The True Navy

First off, The Navy has a really bad reputation. I have heard them all. 100 sailors go out to sea, and 50 couples come back. So I feel it is my sworn duty to set the record straight. I had just flown onto my first ship, The USS John F Kennedy. I had spent the first few weeks simply trying to adjust to life on a ship. But this was far from what I had imagined.
So one evening, myself, and a group of my friends are on the smoke deck, and out of nowhere, she came along.
It was like a Hollywood entrance. Her long brown hair was slightly blowing in the breeze, the light reflecting from her eyes, making them sparkle as bright as the stars. And what would a Hollywood entrance be, without those beautiful legs. And there she was. Roberta. She had just transfered onto the ship, and of course, I was more than willing to volunteer my services to her, to show her around and help her get situated. But the way she looked at that moment still drives me crazy. I knew then that I had to have her. Well, as time progressed, it became obvious that she was not going to respond to my subtle clues and hints. So I decided it was time to take a more direct approach, but apparently, so did she, and she beat me to it. I was on watch late one night. And when I walked down the ladderwell and into the engine room, nothing could have prepared me for the sight of her laying there, completely naked, a slight glisten of sweat covering her tanned and silky skin. Her hair fell just over her shoulder, her smile, somehow erotic, and yet at the same time, devilish, and the way the curves of her body were so defined. I was speechless, and trying to resist the urge to just tackle her then and there. There would have been no need for foreplay. I was already rock hard, and it was aparent that she was quite wet as well. But I had to taste every inch of her. That first kiss, so passionate, and yet so fierce, like nothing but animal instinct was left in either of us. I wasted no more time. I dove my fact straight into the most incredible pussy I had ever imagined. Almost immediately, her hips began to buck and she started to shake, her hands grasping at my head, forcing me to stay pressed right against her. It wasn’t long at all, and I knew she was on the brink of climax. I pulled against her hands, and pulled away, leaving her right on the edge, and fading fast. That hunger that was in her eye at that moment, told me that whatever was ahead, would be incredible. How right I was. She pulled me against her, and both of us working together couldn’t get that uniform off of me quickly enough. There was no thought left in my mind. I just knew that I had to have her, right then. She laid back and pulled my naked body on top of hers. Her hand reached down and guided my cock right to her sweet spot. She was teasing at first, just rubbing my rock hard tool around her swollen clit and dripping wet hole. She was so wet she almost had my dick covered with her hot juices. And then she stopped, and pushed me over onto my back, and was licking the juices off of my tool before I even knew what had happened. It was such a turn on. And the speed and skill with which she sucked me was more than I had ever experienced before. It wasn’t long, and I was close to orgasm. She must have been able to tell that I was getting close because she started to pull away, but something inside me snapped, and I grabbed her head and forced her back down on me, sliding as much of my cock in her mouth as she could take. I couldn’t hold back. I shot a load of cum in her throat, my body shaking, and my vision starting to blur. Intense. I was a little nervous at this point, because it had been obvious that she wasn’t really wanting me to get off, so I knew that she was going to be upset. But when I saw her face again, that hungry animal look was there, and she jumped onto me, and slammed down, forcing my cock deep inside her. I felt her contracting her muscles and squeezing that hot cunt around my dick as she rocked and grinded against me, and bounced, and finally putting both hands on my chest, and cutting loose, riding me as fast and as hard as she could stand. As she massaged her nipples, pinching them, rubbing them, and occasionally rubbing a finger against her clit, and licking it afterward, it was apparent that she was in complete control. That is, until she climaxed. Her eyes rolled back, her moans became screams of unspeakable pleasure, her body shaking with uncontrollable sensations, and her pussy clamping down so tight, that she could have put a vice to shame.
At that moment, I sat up, forcing her back, and grabbed her leg, pulled it over my shoulder, head, and down onto my other side, rolling her onto her stomache. She had her moment, now it was mine. I grabbed her waist, and for the first time got a good close look at that tight, round ass she had. And it just made me even more hot. I grabbed ahold of her ass, and it was so firm, I could barely grip it. I pumped into her as fast as I could. Pulling almost all the way out on every stroke, and slamming my cock back into her as deep as she could take it, and then I would push it in further. There was nothing but pure lust. Everything built up, her moaning and screaming, the way her muscles were tightening and pulling on my cock, and that look, you know that look, when they turn their head and look at you, so innocent, and bite their bottom lip ever so gently, it all sent me over the edge. I was going to cum in her, until she pulled away. In a daze, and unsure what to do, I just sat there a moment, while she reached down to her worn out pussy, and began rubbing her finger around, and pressing it inside her. Then she pulled out her finger which was soaked, and rubbed it against her asshole. She had my attention again. She just smiled, and said “If you are gonna finish, you need to do it the right way”, and she backed right up against me. I pushed my cock in her, trying to be slow and gentle, but like I said, the excitement had just gotten to me, and I just rammed it in. This was a tightness I had never felt before, and I wasted no time trying to get her body used to me. She yelled out “I want to be your slut. Fuck my ass and make me your whore.” Now how could I say no to that? Although it didn’t last long, She was ready to come again, when I finally let loose. I blew a load up her ass that I didn’t think was ever going to stop. Load after load came pumping out of me, each one making her orgasm more intense.
From that night on, I would volunteer for any night watch I could. Some nights she would surprise me, and some nights she was nowhere to be found. When we came back to the states, she of course, had to go back to her station in Washington, while I was to remain in Florida. So we said our goodbyes. But every time I check aboard a new ship, I keep my eye out for the next person that I can get hooked up with. And my opinion of the Navy, has never been the same since.

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