WHAT KIND OF WOMAN I WAS At first, I didn’t want anybody to know what I was doing. I thought that if any one knew, I like the way it felt they would think I was a lesbian. I couldn’t embarrass my family like that. The fir

Memories of Raeanne

More Memories of Raeanne

That night we met at the Hotel Allison, a dumpy slum on Stockton Street for cheap or poor European travelers. It maintained, in spite of its low prestige, a facade of proper accommodations, sporting a faux-Victorian lobby


A breeze passes along the contour of your body. Teasing the skin that is exposed. You unconsciously tremble. You are unaware of a presence filling in the gaps between
the shadows. You sleep.Dreamless. I dance around you. Above you. Below you. Each

Make it Worth Remembering

His instructions were very simple…he was to make it worth remembering!

He is leading me by a gold chain that was attached to a gold ring which hangs directly over my clit. I had a piercing done there long before it became popular. He stops to o

be careful what you wish for

…be careful what you wish for

My name is Nik and I am addicted to trawling the internet for gay websites looking for clubs and saunas, anywhere that I could experience my first gay encounter. I was sure I could find club or sauna somewhere in th

One on One

Brodie Gravedon had always been any girls dream guy-jock,standing 6’1,Deep brown eyes,and dirty blonde neat hair.He had a rugged,toned body,and having a bit of Indian in him he was a perfect tan.
Even though Brodie was like a greek god the real beau

A great encounter with an old friend

You know I never thought that this day would ever happen again…but it did…
As I sit on my computer checking my messages like I did every night after work I came across an unknown email address…so I opened it. In the email it read “My darling

Marnie gets the cane

Marnie gets a well-deserved caning

Marnie is the youngest of my four beautiful daughters and over the years, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that the female of our species need a strict disciplinary framework. I’ve always striven t

Oleg does his duty

Three young victims

The two sisters and their friend, Helga, had been abducted from the streets of Gdansk and smuggled to Belgium. The Belgian brothel was one of the busiest in Europe and catered for every taste. Since their arrival there the day

Mafia Daughter

This is a story I had written sometime ago with the help of an editor named Jennifer Campbell. It has been placed on Literotica, BDSM library under different names, but it is my story.

Mafia Daughter

By Deviant

Donna Gionese was a privileged

Face to face at last

Face to face at last ( part one )
I awoke to the sound of my alarm, annoyed I hit the snooze button. I roll over to enjoy those precious nine minuets the snooze allows. In that early morning fog between sleep and awareness my mind begins to flow, be

episode 19

We were in bed. I gave her a smile and she knew what I meant. She smiled back. I undressed and also undressed her. I massaged her legs and boobs and nipples. She caressed my cock and my cock head with her thumb. I ran my cock all along her calves and

episode 18

She was in the kitchen wearing her PJs. The morning sun was streaking through the window, and through the PJ, making her body fully visible. I silently pulled my cock out, walked from behind and hugged her. My hands were around her waist and my cock

My first Time

My first time with a guy was a great experience, even if I wasn’t trying to be gay. We were best friends, Dave and I. I never considered myself gay, nor did I have feelings for Dave other than we had fun chatting together, and spending the night at

episode 17

When we are home often times she asks me to always keep my cock out so she can beat whenever she wants. Out of nowhere and with no warning she will slap it or beat with whatever happens to be available nearby. It can be a ruler, kitchen utensils such

episode 16

She called me from the room. When I walked in she asked me to lie down on the high table. She asked me to take my cock out and hold it at the base pointing upwards with the head fully exposed. She started beating the cock head with a wooden ruler. In

episode 15

She called me from the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom. With a naughty smile on her face she asked me to get naked and get in the shower. I followed her words as I thought we were going to have sex in the shower. She asked me to stand against th

No Rings She Donned

No rings she donned,
“I’m a free woman” her song,
As she crossed her long shapely legs,
And looked at me impishly one table away,
I safely went back to my book and read.

I felt young eyes staring at me,
With self proclaimed liberty,

Caught at work

It had always been a fantasy of mine to be black mailed into having sex. The idea is if you get caught you can fall back onto the blackmail story.
One day while at work I was surfing the net for porn, mostly gay and transvestite porn when my boss c