Slutty Behaviour

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Slutty Behaviour

It’s the 6th of September 2004 at the moment , and I am writing a short story about something that happened about four years ago . I must have been 21 years old at that time and I was still living at my parents house at then .

Actually, I stayed longer than I expected in my parents house . I was almost 23 years old when I left them to live with my current partner Edwin in our own comfortable house . No mommy anymore to do my laundry , clean up my room . No more daddy who always was there for me when I was in trouble . But again , this story occurred when I was still living under my parents roof at age 21 .

Some of you might already know this but for those people who don’t , my father is a Judge . That’s what he does for a living . A few more years and he will be retiring . Being a judge means he also raised his children , me and my brother and my sister , with a hard hand . We have learned a lot from him , although when we were young , we didn’t think the same as we do now . And I must say that I was quite a rebel when I was younger . I have had my share of groundings and other punishments . This story is about one of those days that I felt like being a rebel and my naughty side took over from the angel inside me .

It happened a lot that people came to our home to talk to my dad about certain things related to his job . Most of these people were people who worked in the same sector as my dad . Other judges , lawyers , policemen , you never knew who might be sitting in my father’s office with him when I came home from school or work . I grew up with these people , and some were even like family to me . They all knew me and most of them had seen me grow up too . But it did happen sometimes that a new face showed up at our house , a face I hadn’t seen before . And this was one of those days .

I was sitting in my room , reading a book when I heard some voices in the living room . There were two different voices . One was obviously the voice of my father but I did not recognize the second . It seemed like it was the voice of a very young person , but on the other hand the voice did sound very masculine . Curious , I laid my book down on my bed and made my way into the living room . I looked at my dad who smiled at me and I looked at the person whose voice I just heard . My eyes moves from his face to his chest , down to his legs and back up to his face . He was wearing a uniform . I guessed his age must have been around 27 , maybe 28 . He was kind of cute .

I smiled at my daddy and said : ” Shouldn’t you introduce me , Daddy ? ” My father laughed : ” Frank , meet my daughter , Amanda . ” Frank smiled at me : ” Nice to meet you , Amanda . ” A devilish grin showed up on my face : ” Nice to meet you , Frank . “

I kept staring at him while he turned back to my father and handed him over a file . My father looked at me so I guess that was a sign for me to go away . I could see what he meant , just by the look in his eyes so I walked towards the coach and turned on the TV . From that point I could still see Frank and admire him . He was indeed very sexy . I hoped I could see him again sometime . From time to time I noticed that Frank peeked at me . Or was it my imagination ? My father and he talked for a few more minutes till he left through the front door .

A few days later , one of those hot days in the summer , I was swimming in our swimming pool wearing a nice yellow bikini . Everybody was gone that day and the house was all mine . I climbed out of the pool , throwing my wet hair backwards as I made my way to the kitchen to get me a drink , leaving my wet footprints behind me all over the floor on my way into the house . I opened the fridge and closed my eyes as I felt the coldness running over my body . It felt so good to feel this refreshing air washing over me . My nipples got hard instantly . I looked to my breasts as my nipples were pointing through my bikini . I giggled , grabbing myself a can of iced tea and closed the fridge again making my way back to the pool .

On my way outside I heard the doorbell ringing . Quickly I turned around to make my way into the living room to look on the monitor to see who was at the gate . We had a fence around our house and a big driveway . Our gate was always closed and people had to wait at the gate so we could see who was ringing our bell before we opened the gate electronically . I looked at the monitor and recognized Frank . A big smile showed up on my face .

I laid my finger on the button next to the speaker and said : ” Who is it ? ” Off course I knew who he was but I love playing games so I made him think that I did not know who he was .

His voice sounded weird through the speaker : ” Its Frank , I am here to deliver a file for Mr. Marais .” I pushed on another button and saw on the screen how the gate opened . I watched Frank getting back into his police car and driving up our driveway . Dirty thoughts started running through my mind . Afterall , I was home alone .

He parked his car at our front door as I was watching him through the window . He walked up onto the porch and rang the doorbell . In my wet yellow bikini , my hair still wet , I made my way to the door . While throwing my hair backwards I opened the door . I smiled at Frank .

