A Long Drive, A Blonde, and A Cop

It was one of those boring Sundays she had to spend with her family. The family that was never there for her but that she’d always been there to take care of and help out. She was a beautiful woman, with a sweet personality of always wanting to please other people. Rarely getting mad at her family and friends taking advantage of her resources and time. Here she was with a beautiful face, beautiful blue eyes, long blonde wavy hair, beautiful smile, and a gorgeous petite but femininely muscular body with legs that would knock any guy who saw them to his knees.
She had never taken the time to take care of her needs because she was so busy taking care of everyone else’s, she hadn’t even dated much. She had her own job, money to take care of herself, her own place, her own car and always had worked for what she had, unlike her family who always seemed to have everything handed over to them, and mainly by her. Well, this time she had had enough of her family making her their slave and she didn’t hold back this time. She told them that if they didn’t start treating her with respect she would leave them to take care of their own problems!

She stormed out of her sister’s house and with tears running down her cheeks she got in her car and decided to go for a long drive to clear her head and gather her composure. As she started driving, she thought she felt the need to drive somewhere new, somewhere quiet and secluded so that she could just do some peaceful thinking and enjoy the freedom her long drives gave her. One thing she knew, she enjoyed being single and not having to answer to anyone. Although the people close to her took advantage of her time and money, she knew she could ultimately control where she would go and what she would do with her life, she just needed to take that step. Well, today was the day she had it!

She drove down some familiar main streets and then turned down a country road, just outside the city limits. After driving for a couple hours it had gotten really dark. She didn’t realize how dark it got in the country with no lights, unlike the city she was use to living in. A sudden feeling of fear shot through her body when she realized that in her quest to feel free she had turned down so many streets she was now lost. She remembered she had her GPS navigator in her car, but the problem was, her car was in the shop and she was driving a rental car. She quickly checked her purse, in case she took it with her. “Damn!” She thought to herself, “….how could I be so stupid to leave my navigator in my car!” When she looked up from her purse she saw that the road ahead of her narrowed to just one lane. “Where am I now?” she said to herself. Just then, a car drove up behind her with the bright lights shining. She looked in her rearview mirror but couldn’t see anything except for lights and the car was so close that if she stopped it would slam into her forsure. She slowed down slightly and as the car started to pass her, she had to pull towards the shoulder because the road was so narrow.

As she pulled to the side, driving slowly, the car behind her was now beside her. She looked over with a very irritated look on her face and saw the most gorgeous cop she’d ever seen! He was so hot! He had short dark hair, really light gorgeous intense eyes with strong brows, a really manly face and a body to match! He looked well over 6 feet tall and had a thick muscular build. He looked at her and almost surprised to see a female, he smiled at her. She smiled shyly back, blushing like crazy! He drove by and turned his lights and siren on and sped away. “Man!”…. she thought!… “I wish we had cops that looked like that where I live!” She had always had cop fantasies. She loved cops ever since she was a teen and was rescued by a cop when she was babysitting one day and a stranger tried to break in. She had flirted with many cops but never took the step towards ever taking the chance to date one. While she fantasized about them, she was much too intimidated by them to ever go out with one.

Anyway, she kept driving and when she finally thought that this road was going nowhere, she decided that she’d turn around up ahead. She noticed that other than the cop that had just driven by, no other car had been driving that way. Then she saw the sign: “Dead End”. She thought “Damn! I must have missed the warning sign at the beginning of the road when I was looking through my purse!” The road ended right then and there! All that was behind the sign was a forest, and all towards the side were trees other than a small section of dirt road the size of a small parking lot. She pulled in to turn around since the road was too narrow to do a u-turn. Just then, as she was about to back up, she looked in her rearview mirror, and noticed a car right up her bumper! She tensed up like never before and almost couldn’t breathe! The car was blocking her in and there was no where she could move. She made sure her doors were locked as she saw the driver of the car behind her step out.

She looked in her side-view mirror and realized it was the tall, gorgeous, muscular cop who had passed by her earlier. She wondered if he had pulled ahead and waited for her. “Where was he hiding if that was the case”, she thought….”Maybe it wasn’t him, or maybe he’s here to help her find her way, realizing she might be lost.”

When he got up to her window, she rolled it down only about 3″. He bent down to the window and stared at her without saying a word and let his eyes wander down to her gorgeous legs. She said: “Hi, Officer”.

He kept looking her up and down and then said: “Mamm, where are you headed?”

She began shaking but tried so hard not to show her fear and said: “I was just going for a drive.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous for such a beautiful woman to be driving out here in the dark, all by herself?”, He said.

She didn’t know what to say to that but she composed herself and still hiding her fear said: “Well, I’m kind of lost. I thought I had my GPS with me and when I realized I left it, I must have missed the warning sign that this was a dead end.”

