A Saturday Afternoon To Never Forget

Wow the kids are gone, the street is empty.
What should I do with myself?
Oh wait almost one time for my canasta game.
Yes, I am kicking ass. I have always been good at this game.
“You have received email. From: Don. Subject: On Da Phone.”
It reads: Hey, I’m trying to call you……. when you’re done doing whatever it is that you are doing, give me a call at work……
Well he is just going to have to wait until I finish this game.
After Nikki wins the game she logs off and calls Don.
Corporal Baker, May I help you?
“Your right you are beyond help.”
“Fuck you, Don.”
“Wouldn’t you like to?
“Yes, wouldn’t you?”
“What are you up to today?”
“Well everyone is off to a birthday party and I am tipping a few beers back and relaxing, I am going to finish cleaning get smashed and go to bed.”
“Sounds like fun.”
“I have to make a quick phone call, let me call you back.”
The phone rings. “Did you say the street is dead today?”
“Yes, everyone is out to a party.
“Mind if I stop by in a little while?”
“No, I don’t mind.”
“I’ll see you in a little while.”
Shit Jon’s home and Marie and Scott pop up out of no where.
I have to call him back and let him know, that people are around.
Shit he’s not there.
We will think of something.
We have to; God knows I want to see him.
Now I have to get the kids out of here before he shows up.
Shit he’s in the driveway. Now what?
He steps up onto the porch.
“Ms. Gillette, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”
“No, come in.”
Scott leaves and Marie is still standing by Nikki’s leg.
“I thought you said the street was dead, where did they come from?”
“Marie walked across the street; I have to take her home.”
“Do you want me to wait?”
“Yes, I will be right back.”
Nikki walks Marie home and returns to her house, grabs her beer and takes a big swallow, thankful that Don handled himself so well, yet feeling bad because people showed up after she had told him everyone was gone.
Looks at Don and wonders “How much time you can get in the slammer for raping a cop?”
Digital get down plays on the computer.
Don walks up and stands in front of Nikki, squeezing her breasts in his hands.
Noticing Nikki isn’t wearing a bra. “Were you ready for me?”
“No I just didn’t put a bra on this morning.”
Don leans in kisses Nikki pulls her hair and bites the side of her neck.
Don’s mouth kissing Nikki, pulling her hair to expose her neck as he switches from side to side biting it before coming back to kiss her mouth again.
As Don Kisses her he grinds himself against the front of her.
His hands pull her hair and pull her head away from his face.
“Why are your eyes glassy?”
“I’ve been drinking.”
Nikki leans in and kisses him pulling him as close to her as she can.
Don breaks the kiss… “I think you should drop right here and suck my cock.”
Nikki again goes after Don’s mouth. He kisses her and then breaks the kiss with her hair in his hand as he walks her four steps down the hallway to her bedroom and releases her hair.
As Nikki walks to the bedroom Don slaps her ass.
“Are you done?”
Don’s says nothing, no smart remark, nothing.
Nikki knows now that he isn’t even close to done.
As the both enter the bedroom Don take his radio and gun belt off and lays them upon her bed. Walks over to Nikki and kisses her, drops his pants and pushes down on her.
Nikki drops to her knees and sucks him into her mouth.
Her mouth drawing his cock in slowly, and sliding it back out to the tip and back in.
Don pulls Nikki’s hair and makes her look at him.
“You like sucking my cock don’t you?”
“Bet you would much rather be fucking it instead, wouldn’t you?”
Don pulls at her, kind of pushes her towards the bed and tells her to bend over.
Nikki stands and walks to the bed and stand in front of it.
Starts to move her feet to slip out of her shoes when Don rips her shorts down to find Nikki is not wearing panties.
Nikki crawls on the bed and allows Don to enter her pussy from behind.
As soon as his cock slides into her a moan escapes her mouth.
His hands grabs her hips, he drives in and out of her.
A loud moan escapes Nikki’s mouth as she cums.
Don moans as he cums inside Nikki.
The feeling of his cock jerking inside her causes her to cum again as her head falls to the bed; her back to arch as her pussy milks his cock of every last drop…

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