Better Behave

Maria had humiliated Craig for the last time. She had totally embarassed him when she told the clerk at the store that she was the boss in their relationship and she even said she was more of a man than him. The whole time she was wearing a sexy, frilly, floral print dress, her tie up to the calves sandals, she had her long hair loosely pinned up around her head with a few tendrils hanging down, and she had on her beautiful amber sunglasses that made her look even more pretty if that was possible. She could not have looked more feminine. And Craig standing there in his black cargo pants and tight shirt all 6’3″ of him, well he felt like an asshole being made fun of like that, especially in front of a stranger.

They got in the car and drove home, Craig did not say a word, but his face spoke volumes, his jaw was clenched, his brow was furrowed, he was pissed, Maria looked at him with furtive glances and she was scared, he never looked like that.

“Hehehe I was only kidding back there, baby! You know that.” she said in her little girly sweet voice that she used when she flirted with him. “You know I think you are the most masculine man I know.” she rubbed his arm and he moved it like to get her off of him.

She sat back in the seat, feeling like she had to pee, she felt very uneasy. They drove the rest ten minutes of the ride home in silence.

All kinds of thoughts were going through Maria’s mind, she was scared he was going to kick her out of the house, or worse beat her up.

They got home and she stayed in the car he stomped to the door, unlocked it and slammed the door shut as he went in.

Maria decided to go in the house, she had a plan though, if he tried anything she would kick him hard in the balls and run out screaming. She came in and saw him sitting on the couch. She meekly said,”Hi honey.” he looked at her and sneered. “Are you hungry or thirsty, do you want me to get you something, baby?”

“Yeah, get me a beer!”

“Okay!” she said cheerily, hopeful that he would cool off from her sweetness and the beer.

She brought him the beer, he took it and took of the cap, he took one swig and told her to get in the bathroom. “Why?” she asked. “Because I am the man and I said so.”

“No, I’m afraid you are going to hurt me.”

“I’m not, I’m just going to teach you a lesson.”

“Do you swear you won’t hurt me?”

“I swear! Take off your clothes while you are at it.”

Maria did, she knew he loved her naked body, so she displayed herself in front of him doing a slow strip tease. He looked at her nudity but he did not act impressed like he always had in the past. She gulped.

She walked in the bathroom and waited, it seemed a long time, she heard him in the kitchen making some noises like he was talking, and the sound of bottles clanging, metal dinging was heard by her.

He came in and had another beer bottle and a spatula and the long barbeque fork. She wondered what that was all about. “Get in the tub, now Maria!” he said roughly.

She got in, turn around, put your hands on your knees and bend over. She did as she was told, “Whack! Whack! Whack!” he spanked her over her ass crack and part of her pussy lips with the spatula. “Ohhh.” she moaned as she felt the sting on her flesh and her skin released that heat from the spanks. She moved in the tub in response to those slaps on her ass. “Whack! Whack! Whack!” Craig stopped and she stayed bent over, he pressed the opening of the beer bottle into her pussy he pushed it in her just partway up the neck it was a thinnish kind of bottle but still thick, he fucked her with it, he watched her pussy lips widen and stretch around the bottle as he fucked it in and out of her, she was moaning in pleasure, it was cold and slippery slick and very very hard in her. He pulled it out and he took a swig off of it, “Mmmmm your pussy tastes good with this beer.” he said,”But you need more beer flavor.” and he shook the beer with his thumb on the opening then he got near her pussy and quickly removing his thumb shot the beer up in her pussy hole, giving her a Heinekin Douch. He was going to give her a Heiny enema but he decided against it, that was far too cliched. She felt that cold frothy beer shoot up inside her pussy it was a sensation she had never felt before the bubbles tingled against the skin inside of her. Craig stood back and smiled hornily as he watched that beer shoot back out of her pussy, it was all foamy, it come back out of her pussy in full force.

Maria stood there trembling, all excited, her pussy was on fire and tight as hell. Craig took the barbeque fork and with the padded end he fucked her pussy, in and out he went she was moaning as she bent over, he watched that end disappear then reappear out between her horny snatch, he started doing short hard in and completely out thrusts, shallow hard fucks, she was groaning and shaking then he pushed it in one final time and left it sticking out of her, her pussy muscles held it in her, he started hitting it so it would move up and down quickly, over and over he did that, Maria was moaning and breathing hard. He slowly pulled it out and told her not to move. He came back, she felt his dick sliding in her, “Ohhh Craig that feels great! Mmmm sooo hot!”

“Yeah you feel hot too.” Maria pulled away and realized it was Craig’s best friend, Jerry, a guy she hated, a real slob pervert. He grabbed her hips, pulled her back to him and told her to stay still or he’ld rape her asshole.

She had no choice, so Jerry fucked her pussy and made disgusting comments about how good her “cunt” felt and he kept using that word over and over knowing that she hated that word. He was fucking her when he said, “Hey what’s this hole for?” and he touched her asshole with his finger. He kept his hard dick in her pussy and
squeezed his finger in her asshole, “Ohhh must be a place to stick my finger.” he laughed pervertedly, he would finger her ass over her protests saying he loved seeing her puckered tight asshole swallow his finger.In and out he moved that finger with his dick embedded in her very tight and surprisingly extremely wet for him, pussy.

He pulled his finger and dick out of her and told her to turn around and get on her knees. She did, he turned on the shower and got her soaked, he turned it off and then he jerked off and came all over her face. He then slapped her face with his cock a few times and to add insult to injury he pissed on her all down her kneeling body and he left.

Craig came back in, Maria glared at him and he said, “Next time just take it like a man!” and he laughed.

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  1. im100pctirish

    MMMM..the thought of a beer douche….I love unconventional toys…this story was a treat!

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