Linda got on the bus and a lot of the people took notice. She was quite pretty, with curves prominently displayed in her tight powder blue dress with a tiny blue sweater on top unbuttoned, causing the eye to look right at her prominent breasts, she was full breasted, but very nicely proportioned, petite in height but womanly just the same, she had the face of an angel with long brown hair that fell around her face and shoulders in shiny ringlets. Her make-up was flawless, she was a professional make-up artist and she had talent.

She walked down the aisle as all those eyes watched, occasionally she would look into a person’s face; the wrinkle-faced old man holding the paper bag who stared at her with sadness in his eyes, the young mother looking exhausted holding a baby in her arms and two toddlers asleep curled against each other by her side, the middle-aged couple who were looking out the window while their hands were clasped around each other. She walked all the way into the back and was relieved to see many empty seats, she sat way in the back and looked across the aisle and saw a good-looking Marine, he had a crew cut and was in a uniform, he had big dark intelligent eyes, thick brows, a small nose and nice lips, she smiled at him and he quickly responded by flashing a sexy dimpled smile and nice white teeth.

The bus took off and turned onto the highway and drove into that warm summer night. Linda took off her sweater and as she did she saw the Marine smiling. He winked at her, she was amazed she never really had seen anyone wink in a flirty way except in the movies and this really excited her, so she smiled and giggled lightly. The Marine liked her response, so he moved over in the seat closer to the aisle. “Ma’am, I hope you will not be offended, but I have spent six months in Iraq and I have not been with, nor seen any women that could come close to your beauty. I am sitting here very turned on by your looks. You are stunning!”

Linda stared into his eyes and said nothing, she really did not have to since her nipples were saluting him in lust. He noticed that right away and his cock stirred, he loved when he could make a woman aroused just by his words and he knew he was a great lover, enough women had told him he was and he knew by women’s sexual responses that he definitely knew how to treat a lady right, so he knew damn well that if his words got a lady horny his body would definitely finish the sexual job and give them both immense satisfaction.

Finally Linda spoke, “I just want to thank you for the way you honor your country and I’d like to thank you in my own special way.” and with those words said she lifted her hips while looking over her seat and around the bus and she reached up under her dress and removed her incredibly lacy wet panties, she slid them slowly over her toned tight silky thighs, over her knees, ahe sat back down and pulled her panties over her shins and calves and then her small ankles and her little high heels. The Marine was floored and horny as hell when he saw that. She held them up by the sides and showed him. He smiled, “Can I hold them?” he asked. Without a word Linda leaned over the seat and aisle and handed them to him.

He held them in his big rough hands, they looked tiny and delicate. “Ohhhh someone’s wet, huh?” he said as he took the crotch between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed them. This made Linda heat up even more and get wetter. “Naughty girl is nice and wet, huh? I love wet girls!” and he rubbed them even more. Linda was totally turned on her whole body was electrified and passionate now.

Linda bit her bottom lip and her pupils got big and her eyes turned dewy shiny, he saw that and knew she was really into him.