He looked at her with the most mischeivious grin you could imagine and said: “Lost. Are you?”

She tired not to act intimidated because she didn’t want him to feel he had control over her, so she said: “Yes, I’m kind of lost but I’m just turning around and I’ll find my way.”

He said: “I can’t just let you go. The sign you missed said “No Through Traffic, Do not Enter, you broke the law!” He wasn’t smiling anymore and she knew that something was not right.

She said in the sweetest voice possible: “I’m so sorry Officer, I’m not from around here and I was just really upset today and wanted to clear my head. When I realized I was lost I just thought I’d find a gas station or something up ahead and then I saw this dead end sign and I just….”

He interrupted her and commanded: “License and Registration.”

She knew there was no reasoning with this cop and wondered how he could be so mean, when just a few minutes before he was seemingly so nice and attractive. Now he was just beginning to scare her. Thoughts of how secluded she was and how big and strong he was swept over her and she began to shake even more. She got her license and the rental agreement and handed it over to him without opening the window any more than the 3″ it was down. He said to her in a very gruff voice: “What’s this?!”

She said: “It’s a rental car, it’s not my car and that’s the rental contract.” Then she gave him a big smile.

He was not impressed, he looked at it with suspicion. He said: “Sit tight, I’ll be right back!… have you ever been in trouble with the law before?”

She smiled and said: “No”.

He said: “Are you sure?”

She said: “Yes, I’m sure, I’ve never been in trouble before!!!”. She was getting really annoyed and he noticed.

He snapped back: “There’s always a fi
rst time!” She knew that although she had the courage to tell her family off earlier, it wou
ld not be a good idea to piss this cop off. She knew he could break her in two if he wanted to. She waited for a few minutes while he checked her license.

He began to walk back over to her car, but first he took all the lights off of his car. She got scared. She wondered what he was up to. All she could think of was that her cop fantasies never made her this scared before, that it wasn’t so much fun when the real thing was beginning to happen. It’s not what she thought it’d be like. She wanted to run, but she couldn’t go out into the forest and his car was right up against her car, so she couldn’t even get around it to get onto the road. He got to her window and smiled and said: “I’m sorry, Mamm, but the computer is down, I’m just waiting for the signal to start up again. While I’m waiting, I need you to step out of the car and come back to my vehicle.” She wanted to protest but he seemed that he had calmed down and gotten off his power trip, probably because he was a little embarrassed that the computer was down. So she got out of the car and he moved up really close to her and reached around her and put her license and contract on the dash of her car. He told her to leave her keys in the car and she did, she put them on the dash too. His smile disappeared again, and fear began to sweep over her again when she stood up and he was in front of her. He was at least a foot taller than her. She was only 5’3″.

She turned slightly to get back in her car saying: “It’s okay, I’ll just wait in my car” and when she went to grab her keys, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the car and slammed the door. She screamed for a second because he took her by surprise.

He said: “You don’t listen to instructions very well, do you?!” He was getting angry again and power-tripping. She was so scared she just looked at him and didn’t know if she should cry or scream. She was shaking so much and he noticed. He was in control and he loved it!

He grabbed her right arm and pulled her towards the cruiser. She could barely walk. She was so scared, she thought her knees were going to give out. Tears welled up in her eyes and she pleaded with him to let go of her arm. “You’re hurting me!”, she said.

He shouted at her: “If you obey an Officer of the Law, you won’t get hurt!” He stopped and grabbed her other arm and pulled her in front of him and looked at her sternly and said: “Are you going to be a good girl?”

She didn’t know what to say or what exactly he meant by it, but she was so scared into submission that she said: “Yes” as tears began to flow down her high cheekbones.

He let go of her arms and told her to walk over to the front of his car. She did what he told her to do. He got in his car and checked the computer, then looked at her. She glanced over at him and knew the look in his eye. He wanted her. His eyes were scanning her hair, her face, her body. She decided now was her chance to escape. She looked at her car and thought about running to it, when she turned back to look at the cruiser, he was standing right there! She screamed. He moved closer, smiled and said: “Mmmm, you’re a screamer.”

She turned around and tried to run but before she could get more than a few feet away, he grabbed her around her waist with one arm and a fist full of hair with his other hand. She screamed: “Help!!!”