With a formal voice he spoke : ” I am here to deliver this to your father . Is he home ? ” I looked at the file in his hand :

” Uhm , why don’t you come in and I will see if he is home . ” I let him in , closing the door behind him . As he walked me by I could see how his eyes checked me out from head to toes . I showed him the way into our living room and asked him to wait there as I was going to see if my daddy was home . I knew very well that he was away for the whole day but I just wanted to play a little game with this guy to see how far I could go . I told him to take a seat but he made clear he didn’t want to sit down , he said he was fine . While I walked out of the living room , I made sure that I was moving my ass in a way he just had to look at it , waving it from left to right .

For a few minutes I waited in the kitchen before returning to the living room : ” Sorry , my father is not at home at the moment , but maybe I can help you ? ”

Frank handed me the file : ” Maybe you can give this to your father ? ”

I took the file from his hand : ” Sure , no problem , Frank . ” And I smiled while laying the file on the table : ” So you want anything to drink , Frank ? ”

He blushed : ” Sorry Miss , uhm , I am on duty . ”

I moved closer towards him and laid my hand on his chest , looking him in the eyes : ” What nobody knows , hurts nobody . ”

His cheeks turned even more red : ” I should get going now , Miss . ”

As he wanted to turn and walk away I laid my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down into the couch . Frank dropped on his back on the couch as I crawled on top of him , my wet bikini messing up his uniform , making it all wet . I laid my hands on his face and placed my lips on his , kissing him fully on the lips . He was fumbling , trying to get from beneath me but I tried to keep him down with all the power I had in my legs .

He turned his head , breaking the kiss : ” Sorry Miss , I cannot do this . ”

I grinned : ” Is there a girl in your life ? ”

He shook his head: ” No , but ….”

I did not let him finish his sentence and laid my lips back on his lips . He was struggling but at the same time I could feel that he was enjoying it . While we were kissing , my hand moved down towards his waist . I reached between his legs and started rubbing his penis through his pants . Again he stopped the kiss and pushed himself upwards , trying to get from beneath me . I lost my balance and fell off the couch on the floor .

Frank was standing next to me and helped me back up a
nd said : ” I am sorry , are you okay ? ”

I made a sad puppy dog face : ” Don’t you like me , Frank ? ”
He was afraid to look me in the eyes : ” Uhm I do Miss , but your father ….. ” And before he could finish his sentence I had already untied my bikini top and let it drop on the floor .

Instantly his eyes were focussed on my breasts . ” You like them ? ” I grinned and grabbed his hand and laid it on my right breast . His hand was warm . He tried to pull his hand back after his fingers made contact with my flesh but I was still holding his hand so he wasn’t able to release . Slowly his fingers started to move and now he was caressing my breast . I released his hand .

While he was touching my breast I slipped my hand into my bikini panties and moved it over my pussy saying : ” I have something you might even like more . ”

Frank blushed as I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me as I made my way to my bedroom . After we walked into the bedroom , I locked the door behind us and pulled the key off and laid it in a drawer so he couldn’t escape from me anymore .

Frank was looking around in my room and uttered : ” Nice room you have here , Miss . “

I walked towards him : ” I want you to arrest me , Frank . ”

He looked clueless : ” What do you mean , Miss ? ”

I showed an evil smile on my face : ” Arrest me , frisk me , handcuff me , do to me what you have been fantasizing about since the night you saw me for the first time ! “

He blushed .

” Come on , I know you want it ! ” I smiled , ” Do it ! Mister Police Officer ! ”

These last few words must have been the trigger that turned him into a horny monster cause he turned me around and made me stand against the wall . He grabbed my arms and made me put them against the wall and stand backwards . With his foot he kicked against the inside of my ankles : ” Spread them ! ”

I smiled and replied : ” With pleasure , Sir ”

He started frisking me , his hands roaming over my body , started at my breasts , which he fondled for a few seconds , moving down over my stomach , between my legs , over my thighs to my heels and back up , his hand rubbing over my pussy . He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back . I could feel the force he was using as he took his handcuffs and locked them around my wrists . The steel was cold .

