Subimissive fantasies

I slipped into my pleated skirt and button up shirt, I enjoyed this look, not so much for the sexuality of it but more because I was addicted to anime that had schoolgirls in them. I was fixing my hair when my husband came home, I had my long black hair pulled back into a bun held by a clip.

My husband (James) took one look at me, he was military, so I loved the way he looked in his uniform, and from the way he was looking at me, I could suppose he didn’t mind how I looked in what I was wearing either, I blushed and turned my head away from staring at him as I spoke “How was your day baby?” he shrugged and pulled his hat off of his head, and I followed him into the room he kept all of his military clothes in, James pulled off his jacket and laid it carefully onto the chair next to him, now he was only in his t-shirt that he quickly god rid of before he turned back around and walked into the kitchen.

I was following him blindly, waiting for him to say something to me, but all I noticed was him staring at me, not saying a word, cooking up something, I loved looking at his chest, since he had joined the military James body began to look so much more fit, he was always athletic, but now he was extremely well toned. I was small compared to him, He stood 6’1 while I stood 5’5, I moved over to him, he turned around, and before I could move my lips to speak, he had me pinned against the refrigerator behind me “James..” I said softly under my breath as he held my face with his hand, kissing me hard against my face.

I closed my eyes, giving into him I could feel his strong body against mine, his strong hands holding me against the door of the fridge, his dog tags pressed against my shirt, I turned up to look at him my lips moving to speak but he hushed me with one of his fingers as he moved to my neck kissing and pecking at me, I suddenly felt shy, I knew what he was after, it made me blush, and I shrugged into myself trying to pull away. but he was much stronger then me.

So when he felt me try to pull away, his hands moved to my body, jerking me up into his arms and pushing me onto the soft carpet in the living room i tried to push him away, but my attempt was weak, it was like I had given up the moment I started, just looking at him made me realize how weak I was, I could feel him, taking me over in my mind, I froze up and tried to pull away, I turned over onto my stomach so that I could crawl, it only made him laugh, He jerked me back onto my back, pulling me closer to him as he reached down and grabbed my shirt, jerking it open and popping buttons across the room, My eyes widened and I gasped a little fear swelling in me as I could see the smirk on his face from satisfaction of what he had done.

This time I really struggled, trying to squirm away and push him back, he grabbed the clip in my hair and jerked it out, tossing it aside and letting my hair fall down into my face and across my shoulders, he smoothed it out of my eyes as he forced his body down hard onto mine, pinning me still as he kissed me, I jerked my head to the side, pulling my hands up, he grabbed them and pinned them above my head with one hand despite my struggling, I felt him grab my face and jerk me back to look at him in the face.

My body complied with his wishes, I was automatically aroused by his act of dominance, though I tried to pretend to be uninterested, jerking at my hands trying to pull away from him, as he kissed me and moved his hand to slide up my side I could feel my heart pumping hard in my chest, my eyes widened as I was picturing what he might plan to do to me, him holding me down like this had me breathing heavy, and scared of him being too rough, it was hard for me to accommodate his large member if he moved too fast and there was no foreplay.

I pulled away from him jerking my head to the side as I felt him kissing down my neck his hand moved quickly unsnapping my bra from the front to let my breasts fall out, I protested, I didn’t like how my breasts lay due to their size it was embarrassing for me, he didn’t care, he simply grabbed my right breast and began kissing on it, making me shutter, I felt him jerk me up by my hands, pulling me into a sitting position and sitting behind me, he held me to him with one strong arm while his other hand explored down my body, sliding into my underwear, I gasped and jerked back only pushing myself into him as I felt his middle finger slide into me, moving around and causing me to lubricate his intrusion he chuckled in my ear, I was now moaning softly, I could hear the sound leaving my lips but i couldn’t feel myself trying to make it. I leaned my head back burying it into the side of his neck, trying to close my eyes and ease my embarrassment as he slid another finger inside of me, causing me to moan and bite my lip, sliding in and out, caressing me inside, my sensitive parts clenching as I could feel his fingers causing the sensitive skin to give up more lubricant allowing him to try and slide another finger in I jerked and yelled out a protest trying to jerk away from him, he held me firm, I was shaking against him.

He started caressing my breasts moaning deep in his throat letting me know he was thoroughly enjoying me jerking around, He pushed me forward onto my hands and knee’s, he jerked the shirt and bra off of my back, my arms buckled and I ended up laying on my chest with my lower half still held up by his hands while he jerked his pants open and slid inside of me, slowly every inch of him causing me to shutter and moan, he began to pump, his hand on my back holding me down as he slid in and out hard, moving faster, his long thick shaft causing me to arch my pack and whimper.

He would thrust in too deep, causing me to cry out in pain and pleasure, each whimper making him chuckle, he pushed me forward, my legs were closed and he was behind me, holding me down on my stomach as I felt him filling me up from behind, his breath hot on my neck, his body consuming mine, making me feel helpless to whatever he wanted of me, He soon pulled out, causing me to cry out, shaking and gasping for air.

He forced me around onto my side, pulling me into a fetal position against his body, sliding into me one again with intense force, his back was against mine, his hand on my waist holding me and forcing me down with each of his thrusts, I used my hands to cover my face as i arched my back against him, he slid his hand from my waist up to my neck, clenching it hard so that some of my oxygen was cut off, I moved my hand down to place over his, my eyes shut as I could feel the adrenaline pumping me into a more aroused state as he pushed up inside of me, I could still breath so I was moaning loudly, he clenched a little harder stopping me completely for just a moment before he eased up again, I whimpered and moaned into him, I could feel myself being completely wet and allowing his entrance with no resistance.

He pulled out again, jerking me over he grabbed one of the pillows from the couch and put it under my hips so that he could have easier access while he jerked my body so that we were side by side facing eachother, he pulled my leg over his hip while he shoved into me again, i crumbled into him, just intense pleasure causing my body to shake and seize, i was holding onto his shoulders now, bracing myself, feeling so vulnerable to him while his arms wrapped around me, one hand tangled up in my hair, the other around my waist as I buried my face into his chest, he held me to him, not letting me move, making me feel helpless, and turning me on even more to be under such control of his will, I felt myself building up, such heat and passion causing my body to jerk heavily against his, “James!” I called out his name as i buried my face into his shoulder, feeling his dogtags hitting my bare skin, I could feel his muscled flexing at each thrust. my body caved, I felt heat pulsing from my core, my body jerking and twitching as I felt as if I couldn’t control myself anymore, the feeling was intense, causing a global reaction to the rest of my body, I was jerking and moaning loudly, trying to move away, unable to control myself,he held me tightly, not giving me any choice but to endure it, he forced me to orgasm, my body jerking and I yelled out as he continued to pump into me, I could hear him moaning now thrusting hard into me over and over again until he let out a final grunt at his climax, I could feel his shaft pulse inside of me when he came, I moaned softly at each thrust, exhausted unable to move I crumbled against his body, letting him hold me, thrusting a few more times, I could feel him sweating, I looked up at him, he kissed my forehead and pulled me close, muttering loving words as he pulled out. readjusting his pants and pulled me into his arms, I was exhausted, I let my eyes close against his chest, sliding into a light doze while he held me.

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