He swung her around to face him and pulled her closer, looked her in the eye and said: “Scream all you want, it just turns me on and no one drives down here. All the locals know this road leads to nowhere. No one is stupid enough to drive down here at night! When I saw your car earlier, I knew you weren’t from around here. And when I drove up beside you, I felt my blood rush up to my head and my heart began to race at contemplating the opportunity I had. I saw your gorgeous face”, as he pulled her tight against his hard muscular body, he continued “and I got so hard I thought I was gonna explode!” Then he grabbed her right hand and placed it on the front of his pants saying: “See what you do to me?!”
She started to cry. He let go of her hand and wiped her tears and traced his finger over her lips and smiled and said: “What’s the matter? Don’t you like cops? Don’t you fantasize about cops having their way with you?” She wondered how he knew she had cop fantasies, but figured he was just saying that because many women do. She didn’t know what to say or do next but she realized that by showing her fear and crying, it just turned him on more. So she choked back her tears and figured the only way she was going to get away was to trick him into thinking she’s giving in. She had to get him to trust her and then she could make a run for it.

She stopped pushing him away with her hands on his hard muscular chest and started running her hands down his chest feeling every ripple of hard muscle. She ran her hands down his bulging arms. She looked up at him and ran her fingers through his hair, down his neck and back to his chest again. He leaned in, kissed her neck hungrilly and whispered in her ear: “Good girl!” Then he moved to her lips and pulled her head back by her hair, gently but firmly. He took her lips in his and swirled his tongue into her mouth and said: “Mmm… your lips are so soft and sweet. You’re so beautiful! I want to be inside you now!” He pulled her legs up around him onto his hips and leaned her against the cruiser and kept kissing her and running his hands through her hair and up and down her gorgeous tanned, toned legs. “Oh Man!!! You have such beautiful legs! So smooth, so strong.” So she squeezed them around him harder. She was terrified but she kept kissing him and playing along. She hated him for abusing his power, but she was so wet and she knew her body wanted him inside her too. But it was just her body betraying her logic. She had no idea what this brute would do. It wasn’t a game. She wasn’t a willing participant. He was a stranger.

He let her down on the ground and started backing her up towards the back seat of the cruiser. She turned and walked toward the back and stood at the car door. He walked to his trunk and said he was getting some condoms. When he had his head in the trunk, she ran as fast as she could in her 4 inch high-heeled, white, strappy sandals. She didn’t look back, she just ran. She thought she was far enough and looked back for a second and there he was! He grabbed her by the arms and swung her around to face him. He slapped her across the face and her head went to the right, her long blonde hair flying across her face. “You stupid bitch! You little whore! You tease me and lead me on, you try to trick me and run! I’m gonna teach you a lesson!” He let go of one arm and holding the other tight, he pushed her back to the cruiser.

She started screaming and crying: “No! Please!! No!! No!! I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me! I’m so sorry!”

He yelled back: “Shut up you stupid bitch! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’re gonna be sorry you tried to trick me! You need to be punished for disobeying a Police Officer!” She pleaded with him to let her go and he just ignored her. There was nothing she could do now. She realized he was right. There was no way she could get away from him and no one would hear her screams.

When they got back to the cruiser, he slammed her down on the hood of the car. She screamed: “You’re hurting me! Stop it!!! You’re supposed to protect people! Please stop!!!” He took one wrist, then the other and handcuffed her hands behind her back. She struggled so hard, she could feel the cuffs digging into her flesh. He pressed his hard cock against her back and reached under her jacket and squeezed her breasts hard with both hands. He could feel her lace bra under her black silk blouse.

He kicked her feet apart and ordered: “Spread em”! She wouldn’t. She squeezed her legs as tight as she could, but he forced them open with his knee and said: “Strong baby, but not strong enough!” And he got between her legs rubbing up and down, while continuing to
grab and squeeze her breasts and nipples. She screamed everyt
ime he twisted her sensitive nipples. He reached down in front of her, pulled her skirt up and ran his hand down to her hot, wet pussy. When he touched her red, silky, lace panties, he said: “I knew you wanted me when you smiled back at me when I passed you on the road!”

She said: “Please, please, let go of me! Please! I don’t want you to do this! I’m not that kind of girl! I don’t sleep around! Please don’t! I don’t even know you!”

He pulled her up, turned her around and looked into her beautiful light blue eyes and said: “You don’t sleep around? Come on, a woman as pretty and as sexy as you, with legs like that? Don’t you know you shouldn’t lie to cops?”

She cried harder in frustration and said: “Please, I’m telling you the truth! Please don’t, you’ll hurt me!”

He smiled and took her cuffs off and looked her in the eyes again and said: “That’s not what I read on your Internet Dating.com profile.. Brandie!” He kept smiling as he saw the look of terror and surprise in her eyes increase.

She knew he looked familiar! One night, a few months ago, she was at her friend’s house and her friend convinced her to play around with the dating website, just for fun. That’s where she met “Robert” a gorgeous 6 foot 4 inch, muscular, strong, but sensitive, caring Police Officer, who liked fine dining, and going for long walks with that special someone! She emailed him a few times back and forth, flirting and sharing fantasies, but she wasn’t serious. She certainly wasn’t going to meet up with a complete stranger off the Internet!

