A cop and his stick…

It’s been a hot day and yard work has kicked my ass! Dusk is upon my backyard and I feel so gross! I take a drink from the garden hose and realize just how good it feels. I run the water across the back of my neck and my body comes alive! I look around and discover just how much privacy I actually have in the cover of dusk. What the hell! I take off my shirt so that I am down to my sports bra and run the water across my chest…my nipples rise to the occasion and already I feel so free.

I decide how wonderful it would feel to hook up the sprinkler and run naked through it like when I was a small toddler. So, that’s exactly what I do. I guess I got carried away and perhaps let out a shriek or two because next thing you know there is a flashlight beam on me and I can’t make out just who it could be. I hear a man’s voice ask if everything is all right and did I need any assistance. Oh, my God! It’s a cop! Oh well, I’m busted but this is my backyard and I was in the dark.

I don’t bother to cover myself and I calmly answer that I was just fine up until the intrusion. Once again he asks if I need anything and an idea comes to mind. “Well, I could use a towel.” He answers “Right away ma’am,” and disappears. Hmmmm….in seconds he reappears and has a towel in hand from his squad car I assume. Instead of handing it to me he walks right up to me and wraps me in the towel and his warm arms. He begins to rub me dry and I wonder just how far he plans on taking this.

Much to my surprise he works his way down and in a stern but non threatening manner, commands me to spread my legs. OK. He was so firm and yet so gentle…I thought my knees would give out but as he patted me dry, sensations awakened in me and a stirring of lust and wonder. Suddenly there was no towel between his hand and my throbbing mound. His hands were huge and he explored as he pleased.

I wanted to cum so bad…I felt myself being lifted and carried to the picnic table I have nestled under the tree and he laid me out like some kind of picnic. There I lay, face up and an officer of the law taking matters into his own hands. He explored every inch of me with his mouth and fingers. Leaving me gasping and convulsing uncontrollably.

Then to my astonishment this officer drew out his night stick and I knew exactly what he had in mind. I was pretty intimidated by this but what could I do…call the cops? He teased me with the tip and before I realized he had me riding that thing and taking all of it! I had no idea that it was possible. I must have cum five times before he finally withdrew and climbed on board for a ride of his own.

What a nice guy…when he was quite through with me he escorted me into my house, checked all the doors and said his good-byes but not before going down on one knee and kissing my sweet pussy goodnight.

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  1. Ramcharger

    That was a good story. Wish it was longer though.

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