He grabbed my wet hair and pulled my head back , whispering in my ear : ” Now you are all mine , Miss . ”

I grinned . He turned me around and grabbed my shoulders , making me sit down on my knees . I looked up at him , into his eyes , his eyes that had changed from shy into commanding . He started to unbutton his pants , dropping them on the floor . He was wearing funny boxer shorts . Dark blue ones with The Pink Panther on it . I had trouble trying not to laugh and ruin the moment .

Frank grabbed the edges and pushed his boxers to the floor . His cock jumped out of his boxers and was already hard as rock . He grabbed his shaft and moved his skin up and down a few times : ” Open your mouth , Miss ! Or should I call you Slut ? ”

I smiled , remaining speechless and opened my mouth . Slowly he slipped the tip of his cock between my lips . I could taste his pre cum as a drop of it , fell on my tongue . I enclosed my lips around his shaft and slowly started moving my head back and forth . Frank started moaning softly , obviously he was enjoying this as much as I was .

He laid his other hand on the back of my head to control my movements to his need . ” You really enjoy this , don’t you , you slut ! ”

He started moving his cock deeper and deeper . Lucky for me he wasn’t that well endowed . He wasn’t small either but I had seen and had bigger ones before . He grabbed my head with both his hands and started fucking my mouth faster . His cock went deeper and deeper down my mouth each time he pushed his shaft between my lips . A few times I could even feel his cock touch the back of my throat .

” Take this , slut ! ” and he pulled my head quickly towards him , pushing his cock all the way down my throat . My nose was pushing against his belly as he kept his cock deep down my mouth . I started to gag and a few tears ran down my cheeks . I couldn’t help the tears , they were caused by the gagging . I gagged more and more till he finally released his cock from my mouth , his cock covered by the spit that I just gagged up .

After he removed his cock from my mouth I started coughing , trying to recover from what just happened . But he didn’t gave me any time to recover cause he grabbed my head again , slipping his hard shaft between my lips and pushing his cock again down my throat.

I started gagging again. As I tried to breathe through my nose , the phlegm came up from my stomach to my mouth . I was making all kind of gargling noises. I tried to breathe through my nose but I couldn’t cause it was pushed against his stomach . My face was turning red and I tried to pull back but he didn’t let me . A few seconds later he released me and I was coughing , almost vomiting . I could barely keep it in . What a mess that would have been . Obviously he was enjoying all this (and secretly, so was I).

He grabbed my arms and pulled my up to throw me on the bed , face down , on my stomach . He grabbed my bikini panties and pulled them off . ” Now you really are in trouble slut ! ” He smiled . I looked back to see what he was doing . Frank was undressing , putting his uniform on a chair and getting naked .

” What are you going to do with me , Sir ? ” I said with the most innocent voice I could do .

” I am going to make you pay for being such a slut , Amanda ! ” : He smiled , ” And don’t look at me , look forward ! ”

As he commanded me , I looked forward , wondering what he had on his naughty mind now . He crawled on the bed and laid down between my legs , forcing me to spread them very wide open so he could lay down between them . Suddenly he grabbed his bludgeon and placed it on my throat , holding it with both his hands and pulling it backwards , forcing my head backwards or I would choke . As he pulled even harder I felt how he was moving his hips , as the tip of his cock was finding its way into my pussy . After a few seconds I felt how the head of his cock was right in place and waiting to enter my vagina .

It was right at the entrance and he whispered in my ear : ” Now this is for being such a slut ! ” And with those words he pulled even harder with his bludgeon on my throat and bucked his hips forwards , pushing his hard cock inside my pussy all the way in one stroke.

A loud scream escaped from my mouth as he slowly released the bludgeon a few inches to let me breathe normal . He started moving his hips back and forth . With long , deep and hard strokes he was fucking my soaking wet pussy . My head was pulled backwards again by the force he used on his bludgeon . His balls slapped against my clitoris each time he bucked into my cunt . With his feet he kicked my legs , forcing me to open up even wider so he could fuck me even deeper and harder .

” You love this , don’t you , don’t you love to be fucked like this , you slut. Say it , say it to me ! ” : He moaned . I shook my head in the negative . A few hard , deep bucks followed.

