Teenage dream

It’s every teenage dream, to have a hot sex story..in this case it’s the football jock fucking his hot girl best friend that happens to be crazy for sex. 
   It started with a drunk night senior year after years of crushing but being best friends

The Traffic Stop

Traffic Stop

Letting out a long groan as he left the hospital Kim was glad her shift was over. It had been a hectic night in the pharmacy. It seemed that everyone had an urgent need for medications and they all needed them ten minutes before the


A True Story Of Feminisation

I was just entering my prearranged destination. It was 11 pm and just before I paid the admittance fee, I stopped to look at myself in the mirrored walls. Reflected before me was a sexy, if a little sluttish looking wo

Her First Submission

I knock on the door tentatively. This is my first time at your place. You open the door and tell me that submissives aren’t allowed to be dressed in this home without permission. I ask if I can come in dressed and you say, “No” with a smile. Anyo

Xenia Chapter 10

I knew what he meant by toothy. I had sucked his cock and licked his balls. Occasionally a tooth touched his cock. He said it wasn’t painful, but it was annoying and showed that he needed to improve my oral technique. Every time a tooth touched his

Grace's Assistant

Grace had known all morning that something was up with her assistant. Not only had Karen arrived a little early, but when Grace’s lunch break had rolled around, she’d insisted Grace go out to eat for a change, while she stayed and kept the offic


The vista spread before him wasn’t landscape!

by Oediplex (writing as TrojanSnake)

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{be sure to look for the ‘bonu

Cousins Are Perfect For Sex

It was the Friday before Thanksgiving my freshman year of college and I was looking forward to having nine whole days without class. However, my plans came crashing down when I found out I would be required to attend my boring family reunion at grand

Private Arrangments

Private Arrangements

“I really want to thank you for meeting with me,” Sue said as she entered her husband’s boss’s private office.
“Well I figured it’s the least I could do,” Stan said as he closed the door behind her. He motione

Working off the Debt

Working off the Debt

Martha threw her husband a quick glance, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly. He gave her an almost imperceptible shrug in response. She made a weak smile and returned her nervous attention to the portly man seated behind the

underage part 2

she spoke in her native tongue, as she sat on the edge of the bed, letting me see her ass hole. when she put the phone down, she just staired at my cock, before coming over to lick it once more. she explained that she would be back soon, and even app

underage part 1

I was almost a middle age reporter, checking out a story in east africa about womens sexual freedom. My driver tried 6 hotels, before we found a seedy looking place, dropping me off as a 35 year old woman looked at me up and down, before leaning over

It's called being a tease part 1

I felt his hand go over my month his lips at my ear don’t you dare scream. I didn’t make a sound. That’s a good little slut. He slammed me up against the wall. He kissed me I pushed him away. He slammed me back against the wall. Ow… Be g

So thats what DP stands for

Had at least two messages here,recommendations concerning “DP”, had no idea what that meant till about an hour ago. I’ll skip the intro for regular followers, all others can catch up by reading past posts.

So my ex son in law stops by as scheduled

Community Service Part One

Review This Story || Author: Posing Somdomite
Community Service

Part 1

Community Service: Chapter One
By Posing Somdomite


“Sharon, get your lazy ass out of bed,” Margo yelled between forceful knocks on the dor

All for my Wife's Entertainment

The woman I am married to has a strange sexual appetite. I don’t mean the things she’s into are particularly kinky, although she can be at times; I mean her frequency and strength of desire vary wildly. Sometimes we will have sex for several days in

Want to meet couple for Swapping our 1St Time

We’ve been married for 30 years andd our SEX life has ben great, but it seems to me somethng is missing!
I’ve never had another cock other then my Husnads and I’ve always wondered what another cock would feel like!
I’ve seen pic

Xenia Chapter 9

“Slave. Wake up.” Master’s voice commanded. I looked up and there was no Master present. The lights had come on and I saw the computer scene on the table had a wake up call.
“What time IS it?” I wondered. I was able to get to the front bars of my

One Size Fits All

This is a true story that I experienced with my boyfriend when I was 19 years old. I’m now 23.

My little group of friends and I had just gradurated high school, and