Xenia Series 1

I sat at the key board, staring at the monitor for the 10th time today. “That slave ad. I just have to try it. It’s online. I can quit anytime I want to.” I clicked the ad and “Master” answered. “So, you want to be a slave, do you?”
“Sounds like a

The Intruder

Danny often scolded her for doing it but then he wasn’t there, besides she was happy, and whistling one of her favourite tunes was an expression of that happiness.

So her husband didn’t recognise the tunes she whistled, so he claimed that she

Nooner with June

June and I had never actually met. She posted a personal ad that I responded to and we began corresponding. June is my age, about 50. Funny, but I always preferred fucking younger skinny girls with perky little titties. Anyway June and I started ‘t

Morning Experiment

As the welcoming afternoon sun slipped through the blinds I slowly opened my eyes to the new day. Shuffling in the sheets for a moment, I turned over to see him lying there, still peacefully asleep. I cuddled slowly next to his soft, warm skin, caref

Ethan and Tommy

I was confused and more than a little afraid as I opened the door to my home one afternoon. I heard sounds, faint at first, moaning sighing coming from the bedroom. I had been at work for many hours working on particullary heavy caseload at the law f

Grandfather's Fault

I guess you could say it was my Grandfather’s fault. Not that he meant to, or really had anything to do with it, except for the fact that his passing away is the whole reason this happened.

My Grandfather was 99 and a-half years old when he pas

A New Spirit

“Oh how could he, how could he?” Sabby felt tears well up in her eyes and her temper rise as she watched her husband Rob’s bare butt thrust forward again sending the dick that she had experienced so many, many times doing for her what it was doin

3holes Begins Her New Life

First thing in the morning her black head hood was removed and she was stood in front of a basin to wash it and hang it up to dry. She was given a breakfast of a can of slave food much like dog food but formulated for “human” slaves. It was placed in

I Lost a rematch

A few days after the party I received a text message from the host and his room mate asking if I had enjoyed the party, and the pool game after. I replied that I had a good time at the party, and the pool was fun also. He invited me back on Friday,

3holes down the gangplank

3hole stood naked, humiliated and horny at the top of the gangplank. Her hands were still bound behind her. Her mouth hole had been uncovered and a ball gag inserted. She could see the crowd gawking and nudging each other, pointing and taking picture

Flight to Owner's

Property was unsecured from the stage and led blindfolded to a waiting limo with tinted windows. She had no idea of where she was going, but they spoke another language though some of the people seemed to also speak only English, so there was mixed c

Slave is Sold

Property finished cleaning the house. Lord was very fussy today about it and wanted every nook and cranny scrubbed. Property was grateful Jack didn’t make her lick the floors clean this time. She was tired. Sleepy. Jack per his usual watched her clea

The Interesting Walk Home slave series

The two men were groping Thing’s tits, ass and cunt. She obediently spread her legs as trained when they began to reach, making it easier. “Lord would be so proud”-Thing thought.

She had noticed her clit getting tingly and moist, she was sure

HOw Kenda discovered Her Real Nature


Kenda had been reading a little about s

Forbidden Meeting

You show up at the hotel…your nervous and are sure you shouldnt be here but you cant help yourself….you knock and feel your pussy involunteeraly shudder and you get wetter….i open the door and see you as i smile and look directly in your eyes..

The Locked Room

The Locked Room

It was 3:00 and everyone had left the school- except for Bridget and Simon, who got detention with Mr. Stanton.
ÒAll right you two,Ó He said.Ó I am going to the teachers lounge until your time is up at 4:30. Have funÓ He exit

Autobody Brad

The roar of an inline 6.5-liter big block came rolling into the driveway as the clock chimed ten times. She had been anticipating this date for a few days as she had taken a large interest in Brad, as well as an even larger interest in his car. She

Trip Of Fire Very good friends

THE TRIP OF FIRE (Good Friends)

We were on some river in Michigan called the Newaygo. I had never felt so close to nature, so much a part of nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly what you might refer to as a tom girl or even an outdoor lov


The feel of a cold gaze upon her body caused her to shiver unwillingly. Lifting her green eyes to the blue ones, she caught her lower plump lip between her lips and trembled at the soul seeing blue eyes. Can he tell that she wanted him? The man cause