Story 1 Our Conjugal Amorousness

Cast of Characters with their Description:

She’s my wife. I picture her as the most beautiful and most taking woman in the world. A Pair of heavy-lidded deep set dark brown eyes, a straight nose, full rosy pink lips, and ample dark hair

A Failed Love

I saw him. Almost like a dream, he stood there; body slumped to one side, shorts hanging loosely like all the other guys. His mess of brown hair and angular face and tall frame almost caused me to fall to my knees. It was him. That beautiful creature

To have loved and lost, Chapter 2

To have loved and lost. Chapter 2.

Allisons p.o.v

The school isn’t as confusing as it first seemed. The school is set out in a circle; with smaller hallways branching out.

Leslie takes me to all my other classes; math, S.A.P , English and bi

To have loved and lost, Chapter 1

To have loved and lost. Chapter1

Leslie’s p.o.v

I smile when she enters the room. She’s new, and I can tell by two ways; one: I haven’t seen her face before, and believe me, I would have remembered it. And two; she looks like she wants to sink

School Innocence

As John was finishing his thesis on the inhabitants of a remote village deep in the jungles of Peru, Sally walked by brushing his arm with her soft fingers. He looked up just in time to get a glimpse of her bubble ass smiling sweetly through her tigh

Blackmail and cream

Apprehensively Marsha turned her computer on casting a nervous look at the small web cam her son had installed positioned on top of the monitor. Luckily he hadn’t asked any questions after she had purchased the device and asked him to install it. H

The Interview

I had a dilemma. I kept hearing how miserable you are at work, and it made me feel awful. So I knew the value of each and every interview, and I was hesitant to play on that for any reason. Then again, this was about sex, and that was the best rea

Total Surrender Part VI

I was awakened the next morning by another nudging slave. There were no alarm clocks, phones, or TVs at The Hampton. Like ‘Robinson Caruso’ it’s as primitive as could be. I guess they would have just been modern distractions.


Total Surrender Part V

I was awakened in the morning by Christina’s nudging. Yvette was awake as well.

The three of us looked down at Master Christopher’s swollen organ pressed against his sleeping body. He looked so handsome lying there dead to the world

Total Surrender Part IV

As the sun began to fall at The Hampton house everyone started to gather in the main hall. It was obvious who the owners were. Most of them either wore S&M vinyl costumes like Mistress Elisha, or wore silk robes. They’re favorite submissives w

the boyfriend auditions

the boyfriend auditions

Jessica didnt have a boyfriend.there really was no need.a click of her fingers and men would jump, so she didnt date as such.she had far too much fun with her friends and the countless desperate men who fell at her feet

tag team waiter

Tag Team waiter.

Jessica and her friend Melisa , met every weds at the local coffee shop in Birmingham, it was a regular haunt of theirs with big glass windows they could spot any suitable prey for their little games,Melisa, was 25,slim, and much

First Night Out of Closet to Cumslut Whore

I had decided to breakout of the closet this weekend. A gay couple I knew were having a little dinner

party and invited me to be desert. I had met them online and partied with them on several

occassions. They convinced me to go public and may

The Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party
When I asked my wife to marry me, I would never have thought that she was as daring and as erotic as she was. Lexie and I, worked together at the local hardware store. She caught my eye the minute she walked in the door looking

My Bestfriend's Hands

I watched him as he strummed his guitar beat by beat. It was after school and i had gone up to the third floor just to see my best friend play his guitar for his major’s final. My boyfriend was standing next to me complimenting on how good and great

A escape into the cabin

The leaves fell silently throughout the day. Jack and Samantha had just arrive to their cabin for the summer. As Samantha explored the kitchen Jack unloaded the van. After an hour, with the van unloaded and the kitchen cleaned and ready to be used fo

Best buds take each others virginity

This happened about 5 years ago it was the start of something that changed my life

I was 18 at the time and my friend lets call him Carter for purpose of this story. Carter was newly 18 just like me we had been friends for most of our lives I was

My First Threesome

This story took place several years ago while I was in college. It involves myself (ryan), my girlfriend at that time was (Donna) and her roommate (Ren). Donna was short, about 5’2″ with full 34C boobs, slim, medium length brown hair, about 105 lbs,

Total Surrender Part III

I’d made all the preparations. My parents thought I’d be studying anthropology in Nepal and would be unreachable for 70 days. Apparently The Hampton and other houses assisted their submissives with this via fake documents and letters ho