He knew exactly what she was thinking. He nodded his head and said: “Yup! I’m Robert! You know you really shouldn’t tease men like that. And your cop fantasies? You should be careful with whom you share them with, you never know when you might run into them. When I drove up beside you, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I immediately recognized you from your dating profile picture. And all our emails came rushing back to my memory. How much I wanted to fuck you right then and there! If only I could get my hands on you…and here you are!”

She was stunned. She had no idea what to say. She felt so helpless and so stupid, and so ashamed! She remembered the different scenarios she shared with him about what she wanted to do to him and what he said he was gonna do with her. He smiled and pulled her hard against his body and said: “I saved all your emails, with your IP address, so if you think you can report this, they’ll laugh you right out of the Police Station!” He saw the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability wash over her face and he led her to the backseat of the cruiser, opened the door and pushed her in. She quickly slid over to the other door, but of course it wouldn’t open from the inside. He grabbed her left ankle and pulled her to toward the open door. He climbed on top of her and straddled her with is legs. He took his vest off and then his shirt, and threw them along with his gun belt to the floor of the car. Then he ordered her: “Unzip my pants”. She just kept trying to push him off. He grabbed her by the hair and said: “I said unzip my pants!!!” She was terrified. He pulled a condom out of his pants pocket and waited for her to unzip his pants. Her hands were trembling. She managed to pull it half way down and he pushed her hands away and pulled it down all the way and out sprang his huge, long, hard, pulsating cock.

As he slipped the condom on, she began to recall how he bragged he had a long, thick cock, but she had no idea it could be so big! It was at least 7″ long and at about 3″ thick! He smiled and said: “I told you.” Then he forced her legs open with his knee and got between her legs. She could feel his cock as hard as steel up against her thigh.

She panicked again and screamed: “Please don’t hurt me! Please let me go! I was just playing, I didn’t mean any of it!”

He caressed her face and neck and played with her hair and said: “Oh, you mean you don’t think I’m the most gorgeous cop you’ve ever seen and that you want to rip my clothes off and have me hold you down and make you cum?”

She was mortified and deeply regretted the game she played on the Net. She cried: “Please, let me go. You are gorgeous, but I didn’t mean any of the other things, I was just playing. I’m sorry!!”

He said: “Well, then “Robert”, not my real name, is going to teach you a lesson in not being a cock-teasing slut!” Then he ripped her blouse open and the buttons went flying everywhere. He grabbed her breasts over her red lace bra and kept squeezing hard and kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts. He pulled her silky black skirt higher towards her waist and pressed his thick hard throbbing cock at the entrance to her pussy. He teased her clit with the tip of his cock up and down and when she was dripping wet, he said: “Get ready for the ride of your life!”

She screamed and struggled with all her might, but he was huge, he was so strong and so heavy on top of her that she could barely breathe. Then he lifted her left leg high and slowly but forcefully penetrated as deeply as he could. He grabbed her long, wavy blonde hair and kissed her hard and deep. She screamed in pain: “No! No!! Please! No!! Get off me!!” He loved it. The excitement her screams added, the thrill, he had never done this before. Never in his police car! He moaned, it felt so good! She was so tight!

He looked her in the eyes and said: “Tell me those things you wrote to me!” She wouldn’t. She was trying so hard to push him off her! He put his hand around the front of her throat and squeezed. “I told you! Listen to me and you won’t get hurt! Now say it!” (He had no intention of hurting her. He wanted her to stick around, he just wanted to fulfill both their fantasies.) He squeezed harder.

“Okay!..”, she cried, “I want you deep inside me! I want to feel your cock all the way inside me! I want you to come inside me! Harder, harder! Faster!”

He kissed her neck, her lips, he sucked her nipples while thrusting deeper and harder, in and out, faster and faster. “Uh! Uh!.. your pussy is so tight! Oh oh!!”

She had begun to feel more pleasure than pain now. With each thrust she wanted him more, she could feel her pussy grabbing on tighter everytime he pulled out. She could feel his hard muscular body slamming into hers. She couldn’t stand it. She never imagined a man could move inside her like that. Her whole body was trembling, his cock was throbbing inside her. Her fingers were digging in his back, she wrapped her legs around his back and kissed him intensely.

They both came and were exhausted from the long struggle that ended in this. He sat up and pulled her in his arms and asked her if she was okay. She nodded yes, but didn’t say anything. She was still intimidated by him. He got out of the car and took her out by her hand and pulled her up close to him and gave her a long, gentle kiss, and said: “I’ve gotta get back to the station. My shift will be over soon. Follow me and I’ll show you the way out to the main road, and make sure you call me tonight when you get home!” He put his shirt and his vest back on and pulled one of his cards out of his shirt pocket and gave it to her. He walked her to her car, she sat in and he closed the door and said: “You’re free to go Mamm”!

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