Samantha Only Does Black

“Samantha Only Does Black” By: Eeric Blog:

My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam. My family has always been very conservative. So they have always disliked that I wore tight tops or even tight jeans. But I am conside

The Soldier and The Seaman

The day began as any other day for a deployed soldier in Iraq. Wake up take a shower in the dingy trailers provided and make your way to work. But on this day for JoLynn this day would be different. After her 15 hour shift she headed over to her best

A Moment of Madness

A moment of madness? Part 1

Oh dear god, what am I doing? This guy has my panties in his pocket. My expensive dress is around his shoulders. I am displaying my body to the world, and if the video camera was any closer to my pussy it would be a vi

Layla Calls

I almost leap out of the chair at the sound of the door chime; who the hell can this be?
Stuffing my cock back into my pants and the Playboy magazine under the cushions I make for the door.
Hi ya Mark, Nichole in? It’s Layla one of my wife’s ma

Room of Pleasure

Room of Pleasure
Emy Naso

The supplicant next to Caradog sobbed. With his own heavy neck iron clamped to the wall, and wrists and ankles secured so tightly he couldn’t move, he couldn’t see the man’s fac


The loud, cacophonous wheeze recalling that of musical pipes being played badly, accompanied by piano strings being scraped and faulty plumbing burbling that emanated from the wall, told me that that Beau was having some difficulty transferring the D

Early Morning Delight

Early Morning Delight

I love working in a secure office building. After last night I love it even more! There is a male security guard that monitors the external entrance. We have an additional secure area inside. Four nights a week a black fe

Miranda's Sin

The world knew where she lived. Every year millions pried, watched, even screamed and shouted. But it was not for her. Penelope was invisible to the world. The crowds, most adoringly, came and gawked at the tennis players in the southwest London subu

Teddy Is Forever

Teddy Is Forever
Copyright Emy Naso

Baubles, bangles and beads, hear how they jing. Maybe, Lucinda, mused. But the gold, silver and platinum counter is better for my bank balance, and doesn’t make that awf

Desire of the Erotic Vampire

Desire of the Erotic Vampire
By Emy Naso
A tale of desire, envy, sexual lust and an evil Vampire

Se’argo kept to the long cloistered shade, slowly walking passed the crowds in the market square, eyes furt

Slave of Desire

Slaves of Desire
By Emy Naso
A tale of Edwardian lust and sexual humiliation

Slave For Sale
It was the worse time in his life. Cast out, hounded for his beliefs, unable to love, seduce, or corrupt the young womanhood of the country. The man who

Do Sex Dolls Dream Of Inflatable Sheep

I pushed the door and felt a wet slap on the back of my neck. I jumped nervously and, with trepidation, felt for the item that had struck me. The tomato was still there clinging to me. Wiping it off I turned to angrily regard the row of scantily clot

School girl gets anal from rugby phy ed coach

Its 2:00pm and Sarah is bored in a Math lesson. As her mind wanders, she looks out of the window to see rain pouring from the sky. She looks further and can see Mr Smith taking the phys ed class, today, he’s teaching rugby.

Sarah often masturbated

Hot Summer Day

It was a hot summer day, and Bonnie was very horny. Her husband, Tom wasn’t home so Bonnie took it upon herself to relieve her sexual tension. Bonnie put on her husband’s favorite play outfit, heels, and did her makeup just the way he likes it.

Messing up Grandmas underpants

I think I learned at an early age that silky things like women’s
panties, nylons, and slips were a great tool for masturbating.
The feel of the silky undergarments against the head of my
penis made it throb, and would make me blow huge
loads of s

How the Girls in my Family Changed my Life

Well I guess you really do learn something new every day; at least I know for a fact that I learned something new today. I had never seen my mom just come out and lie before, why was she doing this today? Let me go back a little ways in time to help

Sex Scene

Our naked bodies lie entwined, caressing, pressing against each other. Our breathing grows harder and we both begin to moan gently. You stroke my hair. I brush my moist lips against yours. I lick my way inside your mouth, then suck on your tongue

family fun

my father had died when i was 14, so i was the only male in the house. that meant i was alone with four females, my mother and my three sisters. well i had a choice of becoming more like them and being more girlish in my lifestyle or holding onto my



by Oediplex 8==3~

Part 6: Harry’s mom arrives with a story to tell

The memories, of the last things she remembered, replayed in her head, like a flashback in a ‘B’ movie.

“I love you, Mandy!” cried