Teaching Kevin A Lesson

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When I came out about a year ago, there were three people I didn’t tell: my parents, and Kevin. I’ve known Kevin since high school, and I’ve never been able to stand him. He’s the hugest homophobe in the world, and an asshole to boot. Unfortunately, we ended up attending the same college and living in the same apartment complex. He would make it a habit to come over every Friday …

Sarah& Tom explore Chapter one of seven

Sarah and Tom explore

Sarah worked in the dry cleaning shop in the high street. Tom came in to collect some cleaning that he had left there a few days before. There was a bit of a problem immediately because Sarah couldn’t find the correct items at first. She became a little flustered and blushed as she sorted through the rack for a third time. Her uniform tabard, held together by three …


So heres how my rape went down. I was walking to my moms work from school. And on my way I wanted Starbucks so I stopped and got some. I sat down on a bench in the park and drank my coffe. When I got to my moms work I went to the bathroom. When I went in there, there was no one. So wen I was leaving I opened the stall door and there was a guy standing there with a ski mask on. He pushed me back …



After was married I had little idea how my life would transform I had known my wife’s sisters from school though I only vaugly remember her from school I had known her big sister who was the same age as was I we were on the wrestling team together through our high school days and junior high days I even got to go to wrestling tournaments not because I was good but because …

The Laundromat

At The Laundromat

It was 1978 and I lived in an apartment that did not have a laundry room , which was normal in the Utica NY area . I would go to the Laundromat in the New Hartford Shopping center early every Sunday morning before the old women came in and hogged all the machines . This Sunday in November it was snowing and very cold around 5 degrees. I parked my car and brought my laundry in …

love at first site pt3

As she woke up in the morning, she felt his cock, now soft inside of her. She turned round and saw he was still sleeping.

Then there was a pounding on the door. it woke omar and he slid out of her, with a very pleasant sensation. He quickly pulled on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and went down the stairs. She pulled on a long shirt if his and followed him down. He opened the door and …

Sorcerer 2

Danielle smiled while she moved down his body… then took him inside her

mouth again to get him hard. Within minutes she succeeded and climbed

aboard his new erection. This time they sex was even louder.

Later on they lay back on her bed totally exhausted… and it was then that

he realized he hadn’t used protection.

“Are you on the pill?” He asked, hoping he hadn’t impregnated …

revenge is sweet

I am a forty-year-old woman who along with my husband of 20 years owns a small retail store. We do quite well and I thought we were in the “lived happily ever after stage of life. What changed things happened while my husband Tom was out of town on a golf trip with his friends. One of the girls that work for us, Julie was going through a divorce and having a hard time. So to get her out of …

Kevin's Second Lesson

I was surprised when Kevin called me, almost three weeks after I had tied him to my bed and fucked him up the ass. At the time, to get him to cooperate, I had lied and told him I was videotaping the session, and that in a week, he could have the tape back. When the week was up and I hadn’t heard from him, I assumed he’d just decided to put the whole thing behind him. When the rape had …

The Shadow of Amnesia


Sanity. We’re all insane here–or we wouldn’t be following HER. Even in her absnence, to all of us she is a Goddess. A selfless martyre, but of what?

She has shown us self assurance, and how to excersize our strengths. She has shown us a deep and dark side of life we never even knew existed. There is not a female among our numbers who has not lain with another of our kind. …

Mara and Lauren

On a cool August weekend, I was sitting inside my apartment, looking at TV, just bored out of my mind. I shared an apartment with Lauren Hewitt, my best female friend. To think Lauren and I had not gotten along at all. Now we were sharing an apartment together.

But lately, I had become so turned on by her. Lauren stood five feet eight inches tall, long brown hair and blue-gray eyes. And, of …

His Decent into Slavery 10

Chapter 10

Another blank sheet to write on. Rebecca insists that these journals will help my rehabilitation into this life of slavery. Maybe it does, but I still crave my free life.

I sit here always naked, typing my experiences. My food is breast milk and urine. I’ve lost a bit of weight but that doesn’t matter too much. It’s the fact that I am the only male here and because of that, …

Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee – P

Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee – Part 3

Two weeks later, when the soreness and bruising had gone, I decided to try out my new found membership of this unusual Club. I had been told that there were only two rules to remember: one – you must accede to any request of another member, without question; two you can ask anything of any member and they must agree. With some …

His Decent into Slavery

Chapter 1.

“Please sit down” the mistress stated. “Don’t be afraid, we’re not here to harm you. Now David, we have a large amount of notes on you which we are reading as we go. “Let’s see, when were you abducted?”

“About 3 weeks ago” I stammered.

“You will always address me as mistress” she sprayed back.

“About 3 weeks ago mistress” I said

“And what were …

Adventures in Jennifer's World ch. 8

Chapter 8

Jason was nervous. Friday came too fast for him. He had been invited to Angela’s house to meet someone tonight, and that time had come. He was just pulling up to their home on Sycamore Avenue.

The evening breeze mussed his long auburn hair. Jason walked slowly up the walk. He didn’t know whom he was meeting, or what to expect. All he knew was that he had had mind-blowing sex …

Blind luck

Susy walked down the dark street alone, her blonde hair fell down over her shoulders as she quickened her pace. She had only come down this way once before and she was fairy certain she could remember the way. Susy felt the pavement under her feet change from smooth to rough as she walked further away from town. Her stick banged against the sidewalk and her hand felt the fences and walls beside …

Biff and Lorraine (alternate ending) – Chapter 1

Author’s notes: For readers who may be unfamiliar, this scene takes place near the end of the movie, when Marty is sitting in the car with Lorraine. Marty’s plan is to “take advantage” of Lorraine and then have George rescue her, causing them to fall in love. However, Marty chickens out at the last second. In this introductory chapter, much of what happens is straight from the movie. The …

A Debt

Marion Gannon was an attractive 45 year old suburbanite. She was happily married to a business owner. She had two beautiful daughters ages 15 and 13 and had the perfect suburban life so it seemed. Marion also had another life. The life of a gambler. an unlucky gambler at that. Marion owed Rita Jamison, the proprietor of an after hours club in the city close to $10,000. Marion had dodged paying …

My wife new begining


………Well Enjoy, As I say this is about 95% true I live in Southern Ireland

Well, I am sure you …