Submissive Ferrari

Im driving home after being out to the clubs in the city. Speeding through the countryside in an electric blue Ferrari, pressing the accelerator hard down I can feel my pussy getting slick. I love a fast car, its curves and lines but mostly its speed.

Testing the Ferrari on the roads its not long before my mirror is filled with flashing blue lights. I smile and push the accelerator down further, losing the police car immediatly. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter as the car shoots forward.

I hit a junction and slow to a stop. Checking my mirror I wait for the policecar to appear behind me and the turn into the woods. The police car gives chase as we pelt down a wood track, planning to get them completely lost as a drive off. I come across a dead end and turn the car around but get blocked by the patrol car.

An officer gets out of the patrol car and stands in front of his vehicle and says, “Sir, Im asking you to get out of the vehicle and drop the keys on the floor.” I laugh to myself, him thinking a woman cant handle a beautiful car like this and slowly pull my dress up to my thighs, using one hand to gently tease my clit through my panties. The officer takes a step towards my car and says again “Sir If you do not step out of your vehicle I’ll have no choice but to remove you from it myslf”. I take a closer look at the cop as I touch myself, moaning softly. Hes a well built guy with some good muscle under that shirt. I stop playing with myself when the officer starts to walk across to the front of my car.

The cop stops as the door to my car opens and he watches as a get out. I walk to the front on my ferrari and perch on the bonnet, crossing my long legs. “Who are you calling Sir fella?”, I ask him. He eyes my legs and my body, incased in a short blue dress, coloured to match my car, that plunges down the front to reveal the cleavage and gives a hint of the firm breasts that lay beneath.

He apologises and refers to me as ma’am until I tell him to call me by my first name. He tells me hes going to have to arrest me for speeding. I look at him and smile coyley – “what position do you want me in?” I ask him.

He moves forward and ask me to turn around, put my hands on the bonnet and spread my legs. He tells me he has to search me even thought I have no pockets that are visible. I do as Im asked and he begins his search. He reaches down and places his hands on my ankles, feeling his way up my legs to my backside, over my hips and across my chest. I moan softly as I feel him press his groin into my ass and he asks me if Im going to be good, or does he have to cuff me. I tell him Im going to cause a riot and feel the cold click as the handcuffs are slipped over my wrists. My pussy is so wet as the officer continues his search of my body. Again he brushes my ass with his groin and I can feel his hard cock pressing against me, I moan again as his hands find my breasts and cup them – he squeezes them firmly and I can feel his rough breathing on my neck as he gets us both excited.

He asks me if I’ve been bad enough to be taken back to the station or should he deal with my there and then. I tell him only if he uses his gun on me. He grasps me round my neck and tells me not to undermine his authority – he can haul me across the coals for the way I drove tonight. I tell him he can haul me wherever he likes and this makes him more angry and excited. He pushes me down onto the bonnet and puts his hand up my dress, he asks me if Im going to carry on giving him cheek – I tell him hes got hold on my cheeks. With that he reaches up and rips my dress off my body, leaving me bent over the bonnet of a Ferrari with nothing on but panties and a pair of handcuffs.

The officer kneels down on the ground behind me and starts to rub my ass and my pussy through my panties. I moan louder this time and push my ass out further. I beg him to take my panties off but he tells me to shut up he’ll fuck me when hes ready not when Im ready. Im really hot now and start to whimper as he pulls my panties aside and stick his tongue into my pussy, licking and probing and sucking on my clit.

I start to squirm as I feel myself building to orgasm and beg him to stop, I’ll be good. The officer slaps my ass hard and carries on licking – I explode into his mouth and cum hard while he laps my juices. I collapse onto the bonnet of the car, stil hot from the high speed chase but he doesnt let me rest. He flips me over like a ragdoll, bends down and starts to suck hard on my nipples, squeezing my breasts as he does. He sucks and bites them hard causing me to scream in pleasure and pain. He tears my panties away and forces me off the bonnet and down onto my knees, telling me to take his cock out and suck it.

I tell him I dont want to and he puts his hands into my hair and pulls hard, telling me he’ll make me do it the hard way if I dont. I pull his trousers open and down, and pull out his rigid cock. He tugs my hair and I open my mouth – then he rams it into my mouth and starts to fuck my mouth. He gets faster and faster until I can feel the twinge of his cock as hes about to cum, then he stops- pulling his cock out my mouth and hauls me onto my feet. He spins me around starts to spank my ass with his cock and rubbing it over my cheeks. The officer asks me if I want his hard cock in my tight little wet pussy but before I have time to reply hes plunged himself deep inside me, slamming his cock into my pussy over and over again.

I beg him to stop, that Im going to cum but he pays not attention. He puts one hand on my hip and the other in my hair and hes ramming me so hard hes lifting me off the ground. Im crying cos it feels so good, his cock thrusting in and out of me and then I cum, harder and harder it feels like my orgasm will go on until I faint. He carries on thrusting, biting my back and my neck and grabbing my breasts until my orgasm ends.

He pushes my body down onto he bonnet and pulls my ass cheeks apart and finding my tight asshole, pushes his cock into with no regard to pain. I scream out put he keeps fucking my ass, harder and harder, pulling my hair and playing with my clit as he does. He pulls my hair, “You like me doing this you bitch? Make me chase you across the country and the give me sass. You like my fucking your ass? Your tight litle pussy? Gonna give you a choice – Im gonn cum but you can tell me which hole you want it in.”

The cop is hurting my ass but it feels so good I cant decide – so he does it for me. He pulls put of me and then rams his hard cock back into my pussy and start to fuck me furiously, pushing harder and harder until I can feel him in the very end of me. He gives out a loud guttural moan as he starts to cum, pumping his hot sticky juice into my pussy. I moan as I cum again all over his cock.

When he stops cumming the cop release the cuffs and hands me my panties, telling me he’ll arrest me for indecent exposure next. As I climb back into my car the officer tells me that he has it all on tape as the camera on his dash was rolling and he might send me a copy.

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    Your story is soo awesome. Very well written.

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