poor little shrimp dick

anne and carroll were talking shrimp dick was licking claire boots , claire was talking to suzanne, , so did you have stevens massive cock last night , oh was it good for you suzanne, is he coming over tonight, why don,t you make dickless watch, ha h

Three girls continued

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Three Girls
I turned to Margaret, looked her in the eyes, then she laughed, and said you have to try it Arenas, I love Katrina, and she loves me, nothing in the world could separate us, we have wished for years you would find o

Three girls

Three Girls
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We lived in another country, far away from the busy UK, I can remember everything nice and all the scenic places we use to go to during the hot summers. Three girls aged under sixteen living and playing together discovering l

bi experience 2

BI Experience 2
I will continue with my bi experience with Sam & Tully, who I met in the pub, on a quite night. After being taken to their apartment, having the best Bi experience of my life, I started to wonder what did Tully get out of

Susan's amazing squirting pussy

I was feeling a little horny one day, and thought I would have a little fun, but had no idea that it would end up the way it did. I noticed that Susan, my fat neighber, was going out to the mailbox. She’s in her late forties, about five foot five, wi

Practice is Called Off

I’m not sure what I expected, but the fact that I was in the basement of a private. dormitory wearing only a pair of tight sprinting shorts and a jock strap with a group of similarly or even more scantily clad guys indicates I was expecting somethi

anything for a job -3-

Anything for a job –3-

Be here tomorrow at 10:30 sharp!
I’ll be there to start my new job, Ann said to herself on the way home.
How will I explain my cum-filled and stretched pussy, she wondered?
Peter would be waiting, ready to m

anything for a job -2-

After filling Ann’s pussy with his cum, and hearing Ann moan and pant , the boss told her to lick him clean.
Not bad for starters, he said, and then added « now get dressed and take a taxi to go to Mr Fred ; you got a job interview!». Ann s

anythinf for a job

Anything to keep a job 1

Ann wasn’t too happy with the current situation ; as a matter of fact it was quite stressful not to know how much longer you would live in your house before it was foreclosed , just like so many other couples had go

The Party

“Why don’t you come to our party?” she said.

“I thought you were only inviting girls,” he replied.

“I was. But I don’t mind you coming too, if you won’t be bored. It will be a quiet evening.”

He agreed, not to

two can play these game

my wife had to go out of town fr a few days.o i went to famous sam,s to get some dinner.when i walked in i noticed jessacia a girl i used to work with. could tell somethng was wrong by th look onher face.so i went over sat down and we started talking