” Say it you bitch , say that you love to be fucked like a real slut ! ”

I was moaning , uttering a few words : ” I …….I love …love to be …”

He pulled again on his bludgeon : ” Say it , say : fuck me like a slut ! ”

I moaned harder : ” Yes ….fuck …fuck me …like a slut , Sir ! ”

He groaned : ” Yeah , that’s it slut , I know you love it , keep saying it . ”

As I kept saying those words over and over again , louder and louder , faster and faster , he was bucking so hard into my cunt I could feel an orgasm building up inside me .

My pussy muscles started to tense around his shaft , my moaning getting louder , my hips trying to buck up on the bed . With loud moans and groans I made it clear I was cumming .
” Yes , cum for me slut ! Let me feel that pussy tighten around my shaft ! ”
: He quickened the pace .

I screamed as my orgasm exploded between my legs , shooting electric shocks up my spine : ” Fuck me hard , fuck me hard ..! ”

After my orgasm faded away , he slowed down , letting me recover for a few minutes . He let his cock slip out off my wet soaking cunt . He released his bludgeon so I could breathe freely . He grabbed the 2 pillows from the bed and placed them underneath my stomach so I was laying higher . My legs still spread and my hands still cuffed behind my back , my face was laying down on the bed . He got on his knees in his place again between my legs . Slowly he guided his cock back into my pussy . Moving his hips slowly , letting my pussy adjust to his cock again after that intense orgasm . I heard him spit and a second later I felt his spit landing between my ass cheeks , slowly running downwards to my asshole .

” Now lets see how far this slut will go . ” : He grinned . I felt the tip of his finger being placed against my anus . He pushed slowly , trying to force it into my asshole .

” No Sir , please , please not there . ” : I begged .

I could feel how he pushed harder as I tried to relax . Suddenly I felt the tip sliding inside my ass as my anus relaxed , making it easy for his finger to slip inside my asshole .

” That is right slut. Take it like the true slut you are ! ” and he picked up the pace and started fucking my pussy faster now , while slowly moving his finger in and out of my ass . First he slipped it in a few inches but after my ass got used to this finger he started to slip it in deeper and deeper .

After my ass eased to the invasion of his finger he decided to insert a second finger . He started fucking me faster now with his hard cock . He let his fingers inside my ass , while he grabbed my hip with his other hand and started bucking hard in my pussy . I started moaning louder and louder .

Suddenly he smacked my ass hard . I could feel my ass turning red as I felt my ass cheek getting warm .

” Oooh yeah you slut , I am going to fill you with my cum . ” : He moaned . With a few hard bucks I felt his load flowing down my pussy . He slowly moved his cock in and out a few more times , making sure all the cum was drained from his balls before removing his cock from my pussy . He removed his fingers with a loud POP from my asshole .

My legs were feeling numb , as was my whole body . I was exhausted . My wrists started to hurt cause of being cuffed for so long . He got up and started to get dressed while I was still laying down on the bed , waiting for him to undo the handcuffs from my wrists . But it seemed like he wasn’t hurrying himself .

” Uhm , can you undo those handcuffs now ? ” : I said while I frowned .

He grinned : ” Not yet , I am enjoying the view . ”

I realized he was enjoying the creampie between my legs . My legs were still spread wide open while I could feel the cum running down my lips . It was an annoying feeling .

” Oh common , take these cuffs off . ” : I sobbed .

He walked towards me and grabbed his keys and took off those handcuffs . I caressed my wrists , they turned red . Probable also cause of the rough sex we just had .

I got up and went across the room. I opened my closet to get out a towel to remove all the cum that was still running out off my pussy and down my thighs .

” I think you should go now , Frank ” : I told him . And while I said those words , I turned around to face him , and to my surprise he wasn’t in the room anymore. My bedroom door was open . I grabbed my bikini panties from the floor and put them on and ran to the living room . My bikini top was still laying where I left it earlier . I bent down to grab it . When I got back up , I heard a car driving down our driveway . I hurried to the window and saw Frank’s car , as he left our property .

He didn’t even gave me a chance to say goodbye . The strange part is that I have never seen him again . What happened ? Did my daddy find out ? Was he scared to return ? I guess I will never know .

I hope you enjoyed reading this story. Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me or want to read more stories I have written or if you want to chat with me on msn just ask …my msn IM address is , but don’t email me here , only use this to add me to your list .

I don’t bite …hard !

Hugs and Kisses

Amanda Marais

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