Threesome with Christy

After a long hard week at work, I was waiting for my girlfriend Debbie to come over. We’ve been dating for three months but have already established a routine. I would leave work a little early on Friday afternoon, take a quick shower, have a drink

I Did a Terrible Thing

I am a terrible person. Me and my friends were at the beach all day and headed to the bar to get drunk. There was a great live band and we ended up staying a lot longer than planned. Because of this change of plan, we were kind of underdressed. We al

His decent into Slavery 7

“Now darling sit on the chair to the right of you'” my wife said calmly. I moved across to it. There were chains back and front. It was more a small stool with a shallow back on it than a chair. As I sat down my body shivered with the coldness of

His decent into slavery Pt 6

With that, she put her heels on and took me by the hand. I was level with her neck in height. She was a pure Goddess. She took me by the hand and led me out of her room and down the long hallway to the other side of the chateau. The breeze was cool o

His Decent into Slavery Pt 2

A well endowed Asian mistress stepped up to me. She stated.

“It is an honour slave, that lady Rebecca has requested your body in marriage as her slave and husband. Now read your contract to make sure you understand your requirements as her husband

I Did His best Friend

I love to blow guys and maybe have sex right under my boyfriends nose. I guess if he was not so jealous, sometimes violent jealous, I would not get such a thrill out of it. His best friend is really hot and I think I have drove him insane. When my BF

His decent into Slavery 4

Her milk tasted somewhat nutty and wasn’t as sweet as I expected. I grappled with her nipple in mouth to get a constant flow of milk. She looked down at me.

“Take more of my breast into your mouth and gentle suck. Don’t rush it.” she said.

I d

His decent into Slavery 3

My first day was nearly over. Night had fallen and I was now wondering where I would sleep. I had been suspended from a ceiling beam during my wedding reception watching everyone celebrate this day. More photos had been taken of me with different wom

His decent into Slavery

Chapter 1.

“Please sit down” the mistress stated. “Don’t be afraid, we’re not here to harm you. Now David, we have a large amount of notes on you which we are reading as we go. “Let’s see, when were you abducted?”

“About 3 weeks ag

His Decent into Slavery

Chapter 1.

“Please sit down” the mistress stated. “Don’t be afraid, we’re not here to harm you. Now David, we have a large amount of notes on you which we are reading as we go. “Let’s see, when were you abducted?”

“About 3 weeks a

Rick & Alicia Ch8

Chapter 8

Rick and Alicia were packing to go home for the summer. She was going to trial Rick home while Britannica ride with Alicia and Kyle Riding with Rick.. They had to drive to all the way back to Jasper County Missouri. That was more th

Venessa and Jess Pt 1

Hi, My name’s Venessa. This is my story of my senior year in high school. It starts at a party/dance at my girlfriend’s house… I walked in the door of my friend’s house and immediately smelled the scent of hundreds of grinding bodies and heard th

daughter inlaw get prenant

my daughter inlaw corrin ask me for more money and she know that she has to let me fuck her anytime she want money so i tell her to come over and get on my cock and go to work she comes in and undress and she see my big cock then as sitting on t

Madam Purple the 2nd Encounter

Madam Purple the 2nd encounter

I woke to such a burning sensation of pain. My cock was being burnt for sure I thought. Maybe it was just a dream. I tried to awake but I could not see anything it was all black. Burning again it felt so intense, I

Against the Wall

It just started as a make out session in the dark of my basement; the only light was produced by the television. Slowly my shirt is removed, and so is my bra only to expose my B cup boobs. His hands start to play with my nipples at I can feel him get

Melissa's Tales ch 12

Chapter 12
Serena looked the guy, her pussy was already wet from watching Melissa’s performance. She was already naked, her golden brown body ready. He nipples were already hard, Scott sucked the erected nipple into his mouth. He pushed her back

I love BJ

I love blowing men and I get a huge kick blowing men when my super jealous boyfriend is close by. Once when we were at a Hip Hop concert with my boyfriend and my best pal. We got seperated and a couple of roadies liked how we looked. ( Like tramps).

carrol takes charge

dumbo walked into the pub, sitting down talking was madam carol and julianne, dumbo went to the bar, Claire was waiting, hello shrimp dick what can i get you, can i have a pint please, Carrol and julianne looked at dumbo, Claire said, if you were a

Party in the Castle

Once every month my husband and I would meet up with some of his friends for a social gathering in a big chateau in the country side. The opportunity came about six months ago when we caught up with one of his banker friends Bill for dinner. Bill men