Airforce Ian and his girl

It was a hot and humid day in Texas. Lauryn was dating her boyfriend Ian for a month. He was stationed in Lackland airforce base in Texas. He was a medic in the airforce.
Lauryn who stood 5’4 w/ blonde hair and big blue eyes had been dating Ian for about a month.
Around 7:30 am Lauryn went on a run with Ian. She loved running. it was one of her passions. After she went running, she decided to take a shower at Ian’s apartment.
She was feeling extremly horny so she decided to masturbate in the shower. She put the water on extra cold and strattled the faucet. She loved how it felt on her clit. She could feel her clit starting to pound. Lauryn tried not to moan and she grabbed her tits roughly.
“oh my god she moaned!!! Ohh Ian Ian.”
Ian could hear her screaming and ran into the bathroom.
“Lauryn what happened.” he yelled
Ian found lauryn strattling the faucet and finally realized what she was doing. Lauryn’s face turned red.
“its ok Ian said. I love to masturbate in the shower.”
Lauryn still was embarressed. She was still horny. She could still feel her clit pounding as she looked down at her hairless pussy.
” I am so horny now. Do you want to have sex?” Ian said
“Umm.” Lauryn paused for a second. “Do you want me to masturbate for you?” she said
“Yeah, Ian said but I want to get off.”
“Come in the shower then.” Lauryn said.
Ian got undressed and got into the shower.
“Wow I have never seen such a big cock.” Lauryn said
Ian then blushed. Lauryn starting to inch down Ian’s cock and began to suck it in her mouth. She licked the tip and began to deep throat it.
“yummm she exclaimed. I love sucking cock!!”
“suck it harder!!” Ian said
Lauryn starting to taste pre cum and she smiled. Ian then shot his load into her mouth. Then Ian began to eat her pussy. she moaned with pleasure as he tounged her clit. This is so much better w/ then my shower head or vibrator!!!
Ian then lifted lauryn out of the shower and put her on the bathroom sink. He started to Ram his large 8″ cock inside of her. Lauryn grabbed her tits and started to moan loud. She didnt care if Ian’s drill sargent heard her. Ian then bent her over and fucked her up the ass. Lauryn’s asshole was tight. She closed her eyes as Ian’s cock went in. She never had anal sex before but she loved it. within minutes Ian came and so did Lauryn.
Ian looked up at Lauryn and smiled.
“Wow that was hot.” he said
” I can be freakier.” Lauryn said
But thats for another time.
The end

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