So the Marine held the panties up and rubbed his face in them, then to be funny he pushed part of his face through the leg hole and winked. This made Linda laugh, she put her manicured right hand over her cleavage and her body shook as she laughed. He laughed too. But the laughter stopped when he put her panty crotch over his nose and rubbed and sniffed, Linda did a deep breath in and slowly released it feeling her now bare pussy pulse, it just pulsed over and over her hole tightening and releasing. She wanted his body so badly. The Marine smiled at her and got up, he removed his jacket until he was only in an undershirt, his cock was so hard that the front of his pants were sticking out, he stayed standing with his hard cock eye level to her. He turned sideways to show her how much it was sticking out, she lifted the hem of her dress showing him her thighs and then her pusy, a beautiful neatly trimmed pussy. “See I have a crewcut too.” she said as she laughed, he laughed and said, “Mmmm yeah and you wear it so well!” He sat down next to her and put his hand over her pussy, she had a small pussy so it was tiny in his palm, his fingers were under her ass and the palm was over her pussy and her lover abs, the hairs and skin on her pussy was soft and warm, he took his other hand and cupped her breast and he kissed her, his tongue slipped in between her wet soft lips and explored her mouth and found her wet tongue, he wiggled his tongue on hers then swirled it around while he massaged her breast and just pressed his hand on her pussy, she meanwhile was rubbing his stiff shaft and head there was pre-cum staining the front of his pants. They kissed and touched forever it was intense and sexual. Linda was glad she was sitting down because she would had fainted since all her blood had rushed to her pussy. The Marine stood up and looking around he unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his pant’s button, then uzipped. Linda loved the sound of a man unzipping his pants, she knew what was in store after that happened, it was always good and horny times. She saw the red and blue stripe on his waist band of his white underwear and she saw the tip of his cock peeking up above his underwear, it was big and peach colored and sexy and gooey. She lifted her hips in response to that sight. He opened his pants more so that she could see the unmistable outline of his hard on, she almost swooned seeing that delight for the eyes. He slowly, very slowly pulled his underwear down, revealing more and more of his cock, the head, the shaft, that sexy thick vein, his long curly unruly pube hairs, her eeyes just took in that sexy display, then he stopped and dropped his pants to his ankles and showed her it all, his balls hanging so sexy almost bull-like she knew there was a lot of cum in them, his upright cock, needing her attention, he let her see it all. She reached out and touched his cock, he jumped slightly at her soft, warm hand, she pulled on his cock to make him come closer he did and she put his cock in between her lipsticked lips and sucked him, as she sucked him, she looked up into his eyes and she alternatively played with his balls bouncing them in her palm and then she ringed his shaft with her fingers and turned her fingers around it and ran her fingers ringed like that up and down his shaft, all the while her tongue and lips and mouth worked their magic. He came hard and fast he tried to pull out because he knew some women did not like having cum in their mouths, but she quickly reached around him, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him back into her mouth she squeezed and held tight on his cheeks as he shot his sperm into that mouth of hers, she gurgled, moaned and swallowed. He saw that and shook his head in disbelief and pleasure, she kept sucking him long after he came he could not believe it but he hardened up again, her tongue and mouth were magical. She released him from her lips and stood up and lifted her dress off, now she was only in her shoes and bra, he saw that lacy bra with her pink areolae and dark red hard nipples visible through it and he just bit her nipples, not hard, just sensually lightly tugging on them, getting her bra wet with his saliva. “Ohhhh shit that feels so good.” she moaned/whispered, as she ran her nails over his scalp. The Marine unclasped her bra in
the front, he left the straps
on her shoulders while the bra clung around her breasts he pushed the cups to the sides and caressed the outer sides of her breasts, he knew those areas were super sensitive on women, he leaned in and nibbled her neck, he pulled away and removed his undershirt. Linda smiled at his chest, it was a tight defined masculine chest, a very strong-looking chest. He pulled her close to him so that her breasts touched his skin, his hard dick was poking her hip, it felt so sexy just bobbing against her skin like that, she was super sensitive all over now, everywhere he touched her excited her, he was feeling that lust too, his body wanted to stay nude against hers forever, her smooth, silky skin soothed and enticed him at the same time. They rubbed and pressed their naked flesh against each other and they kissed, she pulled away, looked into his eyes and said, “Fuck me, Marine, fuck me now, fuck me hard, fuck me good!” and she turned around and knelt on the seat, he backed up and grabbed her hips while looking at her pretty ass and that sweet little brown haired pussy looking up at him from under that fine ass, he saw the slit was glistening, her pussy dew was shiny and telling him she needed a good old fashioned deep thrusting hard fucking, so holding onto her hips he pulled her back, he got behind her and he entered her pussy he had to push to get in they both moaned as his cock slid into her erotic sexy moist and warm pussy hole. He got all the way in, waited a second, leaned over her and and said, “Are you ready for a good hard screwing?” Linda just pulsed her pussy muscles around that gorgeous rigid prick of his and she did not need to say more so he rammed her he used his fleshpole to make her shriek and moan and gasp, he watched her ass move with every thrust he did into that adorable pussy of her, in and out he hard fiucked her, he felt the silky walls of her pusy tightening very fast and then she orgamed as she did, he stayed in her and she pulled her knees together, “Damn! Girl, that is hot!” he said as he felt all of her tight silky wet flesh just suck on his dick from the inside of her pussy, her pussy gobbled on hi cock, he tried not to but he came and as he did he jerked upward pulling her up with the movement they both groaned in pleasure, “Oh yesss you hot fucker! You fuck so damn good!” Linda groaned. The Marine stayed still in her feeling her nice ass on his groin and her pussy shrinking around his own shrinking cock. He reached under her and tickled her down dangling tits. “Mmmmmm, feels gooood.” Linda said. After a while the Marine slowly pulled out, Lind’ pussy did not want him to go and held onto him like he was a tampon, but he withdrew, he sat back in the seat and wiped the sweat from his face, he smiled at her ass and pussy as they looked at him, Linda then sat in the seat, they were both nude and satisfied and sweaty. The Marine looked at her and said, “You know I never asked your name, what is it?”


“Fits you, pretty name for a pretty lady! My name is Staff Sargeant…” before he could finish, Linda just smiled and said, “Yes, you definitely are a staff sargeant!” and she squeezed his cock and smiled.

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