…desperate for that fuck.

Friday Night and Out For A Burger

Mike and Jen are good friends of ours. We live close to each other in a newer subdivision on the outskirts of town and we’re all about the same age as each other in our late twenties and early thirties. . My wife Caylee is a pretty brown eyed brune

His Decent into Slavery 9

Thank you for all your emails to me at the chateau.

I forgot to say this series of essays that he has written has been encouraged by us for him to write. He has co operated all the way to enjoy his experience with us

carrol 2

carrol walked in dumbo was cleaning the floor, right dumbo here now on your knees infront of me, carrol grabbed dumbos ears and started pulling, dumbo every time you see me i want you like this so i can pull these massive ears, carrol then spat in hi

Tinkering in the shop

I have a woodworking shop that has an entrance off of our garage and has a garage door entrance that leads to the circular driveway. I like to spend some of my free time building wooden furniture, cabinets, toys and other things. Sometimes, because o

More Crazychick Fantasies

I love men who know what they want and my crazy boyfriend is one of them. Yes he is jealous and aggressive but he is a man’s man and loves the pussy. I love the fact he is in charge of the bed.

Once when we were fighting, he grabbed my arm and hi

Rick & Alicia ch9

Chapter 9

Alicia,Rick,Kyle, and Britannica were now back at home. Alicia the rest of the way to the house rode with Rick, while Kyle and Britannica rode in Alicia car. Alicia just had to wait for Kyle to bring her car to the house. Alicia mom an

pussy attack

One night I woke up to a banging at the door I slowly got out of bed and trudged to the door surprized it was my best friend lexi I was mad cause my parents were home and I could get into serios trouble I said what are you doing here she said I need

Paige and her Son Share a Lover

I found Paige strikingly attractive. The fact that she was 52 and I was 35 only added to her attractiveness. She had a short, stylishly cut head of silver hair with sexy bangs, stood 5’7″ or so and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 lbs. I lov

His Desent into Slavery 8

Dianna continued, “Now it is to be the top two teeth, isn’t it Rebecca?”

“Yes that’s right” my wife said. “I can’t have him hurting a mistresses or clients nipple.”

“Will he be with a male or she male master or client?” Dianna asked.

“Of cou

Threesome with Christy

After a long hard week at work, I was waiting for my girlfriend Debbie to come over. We’ve been dating for three months but have already established a routine. I would leave work a little early on Friday afternoon, take a quick shower, have a drink

I Did a Terrible Thing

I am a terrible person. Me and my friends were at the beach all day and headed to the bar to get drunk. There was a great live band and we ended up staying a lot longer than planned. Because of this change of plan, we were kind of underdressed. We al

His decent into Slavery 7

“Now darling sit on the chair to the right of you’” my wife said calmly. I moved across to it. There were chains back and front. It was more a small stool with a shallow back on it than a chair. As I sat down my body shivered with the coldness of

His decent into slavery Pt 6

With that, she put her heels on and took me by the hand. I was level with her neck in height. She was a pure Goddess. She took me by the hand and led me out of her room and down the long hallway to the other side of the chateau. The breeze was cool o