De leugens voorbij

Het was altijd leuk, samen pinten pakken..nooit vervelend…

Dikwijls werden we goed zat, maar nooit werd het vervelend.

Als wist ik dat Pieter een doorwinterde homo was…, nooit was dit vreemd.
Nooit maakte hij avances.

Pieter was het gez

lust for dicks

I worked at this place where I am the only female among all the workers. So everyone was always friendly to me but oneday business was knid of slow, so the boss took out some wine and liquor and we started drinking and tallking B.S just to pass time.

Holy Spunk

As Irish grunge band, The Fecking Skypilots, had sung my lullaby, so Australian skunge singer, Jezzibella Trollope, crooned me awake. I groaned and made for the shower. No hot water! Typical of this place. While fixing breakfast I discovered my f


A gal by the name of Silky had emailed me for a year. Since I had the free membership, I could not email her back. Then, one day I took the paid membership. We finally emailed each other and set up a date at an nice hotel. She emailed me her roo

Texting you, wanting you

Touching myself thinking of you and how much i want you, my hand wrapped round my now hardening shaft – cock slippery and aching to drag across parted lips, through soft downy hairs, to nudge and dip, slide hot and hard into your moist clasping cunt,


et La Danse de Deux a un Dulcimer,
Danse de Seduction

The story of two women who became dance partners, lovers, and the darlings of underground theatre. Their erotic choreography was as hot as their romance was


A son’s loving kiss on his mother’s special place

by Oediplex 8==3~

My mother is a beautiful redhead. Her hair isn’t that dark kind of red, but a lighter, brighter shade; and natural, as I can attest from in


By Oediplex
Based on an il-lust-ration by Pandora’s Box,
Used with permission
both text and picture are copyrighted material

(F/m/M mother, father & son)
[Billy’s parents give him a very thorough sex e

Blue Movie

Vincent ached with nostalgia for eras that had come and gone long before he’d even been born. Navigating to the vintage erotica web site he’d most recently added to his favorites, he realized he was getting an anticipatory hard-on without even l

The Blue House On Rain Street

It was that time of year again—Shadow Ridge’s Annual Medieval Fair. This would be the ninth year the South Georgia town held the event, and Venice and Tucker had each always started looking forward to it months ahead of time.
While Tucker


“Why ‘Jazzy'”?
The voice startled her from her reverie. Her eyes refocused from the desirable dress in the shop window to the images reflected in the glass. Vanity dictated that she assessed and approved her own reflection before discovering the so

Business Matters

Business matters


“Customer!” he typed and saw it come up on the screen against her name then he moved quickly through to the shop area.

“Morning ma’am, how may I be of service?”, the customer was a tall blonde that he seemed to

his Decent into Slavery 21

A slave then undid my shackle to free me from Mistress Sarka. The Mistress then whispered into my ear.

“I hope you haven’t made me pregnant as it wouldn’t be good for business. I mean a pregnant mistress handing out some BDSM. However, if you hav

Grow up 6

Chapter Six

While Clint was gone I did my regular chores. Cleaned the house, wash dishes and did the laundry. I was thinking to go grocery shopping but I didn’t want to use my money so I would have to wait for big bro to get home. I wanted to g

Grow Ch5

The July 4 celebration went off without a hitch. I woke up the next morning between Michael and Jason. Mom came and woke everyone up. The parents had fixed us breakfast. We girls were sore. I mean five guys for anyone is begging to be walking around

Me and the Math Teacher

Hi my name is Tom.This is a true story but all the names have been changed.Mrs Todd was my math teacher my fresman year.I had the biggest crush on her.She was about 5’5” around 110lbs with short brown hair and big brown eyes. She b cup size titties

Horney AMISHI's Extra Toppings

There was something about Horney AMISHI’s recent Siliconised sudden growth. Of late AMISHI has been spotted in outfits that further accentuate her 40D sized Siliconised Twins. She has been striking postures to highlight her Assets, and she is not

Mystress purple the 3rd encounter

Madaam Purple the third encounter.
I stepped into the bedroom after the shower clean and fresh to lay next to my mystress. She was lying in bed naked and beautiful as she always is. We started kissing and playing as so many times before, then a qui

Soccer Fans

As he thrusts his long, hard meat deep along my sopping love tunnel and the crowd roars, I make a mental note to ask, as soon as I get my breath back, what he calls himself. The crowd roars renewed encouragement and I can’t wait much longer for one f